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Giveaway: Have Diapers, Will Travel

When we moved out of our small NYC apartment and into a spacious San Francisco Victorian one major issue had to be solved immediately. The diaper changing madness! Although my bottom was getting firmer, I was completely exhausted from hauling up and down the stairs with baby in-tow to access the changing table. I needed a quick and mobile diaper station to keep me in a somewhat sane motherhood status. The perfect solution was the diapers and wipes caddy by JJ Cole! You may know them from one of their other innovative and modern baby products, like the essential pacifier pod. The diapers & wipes caddy includes a coordinating changing pad and lets parents keep all the necessary changing supplies like lotion and diaper sacks in one easy-to-access place. Simply grab and change. The caddy comes in four great designer color options and retails for about $29.95 at Giggle and The Right Start. JJ Cole has generously offered up a diaper and wipes caddy in to a lucky Project Nursery reader. Here’s how to enter now:

WIN IT: By commenting on this post with either your favorite diaper moment or favorite JJ Cole product. A winner will be chosen at random. Contest ends Friday, March 13th, 11:59pm pst.

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  1. Peanut Butter Breath
    Great blog site. Keep up the good work!

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    Impressive! This is really good. Thank you for sharing.

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  4. OG Glue Sniffer
    This is very good!keep posting

  5. avatar Kathy S says:

    I’m a subscriber!

  6. avatar Kathy S says:

    My favorite JJ Cole product is the Urban Bundle Me in the color Sassy!

  7. avatar holly alesi says:

    I love the pink stripes diapers & wipes caddy…..very functional!

  8. Sometimes I think it might be worth hiring a virtual PA purely to deal with my inbox.

  9. Good post – I found this while scanning google for baby stroller info, I know… weird – added ya to my G Reader, Keep up the good work. Looking forward to reading more. Mark

  10. avatar lace says:

    I think the hooded towels are really cute.

  11. avatar Chrysa says:

    I tweeted your giveaway! (My username is @ThriftyJinxy)

  12. avatar Chrysa says:

    I love the Urban Bundle Me!

  13. avatar Caryn B says:

    I LOVE the Bundle Me

  14. avatar Renee We says:

    I like the grey-green blanket.

  15. avatar Heather says:


  16. avatar Heather says:

    I like the cocoa bubbles blanket!

  17. avatar Leah says:

    And, I TWITTERED about this give~away…….username: mamaleahita.


  18. avatar Leah says:

    I also subscribe! : )))


  19. avatar Leah says:

    I stumbled this give~away! : )))


  20. avatar Leah says:

    I soooo love the Mode Tote Bag in Cocoa Tree! So adorably cute!

    Thanks so much for this fabulous give~away! : )))


  21. avatar Donna K says:

    I subscribed.

  22. avatar Donna K says:

    I like the Mode Tote bag.

  23. avatar Jane Hoh says:

    This is another great idea to make mothering just a little easier. Thank you for all your hard work.

  24. avatar Mommy Daisy says:

    I like their Mod Tote Bag.

  25. avatar Marcy says:

    The pacifier pods are super cute! We can never find a paci when we need one!

  26. avatar grams says:

    My husband takes the messy diaper changes and just sprays them off in the shower. His idea of an easy way of changing diapers.

  27. Hmmm, my favorite diaper moment. When my daughter escapes diaperless it’s pretty funny, lol. But there was the time I was having people over and had her ALL dressed up and freshly changed and ready. Literally 5 minutes before company was expected, she started leaking from her diaper all over EVERYTHING. Thankfully company was late! lol

  28. Hmmm, my favorite diaper moment. When my daughter escapes diaperless it’s pretty funny, lol. But there was the time I was having people over and had her ALL dressed up and freshly changed and ready. Literally 5 minutes before company was expected, she started leaking from her diaper all over EVERYTHING. Thankfully company was late! lol

  29. Hmmm, my favorite diaper moment. When my daughter escapes diaperless it’s pretty funny, lol. But there was the time I was having people over and had her ALL dressed up and freshly changed and ready. Literally 5 minutes before company was expected, she started leaking from her diaper all over EVERYTHING. Thankfully company was late! lol

  30. Hmmm, my favorite diaper moment. When my daughter escapes diaperless it’s pretty funny, lol. But there was the time I was having people over and had her ALL dressed up and freshly changed and ready. Literally 5 minutes before company was expected, she started leaking from her diaper all over EVERYTHING. Thankfully company was late! lol

  31. avatar trixpixel says:

    I love the Bundleme Urban, it’s great that it’s wind and water resistant!

  32. avatar Nod says:

    I like the urban bundleme

  33. avatar Kathy Amos says:

    the bundleme!!

  34. avatar Erin says:

    My favorite is the System Bag — so handy!

  35. avatar Heather says:

    My favorite diaper moment is when my 2 year old nephew pulled down his pants and he was wet and I layed him down and took his diaper off and he started running through the house screaming my name wanting me to chase him through the house.

  36. avatar Mae says:

    My favorite product is the cocoa tree mode bag

  37. avatar brian says:

    I like the pacifier pouch.

  38. avatar Gianna says:

    I love the original bundleme :)

  39. avatar Lisa V says:

    I just subscribed!

  40. avatar Michelle H. says:

    I love the “Bundleme”.

  41. avatar Lisa V says:

    J Cole makes some CUTE stuff!! Or course I love the caddie…but I also love the floral crib set!

  42. avatar Rhonda says:

    My family could really use this, please enter me and thanks for the great contest =)

  43. avatar Marcy Strahan says:

    I Subscribe!

  44. avatar Marcy Strahan says:

    I love the New Mode Tote bag:

    The mode includes twelve pockets inside and out for organizing. Depending on preference, the mode allows for three carrying options including two tote straps, a removable padded shoulder strap, or stroller attachments for a no-slip grip to your stroller handle.

  45. I love JJ Cole and my Bundle Me. I love the new BunleMe lite designs.

  46. avatar Erin says:

    My favorite JJ Cole product is the Original Bundleme! :)

  47. avatar gahome2mom says:

    Tweeted: Twitter: gahome2mom . Thanks.

  48. avatar gahome2mom says:

    My favorite is the Pink Craze Hooded Towels. Thanks.

  49. avatar jjean says:

    I love the Mode Tote Bag in coco tree. So cool!

  50. avatar Lisa C. says:

    I’m a subscriber.

  51. avatar Lisa C. says:

    I like the logic bag, it’s very unique!

  52. avatar RAchel says:

    Thanks for offering this contest. Hope we win.

  53. avatar Jennifer Leavitt says:

    What a great idea!

  54. avatar susan says:

    the best product is Bundle me stroller blankets. So cute. but I also love the wipe caddy! great idea!

  55. avatar karen w says:

    Love this product and I also love the mode tote bag. Thank you for the chance to win!

  56. avatar says:

    Being a grandmother with 40 year old children I chose to visit the shop. The diaper bags are so lovely compared to way back then.. Thanks for having the wonderful giveaway.

    dianad8008 AT gmail DOT com

  57. avatar amy says:

    I am a subscriber.

  58. avatar amy says:

    I like the Pink Craze Hooded Towel Set. Thanks for the chance to win!

  59. avatar sherry g. says:

    i love the jj cole bundle me for the cold winters!

  60. avatar Kristine M. says:

    My favorite diaper moment was when my oldest was a baby. Her Daddy came home from work one night & changed her diaper. He then sat down on the couch to doze off with her until dinner. This was a nightly routine. He woke up to find himself soaking wet. Puzzled he investigated until he realized he had put her diaper on inside out! This was when diapers had the plastic on the outside. So the pee just ran right out of the diaper. LOL! Boy was he surprised! We still haven’t let him forget it even though “baby” is now 13. Hee, hee!

  61. avatar Crystal says:

    My favorite diaper moments are those when I change my son’s wet diaper & within seconds he poops in the clean diaper! Couldn’t he have done it just a little earlier so I wouldn’t have to use 2 diapers in a matter of minutes?!

  62. avatar Alisha says:

    I love their cute swaddle blankets!

  63. avatar Brit says:

    It wouldn’t be a favorite diaper experience, but a memorable one…my son had started solid foods and I started to get worried when he hadn’t pooped for a week. Well, all that worry went away when I had a 3 diaper, 13 wiper. Bad!!!!

  64. the Bundle me stroller blankets are just awsome.

  65. avatar Sharla says:

    Who has a favorite diaper changing experience? Maybe disaster…..just the other day I was changing one twin and I had his diaper half off when he stood up and the little rolly poops went everywhere. Fun stuff. Thanks!

  66. avatar Amanda says:

    I like the tactic changing purse in black dot. Great giveaway!

  67. avatar kira says:

    Right now my favorite is the bundle me.

  68. avatar Mia J. says:

    I love the hooded towel set.

  69. avatar shawna says:

    I like this product the best..I have a small house so we have to be very organized this would come in handy with the new baby we are expecting!

  70. avatar Julie G says:

    I love the JJ Cole red circle bundleme. So stylish!

  71. avatar Meg T says:


  72. avatar Meg T says:

    The System Bag is insanely awesome. Great color/pattern choices andI love how it fits so nicely on your stroller. Thanks!

  73. avatar Terra Heck says:

    One of my favorite products is the blue stripe swaddle blanket. Thanks.

  74. avatar Sherry R says:

    I subscribe in Google reader.

  75. avatar Sherry R says:

    I really like the bundle me stroller blanket! Perfect for Spring around here!

  76. avatar Amy says:

    My favorite is the Pink Stripe Diaper/Wipe Caddy. Too cute! Please include me in your drawing

  77. avatar Sara says:

    We love the JJ Cole System bag – it is so easy to use and convenient.

  78. avatar Jovita says:

    OMG Bundle me stroller blankets are the best!

  79. […] so bad I’m gonna tell you anyway. Project Nursery is having a giveaway – you could win a diapers and wipes caddy from JJ […]

  80. I’m a subscriber!

  81. I looked at everything, but I still keep coming back to the green stripe diapers and wipes caddy – it’s absolutely gorgeous, and I can see me using it when I’m done with diapers!

  82. avatar israel y says:

    my favorite product is their original BundleMe – i like it in color powder

  83. avatar laura says:

    love the mod tote in cocoa tree

  84. avatar Sara says:

    I just subscribed via RSS

  85. avatar Sara says:

    I absolutely could not live without our bundle me stroller sack from JJ cole. We live in Seattle and it is a MUST!!

  86. avatar Amanda says:

    Love the JJCole system bag.

  87. avatar Patty Farnsley says:

    I’de have to say the diaper wipes caddy !!

  88. avatar Andreah says:

    Stumbled it too (andreashops)

  89. avatar Danielle says:

    We love the bundle me, living in a area with bitter cold winters it was the best answer to keeping baby snug in his car seat and warm as well. Love it, it is my fav baby shower item to buy. The bundle me lite is also just as amazing!

  90. avatar Eileen Burke says:

    Love the bundle me stroller blankets, great stuff!

  91. avatar blima says:

    I remember changing her a few weeks old and she made it was so exciting (yeah our first) at the time to do it with my husband but within the next 2 minutes she made again and again after we changed her. I think we changed her 4 times in two minutes.

  92. avatar Quanda says:

    I love the Mode Tote Bag from JJCole Collections.

  93. avatar xenia says:

    With my first daughter we always bundled her up in her car seat with lots of clothes and blankets and it was a big hassle. Now with my second daughter I was smart and bought a BundleMe and it has been the best thing! So easy to put her in it and so much less work to get ready to go, not to mention she’s comfortable and happy. I will definitely recommend getting one to anybody! Thanks!

  94. avatar Katelyn says:

    I love love love the BundleMe! My favorite winter baby product by far! I have it in pink and it’s going through my second girl :)

  95. avatar mir says:

    I love the bundleme – it got a lot of use over the winter!

  96. avatar Karen Gonyea says:

    love the crib set in blue bullseye .

  97. avatar Maureen says:

    I love the Systems Bag in the Black/Lagoon. It looks wonderful. I also love this Caddy, I could use it. I do Daycare in my home. I don’t keep a changing table downstairs, I like my house to still look like a home. And somehow having a changing table in the middle of the living room doesn’t cut it. I have a Large Daycare/Playroom a changing table would take up needed floor space for building blocks, racing cars, building train tracks. You get the picture. This caddy would beat using a blanket, on the couch, on the floor, on the ottoman. Where ever I happen to be when the wee little ones need changed.
    I love the Caddy in the Blue Stripe, I also love this site.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  98. avatar rebecca peters says:

    I really like the bundlemes! very cool.. and warm!!!

  99. avatar Jill Myrick says:

    They have so many wonderful items to choose from that I just kept going over and over everything.
    But my favorite is the BundleMe in Sage Green. This looks so comfortable and snuggly warm. I know my little darling would love it as much as I do.
    Thank you so very much for offering this wonderful giveaway :)

  100. avatar vicky boackle says:

    i like the bundle stroller blankets.

  101. avatar Karen says:

    Is there anything the JJ Cole makes that isn’t wonderful??!! I love the bundle me and the system bag.

  102. avatar Tobster says:

    I like the mode tote in cocoa tree :)

  103. avatar Lo says:

    My favorite JJ Cole product is our Bundle Me!

  104. avatar Shilo Beedy says:

    I love the system bag in cocoa clover.

  105. avatar Aniela R. says:

    I love their fold-up blanket with the carrying strap in the grey/green stripe.

  106. avatar Jennifer Hedden says:

    the pacifier pod

  107. avatar Rachel says:

    There were so many things that I felt I couldn’t live without, but for starters I love the mode tote in cocoa tree! Adorable!

  108. avatar Gina Stratos says:


  109. avatar Gina Stratos says:

    I like the Urban Bundle Me

  110. avatar Heidi says:

    What a great product and so stylish too! I’ve never seen anything like it before. I also really like the System Bag by JJCole!

  111. avatar Tarah says:

    I love the crib set in the Blue Bullseye!

  112. avatar Monique Rizzo says:

    I love the Travel pod set in Pink Craze! Thanks for the chance.

  113. avatar billie says:

    My favorite diaper moment? When I was changing my bebe’s diaper and she discovered her toes and started cramming them into her mouth. It was sooo cute. ^_^

  114. avatar Jen says:

    I love the travel blanket, perfect for the park!

  115. avatar Jean F says:

    Favorite diaper moment – changing the baby on a sink in a bathroom at an airport in a small town in China. Interesting.

  116. avatar Darlene says:

    mode travel bag

  117. avatar Sheryl says:

    I was at a baby shower recently and saw this in person as it was part of the new mommy’s registry. It is well made and just so darn cute!

    It would be so handy for baby Jessalyn. Thanks!

  118. avatar sandy says:


  119. avatar sandy says:

    pacifier pod is neat

  120. avatar Stacy says:

    A diaper change in the car when my husband caught my son’s poop.

  121. avatar sarah says:

    I just subscribed!

  122. avatar sarah says:

    I like the system bag in cocoa and clover.

  123. avatar Katrina says:

    I love my J.J. Cole Diaper bag. I never go anywhere without it!

  124. avatar Nadia says:

    I’m a suscriber.

  125. avatar Nadia says:

    I love the Mod Tote Bag in Pink Daisy. Thanks!!

  126. avatar Vicki Wurgler says:

    I like the swaddle blanket in blue bubbles

  127. avatar Arin says:

    Once after changing her diaper, my duaghter got up and crawled away before I could place a clean diaper on her-she then looked up at me from two feet away and peed right where she was, grinning at me the whole time. Like “I got you MOM”

  128. avatar Marlena U. says:

    I’m a subscriber. m_huston(at)hotmail(dot)com

  129. avatar Marlena U. says:

    I don’t know what I would have done without the paci pocket from JJ Cole. It has been a huge time saver. I no longer have to dig around my bag or search the house for a paci. Love it! m_huston(at)hotmail(dot)com

  130. avatar Erica says:

    My favorite diaper moment is when my baby likes to say hello to the characters on the front of his diapers before we put them on him :)

  131. I’m officially subscribing to your blog. :)

  132. They have some GREAT stuff – I love their swaddle blanket! I’d love to get this caddy for our nursery, especially with a new baby on the way!

  133. avatar MMM says:

    I put your giveaway on my sidebar!

  134. avatar MMM says:

    I’m a subscriber.

  135. avatar MMM says:

    I would love to win the caddy for my 7 week old baby boy. I love the system diaper bag!

  136. avatar Alicia says:

    That caddy is fab! I love the idea.

  137. avatar tara says:

    oh, the caddy! love it! i also like the pacifier pods!

  138. avatar Mel says:

    i’m a jjcole virgin and am now in love. the patterns are so great a fresh. especially love the diaper and wipes pod – perfect for tucking into any bag or the car.

  139. avatar Mari says:

    I really love the caddy. We are a minimalist family and I will be sure to pick one up if I dont win this!

  140. avatar Sarah says:

    I love the Bundle Me by them.

    Also I subscribe through bloglines

  141. avatar jessica says:

    the diaper caddy is my favorite!

  142. avatar Aimee says:

    I’m also a subscriber on Google Reader.

  143. avatar Aimee says:

    I love their System Diaper Bag… I could definitely use one of those, along with the handy-dandy diaper caddy.

  144. avatar ashley says:

    love the diaper caddy, but i think the binky pod is a great idea too

  145. avatar celeste says:

    love my waterproof mat…i use it at the beach or the park! it is great! have a new little one on the way and the diaper caddy would be awesome!!!

  146. avatar Emily B. says:

    I’m a new subscriber :)

  147. avatar Emily B. says:

    I love the Urban Bundle Me in Frenzy, that looks so comfy I kind of wish they’d make one in my size! Then again I don’t think my husband would go for pushing ME around in a stroller!

  148. avatar Kristen says:

    I love their Urban Bundle Me, though I ONLY use it in my stroller (it’s risky to use in the car seat when in the car). The Bundle Me is so warm it gets me out of the house on cold days even when I have a newborn.

  149. avatar cassandra says:

    I love their mode Diaper bag!

  150. avatar Shirley says:

    I absolutely love the mode travel bag! JJ Cole stuff rocks!

  151. avatar veronica says:

    I’m a subscriber

  152. avatar veronica says:

    Fave dipe moment: husband was changing a peepee diaper on the 6 month old first-born when all the sudden: POO!

    He described catching it in the clean diaper like ice cream from a soft-serve machine.

    I can never look at a chocolate soft-serve cone the same way again!

  153. avatar Cindi says:

    I am a subscriber to your siteQ
    Thanks, Cindi

  154. avatar Cindi says:

    Your prize giveaway is fantastic! I also really like the blanket from JJ Cole that is 5′ x 5′
    when unfolded and perfect for the whole family. It is water resistant and is compact when folded and has a detachable strap! The gray/green is my favorite color. Please add my name ot your contest. Many thanks, Cindi

  155. avatar Kim says:

    subscriber too :)

  156. avatar Kim says:

    love this: diapers and wipes set

  157. avatar Beth says:

    I am a follower on google…and this may be the cutest, most practical baby thing I’ve seen to date!! I adore JJ Cole’s pacifier pod & their diaper caddy in Mocha.

    Thanks for hosting!

  158. avatar Shawna says:

    I love the pacifier pods- no more pacifiers floating around in my purse!

  159. avatar Sher says:

    Oh, I am a subscriber on google reader :)

  160. avatar Sher says:

    This is adorable. I registered for this diaper caddy and I hope that I get it!!

  161. avatar sandra says:


  162. avatar sandra says:

    my favorite is the pacifier pod

  163. avatar andrea says:

    i am a subscriber too! :)

  164. avatar andrea says:

    love the crib set in blue bullseye – perfect for a gender neutral nursery!

  165. Ooooh, I need this for baby g-man! I’m a subscriber AND I blogged about it! :) Thanks!

  166. Ooooh, I need this for baby g-man! I’m a subscriber AND I blogged about it! :) Thanks!

  167. Ooooh, I need this for baby g-man! I’m a subscriber AND I blogged about it! :) Thanks!

  168. Ooooh, I need this for baby g-man! I’m a subscriber AND I blogged about it! :) Thanks!

  169. avatar Andreah says:

    I am a subscriber.

  170. avatar Andreah says:

    I love the new Mode Tote Bag!

  171. avatar Shauna says:

    I also subscribe. Love your blog!

  172. avatar Shauna says:

    I love the look of that diaper caddy–so stylist and not babyish. I also love the pads and matching bags =)

  173. avatar Lauren N. says:

    I’m a subscriber through Google Reader. I love seeing all of the different ideas.

  174. avatar Lauren N. says:

    This would be perfect for when our new baby arrives. This is our first baby, so I’ve been researching all of the different brands of things and let me say that JJ Cole is so stylish and has perfect designs!
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  175. avatar Sonia says:

    A friend surprised us with a JJ Cole Logic Bag in silver/graphite when we found out we were expecting. My husband loved the design because it is gender-neutral and definitely not as girly as the diaper bags I had been perusing. I have most of the JJ Cole products on my wish list for my first little baby girl on the way. The diaper and wipes caddy looks like a wonderful product and I’d love to have one.

    I’m also a subscriber via email.

  176. avatar Sarah W. says:

    My favorite JJ Cole product is definitely the Bundleme. We live in Canada, and it gets SO cold here, but with the Bundleme I don’t have to worry. I can put my baby in her car seat without having to bundle her in a snowsuit, and she stays nice and toasty!
    This caddy looks like it could become my favorite product though. I’ve had to make my own make shift diaper caddy because I got tired of lugging the baby up and downstairs for diaper changes. This would make it very easy to change her anywhere in the house!
    I should also mention that I am a subscriber and LOVE get your daily e-mails. They’re always my favorite to read!

  177. avatar Heather H. says:

    I love their bundle me and bags. They make some great stuff.

  178. avatar Thao says:

    I subscribe via email.

  179. avatar Thao says:

    My fave JJ Cole product is the system bag in graphite and green.


  180. avatar Sarah says:

    This hadn’t made the list of things I needed – until I had a second in diapers! This would be perfect – I seem to have wipes in every room, and since my toddler loves to play with them, they are not always within arm’s reach (or the wipes are being redistributed around the room, one by one, like confetti!)

    A cute caddy would be perfect for helping me “keep it together.” I also love JJ Cole’s pacifier pod, and the Bundle Me is a llfesaver too!

  181. I am a subscriber, waiting for our baby-less than 4 weeks to go. The diaper caddy looks handy especially in a 2 story house! I, too am excited about the mode tote bag..looks artsy and fun!

  182. I have been drooling over their new mode tote bag…love it! (by the way, diaper caddy, yeah, we definitely could use one in our home! great giveaway!)

  183. avatar Madelaine says:

    I’m drawn to a lot of JJ Cole’s products, but I really love some of the modern patterns for the Bundle Me.

  184. avatar Aura says:

    I do now know how anyone with a baby can live without the bundle me. It is the best invention! My son hated his snowsuit and screamed and howled from when we put him in until we took him out. When the bundle me came out I celebrated he slept the whole outing for the first time and he was already 6 months old!

  185. avatar melanie says:


    =) melanie
    melanieadey at hotmail dot com

  186. avatar melanie says:

    love the mode travel bag

    =) melanie
    melanieadey at hotmail dot com

  187. avatar Shweta says:

    I subscribe :))

  188. avatar Shweta says:

    I love their Bundle me stroller blankets…They are so handy in the winter time when you are out and about..This caddy is great…

  189. avatar Laura says:

    I haven’t seen anything like the diapers and wipes caddy, so I have to say that’s my favorite product! :)

  190. avatar alisha says:

    I love the mode diaper bag… in mod green. =) I also think this caddy would be soooo cute/handy to sit on the dresser and tote around the house.

  191. avatar dre says:

    I have wanted one of these caddies for the longest time! Love JJ Cole stuff!