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Baby Shower Staying Power

I had the pleasure of attending a fabulous shower for our dearest friend Carla last weekend. While I didn’t get the throw the shower (the details were left to Gloria who did an amazing job by the way), it got PN thinking of all the ways the baby shower hostesses can shower mommy months and years beyond the shower! Does that make sense? Let me clarify…

Today’s mission is to inspire you to think about utilizing decorations that the new mom will want to incorporate into baby’s nursery AFTER the party’s over. Subtle details like providing framed mementos and packaging that can double as storage are lovely and functional additions to baby’s room. Here are some suggestions from your friends at Project Nursery:

1. Ditch the Diaper Cake and go for the “Lollipop Washcloths” as a useful table topper. After all, a new parent’s checklist recommends 12 wash clothes when bringing home baby.
2. Suggest a storage theme and ask guests to “wrap” their gifts in storage bins. Don’t worry if the baskets don’t match! We guarantee they will be used throughout the entire home to store and tuck away all things baby.
3. Mom will need an extra diaper caddy especially if the home is two stories. Why not use one to carry pencils, pads and party games such as bingo cards in the interim.
4. Rather than spend money on a “Baby Shower Guestbook” (when only the first two pages are ever filled), purchase a stylish photo album for guests to sign and record gifts. Mom can then finish the book with pictures from her party and baby.
5. The classic Memory Board…an oldie but a goodie! Hang one of these just above the gift table for guest to insert baby advice and sweet messages for lasting memories to display in the nursery.
6. Enjoy a smooth jazz lullaby cd with your guests and during baby’s bed time. There’s nothing like a jazz brunch with a little bubbly gone baby style.
7. Frame your shower invitation for mom to cherish and place by the favors. Need we say more?
8. Decorate the tables or room with wooden wall letters. Spell out baby (bebe), dreams, etc. if baby’s name is yet to be revealed.
9. Add a touch of whimsy to your flower arrangement with decorative flowers and bugs. If your mom of honor is having a girl, good chance she will convert these items into mobiles or nursery décor.
10. Lastly, slap a giant bow on a large storage bin along with a message from the hostesses. Dump all the above goods into the bin and VOILA! Your thoughtful gift for baby and nursery.

So the next time you are throwing a baby shower, throw in some details that may be carried home along with the gifts and into the nursery! Mom and baby will indeed be grateful.


Thursday 27th of August 2009

I love this baby shower idea.

Kim @ The TomKatStudio

Thursday 5th of March 2009

Great baby shower ideas!

Misty Vento

Thursday 5th of March 2009

What a great post today! Love this and goes with the green shower I am planning for a friend. We are working on finishing her green nursery before the shower. We are not sending out traditional invites, just evites to save on paper. Favors will be plantable cards/seeds. And i'm now going to use some of your tips and have everyone try to put their gifts in something reuseable and not waste wrapping paper that will be thrown away. The theme of her gifts are all organic, non-toxic products. Love all of your ideas and will definately incorporate them into my planning, thanks a bunch!