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They Grow Really Fast!

If you’re like me, you have thought to yourself, “I am going to complete my baby books and organize family photos in an effort to become more organized in 2009!” And if your really like me, it’s Febuary and you haven’t even started. When my computer crashed the other week, it took all of the photos I neglected to back up over the past year and a half. Typing on an old, irritatingly slow computer while it’s being fixed is a small sacrific as long as it means I get all the cherished photos back of my son. That’s all I can think about these days.

Digital scrapbooking is calling my name and I want to share it again with you. I mean, “Is my computer drama a swift kick in the pants to say, come on already and scrapebook or what?” Last year, we introduced you to Cathy Bennett’s genius company How Fast They Grow. As an experienced parent, I can now say, “YES! They grow so fast so get on this!!!”

How Fast They Grow is currently offering Project Nursery Readers Free Ground Shipping on orders over $20 through March 1st. Use Code “PNFREE”. Also, If you haven’t visited How Fast They Grow in a while, it’s gotten even better with sweet template designs from our favorite party girl, Hostess with the Mostess and more. Now go on and be prepared to scrapbook some lovely V-day moments and then some.