Design Reveal: Sherbet Stripes

Sherbet has never tasted so sweet! Meet Luciana Misura: mom, seasoned blogger and from what I can translate, a Brazilian living in Austin, Texas! Well, Luciana can proudly add decorator to her list after designing a a sweet, clean and contemporary room for her daughter, 17 month old Julia. Project Nursery is more than delighted she took the time to share…

“I decided on the colors hot pink and orange long ago, and when I saw the WallCandy Arts Pink Stripes sticker. I knew that I had to use it. I love stripes and they were just the right colors. Then I searched for a long time until I found a crib set with matching colors – the Birds bedding by Super Natural Baby was the perfect fit. Both items were purchased from Modern Nursery.

With the bedding and wall sticker on hand, I picked the paint color – Olympic Premium California Wine for the half bottom of the room, and Ultra White for the top half and ceiling, both in eggshell. We got Olympic Premium because it has the Green Seal for being a no-VOC paint, smells a lot less than regular paints.

The furniture was a difficult decision. I wanted white for sure, to contrast white the hot pink wall, and there were a few modern cribs that caught my eye. In the end, the Oeuf crib, dresser and bookcase were the winners. We got the set at a local store at the time, Merry Go Round Kids, in Bellevue, WA.

We picked up White IKEA Tullsta chairs, which are inexpensive and the covers can be machine washed, or replaced if they get stained. and a LACK side table. The RINGUM rugs were also the right colors and we got 1 orange, 1 pink and 1 white to bring some circles to the room and break a little bit of the square and straight lines.

The artwork was perhaps the most challenging to find. I searched Etsy many many times looking for clean, minimalist and yet colorful prints with children friendly themes. I finally found the work of artist Sion Lee (his shops at and ) that fit the bill. We exchanged a couple of emails and he was nice enough to change the background colors of a couple of prints for me from his Ubiki Cute and Ubiki Style collections.

Also on the wall, we chose the Chiasso square shelves to put some toys above the changing table instead of a mobile, unfortunately they are not available at this time on their website.

The pillows were custom made by my mother-in-law, we picked up the fabric with the bedding in hand, and they turned out great. She added an espresso brown trim on her own and I was happy she did!”


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    This is a really fun and bright room that will grow with the little girl farther into her toddler years! I love it!

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    Absolutely gorgeous!!! Too bad we can’t order the square shelves as these are the shelves I’ve been looking for for my little girl’s bedroom!

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    What a great nursery! I love stripes too Luciana! I just painted a wall in our kitchen nook thick horizontal orange stripes.

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    Hello everyone! Sion with Ubiki here — a big thank you to Project Nursery for featuring Luciana’s beautiful nursery and my artwork!

    Luciana–WOW! You’ve really outdone yourself. I had no idea my artwork would find such a beautiful home! I’ve gotten several requests to purchase the same custom pieces I made for you; would you be okay with me making these available on my ImageKind gallery?

    Project Nursery readers–As Luciana mentioned, I am indeed happy to customize the background color on any of my prints. Please feel free to stop by my gallery here:

    or send me a private message here:

    I look forward to hearing from you! =)

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    I love her pick of colors! It is the perfect sherbet mess… I think it’s a great room that baby girl can grow into, and will just love love love. I love it, I want to steal some ideas for my daughter!

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