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Real Parties: Little Love Bugs Valentine Party

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and if you are looking for something fun to do with your little ones, take a look at this party or play date idea!

If you are a crafty momma already, this is an inexpensive and easy event to put together. Start by taking an inventory of your paper crafting supplies. Pick out any paper in your stock that would be cute for making valentines (reds, pinks, polka dots, hearts). Pull out anything you have that could be used to make valentines, like ribbon, scissors, glue, punches, etc. With a quick trip to your local craft store you can add some fun supplies like heart stickers, valentine embellishments as well as grab some basics like blank note cards, double-sided tape and pop-dots! For my party, I added to the supplies by designing and printing some sentiments for the cards.

You can either setup one table for crafting, or separate tables for the moms and the kids. I set up two tables, my dining room for the moms, and a kids table in my studio. I was so glad that I hired a couple mother’s helpers to help in the kids room. It gave the moms a chance to relax and craft.

Food for this type of party is easy! Anything red, pink or in the shape of hearts is perfect! I did a light lunch, along with lots of sweets! Strawberry cupcakes, heart-shaped brownies, and of course, lots of candy!

Crafty invitations are always fun for a crafty party, but if you don’t have time for a formal invitation, you can create one or have one created that you can email out to the guests!

Decorating for the party is simple and easy! My favorite decorating project was making the heart garland. Use a heart template (I used a chipboard heart) to trace the design on to multiple patterns of paper, cut out, punch to holes and string with ribbon! Paper lanterns are always great to hang from the ceiling, and with these, I taped a few heart shapes to them to match the garland. A heart wreath made of pink roses greeted the guests at the front door.

Have ideas? Send me your ideas/photos for Valentine’s Day kid celebrations!

Michelle@Everyday Celebrating

Tuesday 10th of February 2009

Super cute!