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Creative Baby Nursery Rooms Finalists

Little Apple Design was delighted to take part in a baby nursery judging contest over at Creative Baby Nursery Rooms.

Click on each photo to meet the five finalist:

Girly Mod Nursery

Safari Theme Nursery

Modern Garden Nursery

Vintage Circus Nursery

Monkey Nursery

We have a difficult decision to make! Who is your favorite? Let us know what you think! The winner will be announced on Creative Baby Nursery Rooms on March 5th.

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  1. This really is a terrific source you’re giving and you simply give it free of charge. I enjoy seeing internet sites that comprehend the value of offering a prime source totally free. Thank you!

  2. avatar martha says:

    the monkey nursery for boy ,and the mod nursery for girl!!!!

  3. avatar bibzees says:

    Vintage Circus definitely!!!

  4. Thanks for the post guys. I know it’s a tough choice. I’m glad I don’t have to make it!

    The winner will be announced soon – stand by!

  5. avatar JDee says:

    The safari room! My daughter would love looking at all the animals on the wall.

  6. avatar Tara says:

    Girly Mod. Absolutely love the tree and atmosphere.

  7. avatar Ashley says:

    I love the safari theme! all the others are cute, but a little plain I thought. The safari is the cutest room ever!!!

  8. avatar Casey says:

    The vintage circus room!! I LOVE it- so unique!

  9. My vote is MODERN GARDEN! No question! Love the painted wall flowers, the artwork, shadow boxes, homemade polka dot bedding…..a ton of love went into this room.

  10. avatar Air says:

    modern garden was it for me. The others were either too much or just not quite there with it!!! I cant wait to see who wins!