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Classifieds For Moms

Growing up as the youngest of four I was usually dressed completely in my siblings hand-me-downs. I’m not complaining, actually it was pretty great to have such a wide assortment of clothes and toys. Now, I am insistent on giving away or donating anything that is in decent shape.  I was excited to learn about a new online classified site for moms called where you can buy, sell, give away or donate your new and “gently used” baby gear, toys, clothes, childcare services and more in a local and family friendly atmosphere. offers free listings for its members and prides themselves on their “mom police” system, which allows users to flag inappropriate, unsafe, or even items that do not appear to be exactly “gently used”. Something that is often lacking on craigslist and ebay these days.

The Handmedowns website says, “We pull together and organize the best baby/child/mom listings from around the web AND combine them with listings posted on our site to create a one-stop destination for busy moms.” I love the idea of one place to search for used baby gear and in turn unload some stuff at the same time. If you are a celebrity hound then check out the online auctions hosted by moms like Gwen Stefani and Nicole Ritchie. They both have their tots baby clothes up on the auction block where all proceeds benefit charities of their choice. was the brainchild of Norah Weinstein who also founded The Hollywood Reporter, and most importantly, a mom of her own 14 month-old daughter. Project Nursery readers, if you have used let us know about your experience. They are in a beta phase currently and we really hope that this great concept takes off.

Little Apple Design LA

Tuesday 24th of February 2009

I think this site is super. It just needs more moms with more stuff on there and I am sure that will happen in no time. Unfortunately for me, I have all my baby stuff stored in the garage waiting for future babies. I can't wait to get rid of it all and use this site!


Tuesday 24th of February 2009

I think it sounds great. And as much as I love craigslist it can get crazy what people try to sell on there. I am going to check it out when I get the chance.

Kim @ The TomKatStudio

Monday 23rd of February 2009

What a great idea! I just sold a ton of baby gear on Craigs List, but this would have been great too. I'm sure it will take off and become very popular with moms!