Worthwhile Children’s Book “Seamus McNamus”

When a really wonderful, funny and inspiring children’s book comes along I like to take note. When the particular book happens to be written by a family member, I not only take note but feel compelled to share the news with everyone. Good thing I have my very own blog and can do just that. All kidding aside, I am very excited to give you an inside peak at new children’s book “Seamus McNamus” (pronounced Shaymus McNaymus), “The Goat Who would be King”. This tale takes you on a wonderful adventure and is very funny for both children and adults. Seamus is written by my brother-in-law, Rob Kurtz and illustrated beautifully by Mike Lester who won The National Cartoonist Society Award for Best Book Illustrations in 2007. Rob has a passion for creating funny, accessible stories for kids.

Here is a synopis, “This modern-day folktale, based on the traditions of the centuries-old Puck Fair in Ireland, chronicles the journey of a very unlikely king — a goat named Seamus McNamus. The funny adventure begins when Seamus reluctantly takes up the crown to save the McFadden family farm. Rich in humor, lore, and love, this book’s gentle message reminds us that sometimes it’s the most unexpected hero who saves the day.” Hmm, I’m thinking that because I have friends in high places over at Worthwhile Books, I could arrange an exclusive signed copy of Seamus McNamus for an upcoming Project Nursery Giveaway. If you can’t wait you can pre-order it now at Amazon. Stay tuned for more and can’t wait to hear what your kids think of the book!

That’s Rob at the Seamus launch party at Puck Fair in NYC!


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