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Giveaway: The Skip Hop Swipe

I wonder how I ever lived without baby wipes. I now use wipes for everything! They are always on hand or within arm’s reach. They clean not only my toddler but my dogs, the table, the kitchen and then some. I often toss a giant bag in my purse while on the go but it takes up so much room. So I figured the best way to save space (and a few bucks) is to buy in bulk and try the “Swipe” by Skip Hop. The Swipe has a quick-draw button to slide open and shut with one hand, grab-strap snaps for any stroller or bag, dispenses wipes neatly (one at a time!) and a translucent case to let you see when to refill. And of course you can leave it to Skip Hop to make even a baby wipe container look cool!

Here’s how to win a handy Swipe of your own:

1. Let us know your favorite brand of wipes and what you use them for! Why? Just because we are curious.

2. Extra entries are counted by 1) posting on our Forum (up to 5x) 2) subscribing or commenting that you are a subscriber and 3) blogging about our giveaway.

3. The winner will be selected at random by using

4. Contest ends Friday, January 16th, 11:59pm pst

CONTEST CLOSED – Congrats to our new subscriber Alisha of On The Wall.


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  1. avatar Kathleen says:

    I subscribe too!

  2. avatar Kathleen says:

    When on the go, I use Seventh Generation since they’re chlorine-free, but at home we use cloth wipes and a homemade spray. This would be great for my diaper bag. Skip Hop makes the coolest stuff.

  3. avatar Sarah S says:


  4. avatar Sarah S says:

    We use Pampers Sensitive – and I use them mainly for diaper changes since they’re not the cheapest wipes!

  5. avatar Alli says:

    I use Huggies because they are durable and smell good! I tried Pampers and Kirkland, but they just felt too thin…

  6. avatar Rita Sheppard says:

    I just WalMart wipes because they’re cheap.

  7. We like huggies wipes because they seem to be more durable than other brands. I use them ofcourse for diaper changes, but also to clean sticky fingers :)

  8. avatar Maggie Smith says:

    I love Huggies wipes because they are large, thick and the Natural scent is nice. I use them for diaper changes, quick face clean ups, dusting the nursery furniture (I know its weird) and for any thing else that needs a quick clean up!!


  9. avatar Maggie says:

    My fave brand of wipes is the BJ’s unscented. I use them for the obvious diaper changes, but also for wiping faces, noses and shopping carts. I love their self-dispensing packs!
    hematopoiesis at hotmail dot com

  10. avatar andrea v says:

    I use the huggies brand to change my daughter and the walmart brand for all other messes.

  11. avatar allie says:

    i subscribe!

  12. avatar allie says:

    we use huggies natural care wipes — mostly for diaper changes but as the little monkey gets older we increasingly need them for wiping hands, toys, etc.

  13. avatar lisa says:

    My favorite wipes are huggies and I use them for absolutely everything!

  14. avatar emily says:

    We like the Kirkland brand that we can buy in bulk at Costco, but I also occasionally splurge on Nature Baby Care because of their nice scent.

  15. avatar Jayme says:

    i like pampers when i have my nephew over because they are nice and soft on his little bottom and they hold up well. thanks!

  16. avatar krista says:

    i use kirkland brand from costco. i have tried EVERY kind out there, and these are my fav. i use them for pretty much everything!

  17. avatar Alisha says:

    I love Target Brand… sensitive skin is my favorite. I use them for sticky fingers and cleaning the car! =)

    Oh! And I just subscribed!! YAY!

  18. avatar Aura says:

    I subscribe

  19. avatar Aura says:

    We only use pampers sensitive touch, all others my kids were allergic too. Not only do we use them for little tushies, but we use it for dirty faces, cleaning off highchairs, wiping hands on the go, cleaning shoes, cleaning just about anything on the go.

  20. avatar Stacy says:

    The Costco brand is all that touches my sons butt.

  21. avatar erica s says:

    seventh generation wipes…and i use them for butts…cute baby butts : )

  22. avatar Marci says:

    I am partial to Huggies wipes…doesn’t matter what scent :-). I use them for everything – mostly changing diapers and wiping messy faces and fingers when we are out and about though.

  23. avatar angela says:

    subscribed to email updates

  24. avatar angela says:

    we normally use huggies wipes

  25. avatar christin says:

    we use huggies all natural wipes, unscented, for pretty much all messes on our 2 little ones:) they are super gentle and strong too:) thanks!

  26. avatar Chloe says:

    I buy whatever is on sale…and I’ve found that wipes are GREAT to use to clean my glass-top range. :)

  27. avatar Gloria says:

    I’m a preschool teacher – and baby wipes are on my students’ supply list – so I use whatever brands the kids bring in, and I use them to wipe their faces after snack/lunch.

  28. avatar Celeste says:

    Store brand for me! I use them to clean just about everything!

  29. avatar Naomi says:

    I use cloth wipes! I love to get them in all sorts of fun prints. They should fit the Swipe, too, though:)

  30. avatar Melissa says:

    I subscribe!

  31. avatar Melissa says:

    Huggies Natural care

  32. avatar Jenna says:

    I love Huggies wipes. They are the absolute best! I use them mainly to wipe little bottoms, but they’re great great for wiping hands and faces, restaurant high chairs, and just about anything else that needs a good wiping!

  33. avatar Christine says:

    Alghouth I use pampers diapers, I use Huggies wipes because they are thicker than most.

  34. avatar Danielle J says:

    My favorite wipes are parents choice scented wipes. Smell good, do the job, and are lower in cost.

  35. avatar Anne says:

    My husband and I carry Huggies hypoallergenic wipes in our backpacks. We use them for hiking “emergencies”, for airplane and restaurant bathrooms, and car clean-ups. You don’t have to have a baby to love Huggies!!!

  36. avatar Sara says:

    I’m a fan of the Target brand unscented wipes. Mainly because I have three in diapers – a 2 year old and 10 month old twins. They’re a little easier on the wallet, ykwim?

  37. avatar valerie m says:

    sticky fingers

  38. avatar judy brittle says:

    I’m a subscriber.

  39. avatar judy brittle says:

    I have Huggies wipes at my house for the grandbabies. I use them for all the baby messes.

  40. avatar Melissa says:

    I use baby wipes for cleaning my son’s hands after eating or if he’s gotten into something dirty. I also use them to wipe up messes and clean his face. Can’t live without them!

  41. I make my own using washcloths, baby oil, water and baby shampoo. I find it’s cheaper and green all at the same time. My baby is sensitive to fragrances so I also find I can control that better as well. I am a subscriber.

  42. my favorite brand is huggies clean team. we use them for everything, cleaning up messes, messy faces, dusting, and keep a pack in the car for sticky hands.

  43. avatar Stacie says:

    I liked the Equate brand of wipes and used them for diaper changes and cleaning up food messes.

  44. avatar melanie says:

    i’m a subscriber

    =) melanie
    melanieadey at hotmail dot com

  45. avatar melanie says:

    i love target sensative skin wipes. We use them for everything.

    =) melanie
    melanieadey at hotmail dot com

  46. avatar Andreah says:

    I subscribe via email.

  47. avatar Andreah says:

    I prefer Huggies wipes but I usually buy what’s on sale. I use wipes for bottoms, to wipe faces and hands, to wipe the potty off after my little on misses, lol. Really I use them for just about everything!

  48. I have always preferred the Costco brand wipes. They are very moist and do the job well. I use wipes for everything!

  49. avatar Melissa B says:

    I could not live without babywipes! I am a subscriber.

  50. avatar Meg T says:

    Also a subscriber.

  51. avatar Meg T says:

    I use the unscented Target brand wipes and love them!! I also really like the Kirkland’s brand from Costco. We use wipes for everything from bums to wiping hands to cleaning up messes. Can’t do without them!!!

  52. avatar elaina says:

    I use either Huggies or Pampers wipes…whichever I have a coupon for or whichever one is on sale! I prefer the thickness of the Huggies though, I believe.

    I use babywipes for everything. I don’t understand how something gentle enough for my baby’s bottom can be strong enough to clean my kitchen counters, the dashboard of my car, and soccer cleats. It defies physics!

  53. avatar sandra kao says:

    we love the pampers wipes because they’re soft, especially on little bottoms

  54. avatar bibzees says:

    My favorite wipes are Kirklands (from Costco)!

  55. avatar kim says:

    And I do subscribe.

  56. avatar kim says:

    We heart Pampers Sensitive in this house. Huggies always tick me off. They crumble!

  57. avatar Pencils says:

    My favorite wipes are the ones from Baby Silk. I use them to wipe down my baby on a daily basis instead of giving her a bath. At her age, she doesn’t need a bath every day, but she does get dirty from spitup, dripping milk, her fingers in her mouth, etc. They work well, they smell fantastic, and they don’t dry out or irritate my daughter’s delicate skin. OK, they’re not cheap, but they do last quite a while. Longer than her diaper wipes, anyway! For diaper wipes I use Pampers Sensitive, because they get the job done, don’t irritate Aurora’s skin, and I can get them for fairly cheap at BJ’s. Also, they’re Pampers so I can get points for the Pampers gifts program.

  58. avatar Keely says:

    I’m a subscriber! :)

    We use the Lansinoh wipes for diaper changes – my kids have super sensitive skin. And then we buy the Pampers wipes in bulk for cleaning hands, face, spills, etc.

  59. avatar aimee c. says:

    oh how pretty! i use wipes everywhere, all the time. i’m partial to kirkland’s (costco brand) unscented baby wipes since i’ve become sensitive to the random smells of life, thanks to my pregnancy that was over 3 years ago! thanks!

  60. avatar Leslie says:

    I actually don’t use baby wipes yet, as I’m pregnant with my first child. But I’m taking recommendations!

    Also, I’m a subscriber to your blog. :)