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“Sure, Go Ahead & Draw On The Walls”

Wouldn’t be nice if Mommy and Daddy actually meant it! Move over vinyl wall decal, DIY murals and coloring wallpapers are all the craze. Now you and your little one can get involved in the room’s decor together!

First, we are excited to introduce Wallstory. Not only does Wallstory founder Fiona have a super site & blog but she recently introduced herself on our PN forum the other day – which reminds me, you should introduce yourself too so we can learn more about you! As a professional artist and muralist, Fiona realized there was a need for the creative “do-it-yourself-er” to easily create their own professional looking murals in their child’s room. With her all encompassing mural site, Magic Mural Factory, Fiona makes it accessible by offering an array of products and resources ranging from paint by numbers, stencils, stickers, chalkboard designs, instant e-murals and even free advice!

Visit our other new friend Dawn at Nursery Murals and More who happens to be giving away a custom designed Wallstory mural. Dawn met Fiona through Twitter. This also reminds me that I should finally get around to joining Twitter to see what it’s all about. (By the way, If you are on Twitter, comment on this post to let me know how you like it!).

Here are also some great DIY/color wallpaper finds I am considering for my personal playroom makeover…

Tick-Tock Snow from cool shop mini moderns

Jon Burgerman colouring-in wallpaper found at Nineteen Seventy Three

And of course the newly available $40 (w/free shipping) “Frames” wallpaper by Land of Nod.


Friday 5th of December 2008

I love this idea! I would use the wallpaper for so many things, not just walls!