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Rub A Dub Dub!

Finally! We found the perfect tub to help you wash your little one. Say goodbye to big clunky plastic tubs that are hard and not portable, and say hello to the Puj tub, the softest infant tub on the market that will simplify any new parent’s life.

This tub not only has a beautiful design but is easy to use and extremely convenient. Leaning over a bath tub to wash your child is hard on your back, and you can use the Puj tub in a bathroom sink at a much more comfortable height. And, clean-up is just as easy. This tub is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial. And, no need to ring out sopping towels or sponges.The Puj tub hangs flat to dry, and it dries in a matter of minutes since it does not absorb any water. This means that the tub travels well, so you can take this tub with you anywhere and store it nicely away when you’re done with it. Visit Puj to view their demo video for a chance to win a free Puj! This latest innovation from Puj Baby will make any new parent’s life easier.

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Thursday 27th of November 2008

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Thursday 27th of November 2008

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