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My (Kitchen) Art Gallery

I’ll never forget my son’s first masterpiece. As a recent member of the preschool “Mommy & Me” circuit, I was thrilled when my son made his first art collage. I jumped for joy at the mostly mommy manufactured piece of art. Heck! I even had it framed to cherish this memory. But what I really won’t forget is the teacher saying  “Oh dear, this is just the beginning. You just wait!” Oh, and she wasn’t kidding!

So now what to do with all the art!?! We’ll, I’ve dedicated a wall near the kitchen table to display my child’s artistic talent (scribble to some). Each piece is hung on a taught wire and clipped with steel binder clips. Unfortunately, my kitchen is going under construction so no pics yet however, Tracy had the same idea a few months back and was featured on The Nesting Blog in this terrific “Kid Art Display” article full of ideas!

Looking for something a little more manicured? The kidsArtStor offers a neat little invention that frames art, allowing you to rotate it within seconds to accommodate original works as they walk through the door. They also offer a handful of bright frame colors to choose from.

The coolest and most ambitious gallery idea I dream of implementing comes from an article in the San Francisco Chronicle written a few years back by established writer, blogger and mom, Charlene Prince. Charlene features the work of SF designer M.F. Chapman. Don’t you just LOVE this wall? Be sure to visit this excellent article for it’s designer display tips.

Whether your little Picasso’s pieces go on display in the their room, hallway, playroom or like me: over cereal, make certain to have fun with the display for all to appreciate!


Tuesday 24th of January 2012

Nice post - it reminds me, recently got linked to a cool post about grafitti champ blu,

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Friday 11th of February 2011

Man if i ever saw two racoons fighting over a blogs itd be this one, nicely done my friend. Keep it up.

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Monday 16th of February 2009

[...] that can be rotated, mount clothesline-type wires on the wall and attach the art with binder clips. Project Nursery has some great [...]

Chris Vernet

Tuesday 13th of January 2009

One non- commercial Fine Art site with thousands of famous paintings to browse. Hope you will find your favorite. Cheers!



Friday 21st of November 2008

I will have to do that art on a string easy to switch out the art...goodness knows we have at least 3 new "masterpieces" a day!