Giveaway: Tips For “Mint” Holiday Cards

Looking for fresh, innovative designs for your holiday photo cards this year? We found them at Minted! No really, while we say nice things about all that we post because we post what we like, we are super excited about “quality obsessed” Minted.



Because I love to cook with and for family & friends, I am partial to the cool Recipe card. I think this one is guaranteed to make everyone’s kitchen fridge!

Forgive me if I offend, but who really wants to read the old school two page brag letter for the family update. Minted’s clever, concise and contemporary take on family milestones by way of the ‘Yearline” card is simply brilliant.

How do we know they are unique? “Our luxe, customizable holiday photo cards were specially gathered through design competitions held on our site.  Hundreds of the best independent designers from around the world entered the competitions, and our site’s visitors voted for the best designs to be sold on Minted.  We’re offering more than 100 unique customizable photo card templates, including a variety of designs from favorite recipes to hand-illustrated toys.  All of the cards are beautifully printed on matte, heavyweight cardstock that is also 100% recycled.”

Here are some helpful tips from Minted for when selecting your holiday card this year….

1. Order complimentary address labels (they look great on the envelopes and stand out)
2. If possible, use professional (or high quality) photos
3. Choose close-up photos
4. Be different! Go with a limited edition card or a Yearline card that showcases highlights from the year.

WIN IT NOW! One lucky Project Nursery reader will win a set of Minted cards of their choice…

1. Comment on this post with your favorite Minted card. So many to choose from!
2. Extra entries are counted by 1) posting on our
Project Nursery Forum (up to 5x) 2) subscribing or commenting that you are a subscriber and 3) blogging about our giveaway. Don’t worry, we track it all!
3. The winner will be selected at random by using
4. Contest ends Friday, November 14th, 11:59pm pst
PS: Go beyond holiday if you have another present arriving in the near future. Minted lalso offers fantastic baby and kid designs!








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    I really like the joyful lovebirds baby announcement. I will joyfully announce the birth of my daughter right after Christmas so I love the bright, happy colors for winter. If I were to do a Christmas card this Peace, Joy and Love one featured really caught my eye…THANKS!

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    I love these designs! we have been shopping for announcements for our little one due in March, and I am loving the Modern Garden Baby Announcement.

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  16. 16

    I am an email subscriber also, thanks for the chance to win.

    I am also off to post in the forum.

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    I have been searching online for this year’s holiday card, and haven’t seen these! I love the brown/blue snowflake tree Yearline card! I would LOVE to win!

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    I love this website! My favorite is the snowflake tree holiday card in the yearline format – so much cooler than those holiday newsletters.

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    LOVE the yearline, especially with all the milestones that my girls reached this year!
    I subscribe through Google Reader.

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    I really think that the card called “Let it Snow” is out of this world wonderful! We always take pictures of our kids playing in the snow and I would never think to use it for a holiday card. I love how it’s designed. It’s very cute and pretty!

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    wow! i’ve been looking for holiday cards, but really didn’t like anything i had found. These are beautiful! thanks for bringing them to my attention. – Oh, and I’m a subscriber :)

  31. 31

    oh! i forgot to say that my favorite was probably twilight magic, in holiday red. Can you tell i LOVE them?

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    Hello, I adore the “Recipe Holiday Card” very much! Please enter me in your wonderful card drawing. Many thanks,

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    I love the recipe one just because its not the average card thats going to be put in a box or albumn and forgot about…. i love to bake and would definatly put my favorite holiday recipe on it along with the familys picture

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    The recipe holiday card it so fabulous! What an amazing idea – all my family and friends would be so impressed!!

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    love the Whimsical Spheres and Dashes Baby Announcement! has great designs!

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    My favorite, while it was tough to choose, is Believe in the Miracle of Christmas Holiday Card.


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    I love the joyeux noel holiday card! It is so stunning! I would be thrilled to win, thanks!!

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    My favorite is the timeline card with the partridge in a pear tree design…it says Merry Christmas on the front. LOVE IT, especially how the timeline is part of the tree on the inside.

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    I really love the Peppermint Spark Holiday card. Thanks so much for such a wonderful giveaway, these cards are beautiful.


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    There are so many great cards. I think I like the Miller Holiday Card the best. I’m sure I’d change my mind on the next visit though.

  76. 76

    I love the Recipe Card. What a great idea! People are always asking me for recipes, so why not give them one for fun. People would definitely save that card!

  77. 77
  78. 78

    I think my favorite is the “Joy to the World” holiday card, though I really like the yearline cards as well! hope I win!

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    I love the Cheery Winter Swirl Holiday Card – I’m due to have a baby a week before Christmas and would love to send this out as a combined Holiday/birth announcement card. Thanks!

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    There are lots of great ones, but my favorite design is the happy winter card under eco friendly. This would be great for me because of my friends of different beliefs…perfect for everyone

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