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Calling All Cooks!

Just when I thought I would buy the super fun Step 2 kitchen with all the bells and whistle that I know my toddler will love, I continue to find even more fabulous looking kitchens that will beautifully compliment my own kitchen. After all, adding a play kitchen is big time playroom decor. I am not talking about the beloved $$$ PBK kitchen….We’ll, maybe I am. But there is so much more out there now that doesn’t cost $500 for a pretend sink!

Great blog and soon to be online store, Shawn and Frank, did a super post the other week on bright, unique, contemporary, play kitchens. I just dig all their trendy baby finds, i.e. This one below retails for only $79 – What a find! For more of their play kitchen picks, click here!

If you are the more adventurous type however, check out IKEA hacker for play kitchen inspiration or the work of this clever mom recently featured on Ohdeedoh

And finally, since we are talking kitchens…Pam and I were recently swapping stories about how our boys (both under age two) can push a heavy chair across a room and muscle their way on to our kitchen islands. While impressed by their agility we are also freaked by their ability to get into such precarious situations (We swear we are good moms!). Here’s a fantastic solution for your little kitchen helper that will keep them safe and off the kitchen table!

Now this does look good in my kitchen!

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  1. avatar Michael says:

    Funny about the boys muscling their way on to your kitchen islands! Hahahaha! Pretend play creates a lot of learning very fast.

  2. avatar Keely says:

    I absolutely love the little helper “FunPod”! Any idea where to get it in the USA? The link is for a UK site. Thanks!

  3. Oh but I SO love that PBK kitchen!

  4. Oh but I SO love that PBK kitchen!

  5. Oh but I SO love that PBK kitchen!

  6. Oh but I SO love that PBK kitchen!