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Giveaway: Pot-Tee Prize Training System

I’ll never forget the time I was talking to my good friend Nikki about parenting when the subject of potty training came up. I gave her a whole ear full of excuses about why my daughter wasn’t out of diapers and completely potty trained yet. I explained that we had tried the gold stars, the M&M’s, the pull-ups, blah blah blah. The kicker was the fact that she was easily going on the potty for the babysitter, without the dreaded accidents I seemed to be blessed with! That’s when she looked me straight in the eye and said, “Pam, she’s ready. You need to be ready too.” Of course she was right and it took making the leap and not looking back to get the deal closed (one very long weekend at home base, extra undies, paper towels and clorox wipes ready).

Everyone seems to have a potty training story and being ready and determined is absolutely key. We’ve just been introduced to a fantastic potty training system called Pot-Tee Prize. The Pot-Tee Prize system gives you all the tools you’ll need to easily and effectively potty train your child in one convenient, cheerful package. This product, created by mompreneuer Janet Harris, has been featured on both TV and the web. Janet says, “Naturally, this critical step in your child’s early development can be stressful and time consuming. Our system adds structure to the potty training process creating a positive and memorable experience for you and your little squirt.”

Each kit includes a gender specific Grab Bag with a chart with stickers for marking potty- training milestones, toy prizes and a diploma to commemorate “graduation” from diapers, along with a guidebook for parents. For a process that can often be a long bumpy ride, a $22.95 package is well worth it. A system designed to make potty training easy for parents and fun for kids! Who knew it existed!

NEWS FLASH!! We are giving away one Pot-Tee Prize complete training system to a lucky Project Nursery reader. Enter to win by commenting on this blog. Follow the steps below:

1. Comment on this post with a humorous potty training story or helpful tip for other parents.
2. If you haven’t subscribed to our daily blog or Share Forum, do so for an extra entry. Just let us know!
3. Contest ends at 11:59pm, Friday, October 17, 2008.



Friday 17th of October 2008

We are going to start potty training our son and this would be of great help :)


Friday 17th of October 2008

We're trying to train our 19 month old right now! This would be great!


Friday 17th of October 2008

The one thing I find works the best is make going to the potty fun in any way you can, use dolls as a show and tell, tape up a potty chart in the bathroom and use stickers of their favorite things and characters. My son is still working on potty training but it is really coming along great!

tiffany lane

Friday 17th of October 2008

my little girl climbed up on the potty and said she was pooping she needed her magazine like daddy.

kathy pease

Friday 17th of October 2008

the key to potty training is being consistent with taking them to the potty :)