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Giveaway: Opus and the Red Chair

We all know moving is stressful. Between the movers, packing, unpacking, change of address, new town, new routine – I am getting anxious just typing this post. Both Pam and I made our respective cross country moves last year and it often feels like we are still settling in.  What’s important to remember however, is “How does all the craziness associated with a move affect a child?”

Enter Opus, a Golden Retriever happily living in Boston.  “Opus is faced with the disruption of boxes, taxis, and a long plane ride taking him away from the things he loves the most – his bear, pizza and his red chair. All of his routine creature comforts are packed away on a large truck and he is left in an empty house.

Opus and the Red Chair helps parents ease the tension and prepare their children for the transition by sharing Opus’ journey though the eyes of a sweet pup. 100% of the net profits of Opus and the Red Chair will benefit the non for profit Animal Cancer Foundation.

Foggy Day Books founder, Alice Koesterich wrote Opus and the Red Chair in loving memory of her dog, Opus, who died of cancer at 5 years of age in May 2006. She teams up with talented illustrator Sara Kahn.  Readings and signings are currently taking place in the SF bay area.


1. Win a signed Opus and the Red Chair book by sharing with us your tips for preparing your child or pet for a move OR a fun moving story with a comment on this post

2. Extra entries are counted by 1) posting on our chat room forum (up to 5) 2) subscribing or commenting that you are a subscriber and 3) blogging about our giveaway

3. The winner will be selected at random by using

4. Contest ends Friday, October 24th, 11:59pm pst

CONTEST CLOSED – Congrats Gina Stratos!

PS: And just because our focus is kid design, here are some fun, modern shelving ideas to host Opus and the Red Chair for when you get into your new home!

The DwellStudio Junior Elephant Bookshelf at Design Public ($170)

The Cub Stacker by David Netto at modernkid ($300)

Ecotots’ Big Kahuna Bookcase at 2modern ($335)


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  1. avatar Elizabeth M. says:

    I’m a subscriber too.

  2. avatar Elizabeth M. says:

    Once when my kids were very young we were moving and sitting on the couch in the living room waiting for the movers to finish up. All the sudden we heard this sound like nails scratching on wood so I looked over by the front door entryway and sitting there looking at us was a squirrel who had wandered inside the house to check it out. We were so stunned to see it there! I stood up and he immediately scampered back out the door. I was grateful he went back outside instead of going further into the house!

  3. avatar Alice Hansen says:

    I think a great way to help a child get ready to move is to watch a movie that takes place in the new city or state. That, and read books about the place. This works best I think for slightly older kids. Thanks for the chance!

  4. avatar Jane says:

    We moved from Campbell to West San Jose when my oldest son was just 6 months old. It was really a short move, since the cities border each other… you could walk leisurely from where we lived to where we live now in about a half hour. Anyways, my son was learning to roll when we moved so the way he transitioned from his old home into his new home was by rolling his way out of his teeny townhome into his new “BIG” family room. He could make about 8-10 rolls across the small living room floor of our townhouse. When we moved into the new home, the first thing he did was plop down in the family room and roll across from the fireplace room into the family room. He managed 30 rolls and one HUGE grin at the end.

  5. avatar Crystal says:

    prepare them by talking about the new house, town, church, friends, etc… Let them help pack their items and chose which items they want to get rid of and talk about what they are scared of and what they will miss.

  6. avatar Julie says:

    Talk about it a lot before hand. Allow the child to help as much as possible. Keep favorite toys out until the last minute and unpack them first.

  7. avatar Gina Stratos says:


  8. avatar Gina Stratos says:

    We recently moved to a new state. Our kids are small, so we just made sure to talk to them a lot during the packing phase and then let them help decorate their room once we settled.

  9. avatar Beth says:

    We just moved and made sure our daughter had fun picking out the color of her walls and fun stuff to place in it as well. It makes the process more exciting for them!

  10. avatar Janelle says:

    We moved when my daughter was only a month old. Luckily, my husband’s employer paid for a moving service so everything was packed professionally for us. The only thing we really took ourselves were our daughter, the two cats (who yowled constantly), and some important papers and possessions. We made sure our cats had time to adjust by releasing them in the basement first and letting them explore down there for awhile before giving them full access to the house. I would also recommend getting movers if you can afford it. It saved us a lot of headaches.

  11. avatar Kim says:

    My husband & I are both in the real estate business, so we are constantly moving. We love remodeling and flipping homes (not in this market though!), and we find it the easiest to live the homes. My 3-year old son is now in his 5th bedroom, and my 18-month old daughter is in her 2nd. I asked my mom once if she thought it was traumatic for the kids to move so often, and she said to me, “As long as they have mommy & daddy, that’s all that matters!” And I agree, my son gets excited to pick his new room, help pack and unpack all his favorite things. I’m sure once they are in school, we will settled down….but until then, who knows? This book looks adorable and I will have to pick it up if I don’t win your fabulous giveaway!

  12. avatar RebekahC says:

    I moved several times as a child, and the thing that made it easiest for me was knowing that I always had my favorite lovey with me. It didn’t matter where we went, what friends or family I left behind. I missed all of them, but I was able to get by by having my lovey- my CareBear.

    We haven’t moved yet with our girls, but we’re hoping to in the next year. We’ll only be moving across town, but I know the same will be true for them. They’ll survive the ruckus and discombobulation associated with a move as long as they both have their lovey and it doesn’t get packed up or left behind.

    littleminx @ cox dot net

    P.S. This book looks really sweet. I’d love to add it to our collection if we are selected the winner. Great shelves you showed too. I can’t afford those, but they’re great.

  13. avatar elaina says:

    I subscribed to your blog.

  14. avatar elaina says:

    Recently not only was my nine-year old going to experience a move into a new house, but she had a baby sister on the way as well! I felt bad that the baby was getting all of this new furniture and everything, so I asked my family to chip in for Sage’s birthday (which coincided pretty well with the move) and get Sage a whole new bedroom set at Ikea…including the bunk beds she always wanted! That way the move was something she was looking forward to, not to mention the new sibling!

  15. avatar Noreen says:

    When we moved with our then 2 1/2 year old We let her pick the room she wanted, the color and she got to move to a big girl bed and say goodbye to her crib. It worked like a charm

  16. avatar Jenny says:

    The one big move we’ve had took place RIGHT AFTER I had my daughter. We literally closed on the house the day after she was born, so I had to be sure we got discharged from the hospital in time to make it to the closing. It was pretty much awful, but we did get a beautiful house to share with our little girl! The moving was a nightmare because we were moving from a much bigger place, but I now feel better since we’ve streamlined. I think everyone should have a big yard sale or call a charity truck right before they move!


  17. avatar sandra kao says:

    for many big changes, we try to read books about the change beforehand, though it doesn’t always get done

  18. avatar Ginny says:

    One thing that helped us was showing our girls where we were moving to. Also talking about all the fun new things we can do in their brand new room.

  19. avatar judy brittle says:

    I’m a subscriber

  20. avatar judy brittle says:

    My daughter mentioned to my grandchildren that they were saving money so they could move out of my house.
    Both their reactions were to immediately cry to say they didn’t want to ever leave me. That made me feel really good but I know if they ever can move and thats a big if it will take a lot of tenderness and planning to prepare them.

  21. We’ve moved alot with our pets and twice with our daughter. I don’t think there’s much you can do with pets, they will already know something strange is going on. They’ll be a little freaked out when you first move, but just give them some extra love and they’ll be fine. Our daughter was young (about a year ago) when we moved so we couldnt really explain what was going on. She had trouble sleeping the first few nights but was fine after that. Just have to give it some time, and everyone will settle. Great giveaway, thanks!

  22. avatar Cindi says:

    We have only moved our sons and 18 year old dog once, and that was in the same town that we still live in! The boys were thrilled and we were worried about our elderly dog because she was used to her old stomping ground! We built special, carpeted outdoors steps for her. She lived in the laundry room with her old bed. We had to carry her up and down the steps. She became disorganized in this new back yard, so my husband build a small picket fenced area for her right next to the steps. She did fine and lived until almost 19! Thanks, Cindi ( Love the book )!

  23. avatar toni says:

    Prepare them by talking about the changes that will be coming– new schools, new friends, etc. but that it can be exciting because you get to “start over!”

  24. avatar roberta says:

    we’ve never moved, but can only think of the hassle. I guess I’d say to be patient, make sur the kids blankies and fave toys to hand so they aren’t lost in the moving boxes. – and accept help from anyone who offers it. Great give away, thanks so much.

  25. avatar sahd says:

    We’ve moved many times and my tip is to stick to routines. (my son is only 3) – so keep the same feeding schedule, bedtime schedule, bath routine and it will eventually fall into place. thanks for the give away.

  26. avatar rebecca says:

    HI. get them involved with packing their things, writing a list of whats in there and making it SEEM like an adventure, not the arduous task it is.

  27. avatar sandy says:

    prepare them by telling them when you find out, let them help pack, pick what foes what sells at a garage sale, what to donate. We set up pictures or maps, and also have friends over for a bbq and cake, and trade addies and take lots of pics

  28. avatar Abby says:

    Being a military family we have moved many times. I always buy them the new book for the state we are moving to such as S is for the Show Me State. This helps them to get excited about each state we move to and learn a little about their new home!

  29. avatar Kimberly V. says:

    My kids have never had to move so I cannot answer that question. We also have four cats, a dog and a hamster. My kids have grown up with pets so they are more then happy to add a new addition to our family. In fact they would have MORE pets if possible that is how much we are animal lovers in my family. My kids even “volunteer” at the animal shelter. I’m actually the true volunteer but the shelter lets my kids play with the dogs in the dog run and pet and play with the cats/kittens to “socialize” them.

    Thank you for a great giveaway!

  30. avatar sandy says:

    well as soon as we know they know, they get to see maps and we do countdowns- they get involved with garage sales, donations and go away bbqs- we invite the friends over and take pics and do an address book exchange

  31. avatar Baba says:

    When we moved with my daughter and her family from the big city to farming country we drove by a stockyard. My 3 year old grand-daughter who was riding in the car with us said: “ooo what’s that smell” I told her cows. She said “ohh cows, stinky cows. I don’t like stinky cows” It was so funny I laughed the rest of the trip.

  32. avatar Kristan says:

    We moved across the country, by car, when our twins were 10 months old – I talked my brother into driving with me so that I could keep the girls from going insane. Not a “fun” moving story, but a moving story! :)