Get Spooky For Halloween

Happy Halloween PN readers! I have to admit I didn’t do the best job of planning all my decorations, treats and costumes this year. It’s especially difficult when my daughter changes her mind on her costume every other minute. We have started a whale costume, a spider costume and a chef costume all to fall back on old faithful, Princess Belle. The mind of a three and a half year old. The good news on getting festive for those feisty trick or treaters is, its not too late! Check out these creative ways to spruce up those pumpkins you haven’t carved yet. Glitter, lollipops and a power drill, Ms. Stewart never fails us….

Have Fun and Be Safe….


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    Can I ask you a question? That super cool pumpkin idea with the suckers in it. Is the pumpkin cleaned out first or is whole and just suckers punched into it?

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