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Baby To Toddler Room Rx, It’s Tasty!

When Tasty Baby, makers of the popular, celeb endorsed, organic baby food, asked us to write a feature on making the transition from baby to toddler room, we were thrilled. Not only do we stand by their super nutritional and TASTY products (found in CA markets such as Wholefoods & available online), but we have we gotten a ton of requests and tips from our own readers, plus have some really great ideas since both Melisa and I are personally making the switch over!

Don’t miss our featured article found on Tasty Baby’s Blog. We’ve got the top 7 ways to go from twinkle-twinkle to preschool cool. Best of all, making the jump from baby nursery to toddler room can be easy and inexpensive..,

1. Invest in a good looking and functional bed. I went for a full size bed so that the nightly reading sessions would be comfy for Mom and Dad too. The bed will take center stage in the room and now there are great options for tufted headboards, bunk beds and modern designs. Have fun with it!

2. Give that changing table a makeover. Get rid of the changing portion on top and add a fresh coat of paint and hardware to the dresser to transform it from sweet baby to fun toddler. Try a pop of color to give the room some punch and to help incorporate all the colors going on with the zillions of toys you have now acquired.

3.  Bring in a pint sized table and chairs. Doesn’t have to be expensive (Ikea has a great one!) and will fill up the room and create an instant play space.

Continue reading our full article here and enjoy all the other great postings from our friends at Tasty Baby.