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A Fresh Crop of Crib Sets

It’s so fun to know that Project Nursery is being enjoyed by people from around the globe. A reader from Amsterdam recently sent us a really supportive email (so nice, thanks!) and introduced us to a local baby bedding company called Kikebu. Kikebu’s style is simple, fresh and original. Their philosophy is to make life easier for parent and baby through products that are practical, elegant and attractive. They say, “Babies deserve to be loved and surrounded by happiness, that is why we design, produce and select  the best and most attractive products, trying to create a happy, cozy world around them.”

Besides the bright and cheerful crib sets I really like the hooded towels. Its tough to find a great hooded towel that’s not too cutesy or adorned with animal ears. Also check out the changing mats. The cool modern prints are a fun change from the typical ugly black nylon ones that come with most baby bags.


Wednesday 1st of October 2008

Im loving the orange and green set in the picture posted. And hooded towels are the best, and it is hard to find ones that arent tacky and animals. ill admit my twins have the hooded ones, a frog, a duck and a bunny, i bought them only case i liek the hooded towels, and that ws al i could find!! thansk for sharing

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