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“A Bunny A Day” To Love

When my son was born, we were showered with sweet, soft, stuffed animals. I picked a few of my faves to add to his crib and decorated his room with the rest. I knew he would one day claim his own to love: aka “lovey”. I’ve read that more than half of toddlers own a lovey. You know, that transitional stuffed animal or blanket which soothes and provides a child with that extra sense of security. So what am I to do when “Go-Go” goes away?


Bay area artist Nicole Leigh Smith of A Bunny A Day, creates portraits of warm, cheerful stuffed animals and posts them on her daily blog for sale. Note cards, prints and canvas originals become even more appealing when her reasonably priced art for kids shares 20% of proceeds with various animal charities.

” I have been painting all things plush and fluffy since I can remember! The first thing my uncle taught me how to draw was a pillow!…Texture and color are huge for me, but I am also interested in capturing a “moment of simple joy and happiness” within the viewer of these portraits, I want to make these stuffed receivers of our childhood affections come Alive!!!”



Nicole’s work is special, one of a kind and Project Nursery couldn’t be more impressed as to how she brings these darling stuffed animals to life.


Back to my son’s lovey, loving named  “Go-Go” (translates to “dog” in Chinese): I have searched high and low to find a new Go-Go as he is desperately tattered and has survived one to many hot wash cycles. I fear the day when Go-Go completely falls apart. Lucky for me Go-Go looks identical to the puppy on the left. Yippee! Go-Go has been immortalized! Problem solved. Maegan

Thursday 30th of October 2008

I love LOVE her paintings. They are just too adorable for words! I wish I had a nursery to decorate. just adore them.

Little Apple Design LA

Tuesday 28th of October 2008

Oh I love barefoot dreams Kim which gives me a good idea for a future post (thanks!) but I believe his "Go Go" comes from Potterybarn kids. I couldn't even find it on ebay. Michelle - lucky you! Who doesn't love diamonds! And that site cracks me up b/c its a great concept. I like the ring that says "The frog that turned out to be a weasel - the princess is ready to move on!"


Tuesday 28th of October 2008

Wow that's a unique idea to paint the toys, I love that. Ever since me and my hubby celebrated our 10th anniversary, he surprised me with a diamond necklace from and we decided that we would look a bigger house as a second present to both of us/ For the walls at the new place. we would love Nicole Leigh's Smith's work on the kids new rooms when we move!


Tuesday 28th of October 2008

Does Go-Go happen to be made by Barefoot Dreams and at some point was attached to a small blanket? If so, our son's have the same "lovies", although my son designated his "Nite-Nite". He just gave his "Nite-Nite" up (he's three), and amazingly, he is okay with his little sister having her "Nite-Nite" (the Barefoot dreams bunny) since she is still a "baby".


Tuesday 28th of October 2008

What a gorgeous idea! My kids have several loveys on their last legs - I never thought of immortalizing them in paint! I guess you could take photos too?