Looks Like Canvas

I just enjoyed the Aaron Brothers frame sale for my new, renovated hallway. So now I have a gallery of fab frames, with pictures of strangers hanging. Since the digital revolution, it’s going to take me a bit longer to upload, go through pics to order online and fill these frames. Now what am I to do for the rest of the home when there are pennies to be pinched?

Here’s an easy AFFORDABLE art  alternative that looks like expensive canvas! I have really good intentions to make this little DIY project a reality and plan to submit my finished product to Little Window Shoppe (Well, within the next year)!

How cool is it that family photos are incorporated! For the how to and more information, visit our sweet friends at the oh, so sweet Little Window Shoppe for the DIY details!


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    I really love this project so much so that I want that exact scrapbook paper! Do you know where you purchased it? Thanks!

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