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Project Nursery started because of a home decorating dialogue between two friends and we now want YOU in on the discussion with our new SHARE FORUM!We are sooo excited about our new forum hence, the BIG and we mean $1000 BIG GIVEAWAY thanks to our incredible sponsors. Check out the serious swag below that ONE lucky Project Nursery reader will win!

Surround yourself with beautiful things! Layla Grace is a stunning boutique that has a little of everything for everyone…women, children, gifts and home. It’s not often you can find one place that offers looks ranging from modern to cottage. When combined, it creates a one of a kind eclectic look we love so much.

Choice of Shabby Chic’s Bohemian Pink OR Bohemian Blue crib bedding from Layla Grace
($470 value)

 So fabulous and so necessary for sleeping time! We appreciate SoMi baby’s good looks and functional features.

Sleep Bag and Blanket by SoMi baby
($150 value)

 Not only do we love Lillybean Designs for their sweet stationary but for their flexibility. Custom orders are a breeze! Email Shawna direct for all your printed paper needs.

 Choice of one 8×8 or 8×10 ready-to-frame personalized wall print by Lillybean Designs
($15 value)

Feed baby with ease…anywhere! We would never leave the house if it wasn’t for Bebe au Lait. You’ll look good and feel good too.

Bebe au Lait nursing covers in “Shrine Aqua” & “Pink Parfait”
Set of three Bebe au Lait burp cloths
SIMPLE organic nursing cover in “Willow”
($136 value)

   Who couldn’t use a professional interior designer? We know you’ll like Lesley so much – Watch out! You may end up redecorating your entire home!

Complimentary online room color consultation from Lesley David Design’s 
($50 value)

Sally’s Clippies makes Melisa want to have a girl sooo bad so she can do her hair with their fun, fabulous clips and headbands.

Felt Flower Clip, Head Band & Large Flower by Sally’s Clippies
($20 value)

 Why didn’t I think of this??? An ingenious idea and Project Nursery must have for all the little drippy drooly babies out there.

Two Bibzees “Baby Ink” Bib Sets
($54 value)
 Madison Parker’s cool kid designs are inspired by the designer’s (husband and wife team) love of music and iconic favorites from OUR childhood.  We dig their retro look and casual, comfy dresses.

Two Madison Paker Toddler Tees ($60 value)

 We like us and think you could always use a second (and third) opinion or a little design inspiration for your kid’s room by yours truly, Little Apple Design, the Project Nursery Editors.

 Complimentary Custom Inspiration Board for your Nursery, Child’s room or Playroom by Little Apple Design
($50 value)

There are three (3) ways to enter & win. We encourage you to enter by each and every method!

1. COMMENT ON OUR NEW SHARE FORUM! Sign up and either ask a question or provide an answer within the month of September. Basically, start chatting with other PN readers! You will automatically be entered in our giveaway. Each posting (up to five) will count toward one entry.

2. SIGN UP FOR OUR DAILY EMAIL OR RSS FEED and tell us that you did OR tell us that you are already a subscriber on this post (Thank you for your support subscribers!).

3. VISIT OUR SPONSORS and share with us your favorite product(s) from our wonderful sponsors on this post.

Each entry (in the order above) will be assigned a number. The number will be choosen by The winner will be notified via email and have three days to respond. One reminder email will be sent on the third day and if another 48 hours go by with no response, the next number on the list will be notified. US and Canada residents only.


Good Luck and We look forward to chatting with you!

Melisa & Pam


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    A couple of my favorites from the sponsors are
    SoMi…love the funky cats blanket.
    Sally’s Clippies…her bow holders are awesome.

    melanieadey at hotmail dot com

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    The sleepsack from SoMi baby and stationery from Lillybean Designs are my favorite! So much cuter than the options I have.

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    I love the Stanley Ma Marie Antique White Bookcase from Layla Grace (only wish I could afford it!) Also love the SoMi booties!

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    Great idea for the forum and I must say, you’ve certainly pulled a few fantastic companies to do teh share with. – Good luck.

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    HI _I am a subscriber,
    but am unsure as to where to sign up for the forum or find questions to answer. Thanks.

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    Wow – this is amazing! I just signed up via RSS yesterday. I’m having a baby in March and love getting your tips and ideas on nurseries that are not cookie-cutter, bed-in-a-bag decorated. love it!

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    I love Layla Grayce. And not just because my name is Layla. They have beautiful bedding and I like that you can also buy fabrics by the yard to make your own creations. I have a Bebe au Lait Nursing cover that I have been using for just over a year. I love it and it still looks brand new.

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    The Little Bunny Blue Frog crib set on the Grayce site is just what I have been looking for

  34. 34
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    I just subscribed, and I check your site every day. Thank you so much for having this giveaway!

  37. 37

    Signed up for your forum actak is my user name (used a different email :( ), and also signed up for your daily emails.

    Please count me in!

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    The sleepsacks from SoMi baby look awesome! I have trouble keeping my little guy down for the night, and anything that might help is welcome indeed! The adjustable ties that help it grow with baby are wonderful – I hate buying him something that he will only outgrow a month later (and he grows so quickly!). Everything from this giveaway is just incredible, thank you for the opportunity to win!!

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    I LOVE the Layla Grace crib sets. I’m searching for a set right now for my 1st baby (a boy) due in Feb. I love the Cosmo Blue/Green crib set, but I also love the bohemian blue.

  46. 46

    Joined the forum and loved the discussions going on there. I think I posted five (or more! LOL!) times.

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    – I like the Shabby Chic bedding from Layla Grace. It would be perfect for our new guest room!
    – I like the furniture that was painted on Paint Your Space.
    – I like the sleep sack in sunburst from somi baby
    – From MadisonParker Clothing I love the pink/brown 3 wheel shirt! Too cute!
    – What cute products at Bibzees! I really like the diva bibzees set.
    – At Sally’s Clippies I really like the wide headbands! they’d be great on my daughter!
    – From lillybean designs I really like the boutique business cards

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    i’ve never been so excited to win something before! thanks so much

    my favorite products from laylagrace are:
    **DwellStudio Diaper Bag Tote Dots Chocolate **
    **Fawn Crib Bedding by Petunia Pickle Bottom Brocade Blue Moon (most beautiful crib beddingi have ever seen)
    DwellStudio Crib Bedding Set Garden Blossom
    Maddie Boo Crib Bedding Set Casey
    Caden Lane Crib Bedding Set 4 Piece Meryn
    Little Bunny Blue Black Beauty 4 Piece
    Fleurville Diaper Bag Lexie Tote Botanical Azure

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    I had so much fun looking around at these sites!! Layla Grayce had the most beautiful crib sets. There were so many to choose from – I spent a longtime looking through them all! My fave (of them!) was the Nurseryworks Crib Bedding Set Sea Holly Rose. I love the simplicity of this design. It is very pretty but not over the top! This is a great giveaway and would be a dream to win!!

  58. 58
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    Ok,l my favorites (among a lot of others):
    * Layla Grace: barefoot dreams bamboo ruffled bloomer & tee set in pink
    * SoMi baby: pink olives blanket
    * Lillybean’s: boutique photocards
    * Bebe au lait: Yoko hooter hider nursing cover
    * Sally’s clippies: pink & green flower (Kambry)
    * Bibzees: baby ink toddler tee with heart

    Thanks for the fantastic giveaway!

  61. 61

    I absolutely love Bebe au Lait and I’d love to win the crib bedding from Layla Grace for my dear friend who is expecting in Nov. Oh, and I can’t forget to mention Sally’s clippies (blueberry is my favorite)
    What a great giveaway!

  62. 62
  63. 63

    My favortie is the Tranquility Baby blanket from SoMi baby, but there’s so many great things!

  64. 64
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    I have never seen so many CUTE things in my entire life!!! Wow! I especially love the wall hangings on Lilybean Designs!!!

  68. 68
  69. 69

    I literally drooled over the Layla crib bedding options — I adore the Elizabeth Allen Atelier Pool Octavia 3 Piece Crib Set! I also love the Ivory Eyelet Nursing Cover from Bebe au Lait! Thanks so much!

  70. 70

    What great sponsors! I love the hanging letters from Layla Grayce and the wall art from LillyBean! Thanks again for such a great giveaway!

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    I went to the little apple web page and thoroughly enjoyed the Weston Prep Classic nursery. I was so ready to jump into the screen and start my baby’s routine in that very welcoming and tidy room!! The simplicity and subtleness appealed to my sense of style!

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    The Layla Grayce modern bedding and cribs are sweet – appreciate the natural colors and stream lines… makes for a more mellow nursery setting.

  81. 81

    I really like the Bebe au Lait nursing covers. They are just the right size and have the stiff hoop so that it is easy to see your baby while nursing.

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  84. 84

    i subscribed. a great giveaway to giveaway. I would give it to my pastor and wife who are preparing to adopt their first baby.

  85. 85
  86. 86

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Bebe au Lait nursing covers. I have the Yoko print, but my DH washed it in the washing machine on the wrong cycle and the rigid neckline is messed up. I need a new one! I need to win if only for that!

    We also just had a baby boy in July and his nursery is *still* the junk room. We need that crib set, and I love Layla Grayce – so chic and soothing. A great environment for baby to sleep!

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  90. 90

    Oh wow, such an amazing giveaway! So hard to choose some of my favorites but I love bebe au lait, and I love their new parfait patern!

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    I adore the Green Damask Pink Trim Moses Basket at Layla Grace. I think these are a great way to keep baby close while working around the house. They’s also make a great bed for grandparent’s house.

  102. 102
  103. 103

    Unbelievable giveaway. Wow. Thank you for the opportunity. I love it all.

    Bradshaw Kirchofer Carolina Bed is unbelievable.

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    I do love those felt flower clippeis – particularly the Gretchen style – how charming! What a generouse giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity!

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    I’m already a subscriber and I love all of the fresh ideas! So fun to read. I’ve gotten a lot of ideas for Christmas presents from your blog! THANKS!

  115. 116

    I love Lillybean! So sweet! I like the address labels…anything to jazz up a boring white envelope!

  116. 117
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  118. 119

    I don’t know about you, but I have the hardest time picking paint colors. I think the paint consult is priceless!!!!

  119. 120
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    I love the broad range of products to choose from at Layla and Grace. I am really loving the Manhattan Cabinet and all of the color choices for it–Thanks!

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    I just adore Bebe Au Lait so naturally, that would be a ta die for! Wow; all of these combined may give a mama a heartattack!
    It’s a risk I’ll gladly take; thank you.

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    I just subscribed and I am so looking forward to receiving your emails! I have a beautiful 5 month old daughter and so this giveaway is amazing to me! The SoMi Baby items are just precious, the Layla Grace Crib is spectacular, in fact I learned about so many online boutiques today that cater to new born babies that I am just so thrilled and excited to go shopping now! I would love an opportunity to enter your wonderful giveaway! Thank you so much.

  130. 131

    Madison Parker – I like the orange bike tee.
    Bibzees – I like Shoe bib
    Sally’s Clippies – I like Small butterfly
    Bebe au Lait – I like the Blooms burp cloth.
    Layla Grace I like Barefoot Dreams Cozy Chic Kids Robe.
    SoMi baby – I like the kiono style booties.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

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  136. 137

    Wow!!!! What a giveaway!!! Everything is awesome – a few of my favourites are the surfer themed bibzee, so cute and I love the ‘hooter hiders’ from Bebe au Lait, the name is perfect, lol. And who wouldn’t love the Bohemian crib bedding from Layla Grace?!?? Thank you for the chance to win!

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  140. 141

    Cool idea on the forum. I love the hip toddler t-shirts from Madison Parker-the radio one is so cool because my son has never seen a radio that looks like that-so “retro”! Thanks!
    linjenals at yahoo dot com

  141. 142

    How exciting! So many good things to check out on the sites. SoMi sleep bags are just darling! I’m subscribing even though I’ve got you on my list of blogs to check out. ~ Jane

  142. 143
  143. 144
  144. 145

    This site is so cute! I love the Bibzees stuff, especially the Diva Shoe, perfect for my girl! There are so many unique and fun gift ideas and also very creative decorating ideas!

  145. 146
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  147. 148
  148. 149

    Layla Grayce has fabulous bedding sets…my favorite is the Dwell Studio Duvet Set Talon. I also like the Personal Wall Art offered by Lillybean Designs.


  149. 150

    I love the Bebe au lait: Yoko hooter hider nursing cover. Could have used that a few months ago. So many people have seen way too much of me, and blankets are too hot for little ones.

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    Through Project Nursery I discovered Polkadot Peacock…a must shop place for any nursery! I found so many things for my new grand baby that is due in March, plus things for the new mommy to be, not to mention myself as well. As usual Project Nursery delivers when it comes to finding the best and the most unique nurseries!

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