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Teach Me Time!


There are so many fancy-shmancy alarm clock options out there these days. We can’t tell you how to program yours but we can tell you where to find a really cool kids alarm clock by American Innovative that not only looks good but actually teaches time too!

The two main features of their clocks are the “Ok to Wake!” Dual-Color Nightlight Timer & Let’s Learn To Tell Time! For children just out of the crib, Teach Me Time! features a dual-color nightlight that turns green when it’s “Ok to wake!”. Teach Me Time! also features an interactive, talking time-teaching game designed to help school-aged kids learn to tell time on both analog and digital clocks. The large, bright LCD display is capable of displaying the time in either format or both at once.

So if these means my child will learn not to get out of bed until the light goes on at 7:30am, this is soooo worth getting! Psst…The word is: Enter code TMK50 for 50% off!