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Hand-Made Nursery Wallpaper

Leave it to some very creative Brits to design and produce some of the most beautiful hand-made wallpapers I’ve ever seen. So, of course I had to share it with our faithful Project Nursery readers. The company, Fromental, is headed by Tim Butcher, former Creative Director of world-renowned hand-painted Chinoiserie house de Gournay. If you aren’t familiar with the Chinoiserie style take a look at the de Gournay site and you are sure to be dazzled by the intricate patterns and detail of these papers.  They have recently added a children’s collection they call Brainchild.  The mini-collection is perfect for the most sophisticated of nurseries!

The collection consists of three series: carousel, monkey or little birdie. There are several colorways available in each series and you can hang the panels together, like the schematic displays, to create a wall mural. With this paper up in a nursery the room is transformed into something darling and completely unique.  For more information on these papers and pricing contact Fromental at

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  1. It’s never a waste of my time visiting this site… Thanks..
    Melitta Coffee Makers

  2. […] Project Nursery is a great blog and I was delighted by this gorgeous hand made nursery wallpaper that they found . The company, Fromental, is UK based. […]

  3. avatar Linnit says:

    These are gorgeous aren’t they? They are works of art really.