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Little Art Collector is passionate about bringing art to the rooms and lives of children. When planning the nursery, furniture and bedding often take center stage but it’s the walls that offer a great opportunity to start your child’s very own art collection.  Proud mom of two boys, Hilary Hill recently started Little Art Collector to showcase unique and beautiful artwork designed specifically for the littlest of collectors. Hillary says, “We offer parents a place where they can purchase original fine art and limited edition prints, so you are not just decorating, you are purchasing an heirloom… and maybe even raising a little art collector of your own.”

Looking to integrate more art in your child’s life? Check out Little Art Collector’s 10 simple ways to do so here.  In the meantime, Hilary and Little Art Collector have graciously offered “Morning Swim” to our readers as this week’s featured giveaway. Very Exciting! This painting is a little gem – a neutral painting that would work in either a baby girl’s or boy’s room. It would also make an incredible nursery gift. To enter this contest, follow the these steps:

1. Comment on this post with your favorite piece of art created by your child or created by you from childhood. Macoroni art counts!!! :)
2. If you haven’t subscribed to our daily blog, make sure you enter your email in our “Subscribe Now ” section for extra credit. If you are already a Project Nursery subscriber or added a feed, just let us know AND THANK YOU!
3. Contest ends at 11:59pm, Friday, August 29, 2008.
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    My favorite piece of art is the plaster cast of my granddaughters hand. Morning Swim is very beautiful.

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    My favorite piece of art by my child is the first time my daughter drew a little person – eyes, nose, mouth and all. So sweet.

  4. 4

    Stolen Treasure is my favorite, because I like Pirates! I love her blog, what a great idea to promote art collecting at such a young age. I am biased of course because I am an art teacher who works in an art museum. I just hope my love of art rubs off on my 5 month old son.

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    Don’t count this entry (I already entered above), but in my haste to comment on Hilary’s blog, I didn’t mention my favorite artwork that I made as a kid. It would probably be the drawing of Peter Pan I made in Kindergarten that was chosen to illustrate the high school’s performance of Peter Pan. It was so exciting when we got to see the play as a class and there was my picture right on the front of the playbook!

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    My favorite piece of art my son did was when he was in a preschool and he brought home a piece of paper and it had dino stickers all over it. It was simple, but the story was amazing. He told me it was for his daddy and they were dinosaurs in a meeting. Way to cute, it is on my wall in my bedroom 3 years later…

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  10. 10

    In my studio I keep a small piece created by my daughter which says”Moms are OWWys grate to us” It is precious with a pop up cloud, a pop up person on a bike, and a pop up flower all hand made by my little artist who is now in college.

  11. 11

    My favorite thing that I still have years later is an angel tree topping figurine my son did out of crepe paper, an large styrofoam cup, yarn, and construction paper-it was for Christmas when he was in First grade…

    micaela6955 at msn dot com

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    i don’t have any children yet (i’m growing one now!), so i’ll go with my favorite piece of art i made as a child…i can’t remember for the life of me what it was a drawing of–i think mostly scribbles and those kind of stick people that only have heads, arms and legs–but i had written in huge, child handwriting “i love you” and given it to my great-grandmother. she kept it on her fridge from the day i made it until the day she died almost twenty years later.

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    Our oldest son drew a picture of the book “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” in first grade. It has been on our refrigerator for some years and when we moved, he inquired about his picture. I think he thought I had gotten rid of it. Nope, it was on the side of the refrigerator. Please enter me in your delightful drawing. Many thanks, Cindi

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    My favorite piece of art I created when I was little was a book containing a page for each letter and a corresponding picture for each letter that I made out of random things like feathers, macaroni, beads, etc.

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    Awww…that would be adorable on my little guys wall!! My favorite piece of his artwork has to be his first ever doodle! I don’t think anything could replace it, and I’m sure that all the little lines will be with me forever (it’s stashed in my jewelry box).

  21. 22

    Last Christmas my 4 yo daughter drew a picture of “Mary’s face when she first saw Baby Jesus” that I just love–she has an expression of incredible love and joy and amazement!

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    My favorite is a drawing my oldest daughter did of our family and her biggest dream right now (her very own pony)! Thanks!

  25. 26

    This lovely painting reminds me of one of my favorite books : Make Way for Ducklings. The author and illustrator (Robert McCloskey) actually kept ducklings in his apartment to watch and draw. That’s why the book’s illustations look so realistic – as real as this delightful painting by Hilary Hill. My own daughter Hilary painted a lovely forest waterfall in an art class that we have framed in our home.

  26. 27

    My favorite piece of artwork from my childhood is a large marker drawing of a tree that I did in art class. Our school had a really great art teacher who always had great projects for us to do. I still have that drawing and I love it! “Morning Swim” is so darling. Thanks for the opportunity!

  27. 28

    My favorite piece of art that I created as a child is a dinosaur family made of clay. It had 3 dinosaurs and an egg… only the largest of the set made it after all these years but my mom still has it on her desk.

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  29. 30

    My favorite piece of art that my child made is her first collage, which she made at Granny’s house! It has stickers and buttons and rocks and all sorts of nifty cool creative stuff.

  30. 31

    Like all moms, I hold my childs artwork very near and dear to my heart. I suppose my favorite would have to be a charcoal picture of the Beatles that he drew simply because he was so very proud of his work. He mentions it quite often as his “masterpiece”. They’re all masterpieces to me.

    I’ve subscribed for an extra entry but mostly because your site is quite interesting, I’m looking forward to visits.
    Thanks so much for the chance. What a beautiful little ducky.

  31. 32

    I love looking back on the art I created as a child in 4th grade – I was in a great art class and we recreated Van Gogh’s Starry Night. I didn’t appreciate that class at the time but its so fun to see what I did! Thanks for the chance!

  32. 33

    This painting is the most darling thing I have ever seen!!! I love it!!!

    My favorite piece of art I created was a GIANT rat. LOL! We were learning how to make faces and bodies (people) out of stockings and stuffing. I decided to take it a step further. I created a head but it looked like a rat. So my teacher challenged me to take it a step further. So I created the body out of stockings and faux fur, right down to a furry tail. The thing had to be about 3′ long! It was so gross, but, everyone was in awe of it. So the art teacher had it displayed front and center in the display case in the front lobby in our school. It was funny!!! Who knew a giant rat would be considered “art”. LOL!

    My favorite art from my children is a piece of Play Doh with a heart and the word “Mom” on it. My daughter had made me a bowl in school (art class) and accidently dropped it at the bus stop and it shattered into several pieces and couldn’t be fixed. She felt so bad about it that she took some Play Doh that my kids have and made me a lump with the word Mom and a heart on it. I keep on my desk.

    My other favorite piece of art is a drawing my son did when he was two years old. We had the kids make their own books and my son drew a picture that we really couldn’t make out what it was (he was 2 at the time). When we asked him what it was he said it was a “turkey truck” (???). It was just so cute the way he said it and how proud he was of the picture. Now whenever we look at the books they made we always smile over the “turkey truck” picture. LOL!!!

    Thank you for a beautiful giveaway!!!!

  33. 34

    We first gave my daughter a paint brush right around 12 months, the first painting she created was just amazing. She seemed to think about color placement and line. It really is an amazing piece and she has continued to amaze us since!

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  35. 36

    My daughter already has her own signature style… at 4! Her little people are so sweet and her cats have heart-shaped heads. I love them!

  36. 37

    I have two favorite pieces…one from each of my two oldest daughters. One is a colorful crayon scribble that my middle child called “Mommy” and the other one is a family portrait that my oldest drew in preschool. Three perfect stick figures, standing on grass, with the sun shining above and a butterfly flying by!

  37. 38

    My daughter just made a drawing of an alien in a car and told me it was “yoda’s girlfriend” and the bus was a “bug bus” that “runs on love.” Needless to say, it was hard to keep a straight face but you can bet that picture got prime placement on the fridge.

  38. 39

    I remember in kindergarten making a handprint steping stone out of plaster of paris and decorating it with jewels and gems, its fun to still look at and see how small my hand was back then!

  39. 40

    I was always trying to be arts and crafty as a kid, but I remember this panda bear the most. Took a couple of construction paper circles for the body parts and then tons of cotton balls for his tummy.

    Just suscribed!

  40. 41

    I remember making Claude Monet and Vincent Van Gogh imitation artwork in school as a child and I think my mother still hangs on to them. It was so fun to copy some of the greatest paintings. Good times…

  41. 42

    I favorite piece of art is a picture my grandson made for me with flowers made of paper muffin cups. So cute!

  42. 43

    My favorite piece of art is by my son who is not a big art fan. He is more of a science math brain kind of kid. But for mother’s day one year he got out his water color paints and painted me a picture of a tulip (he knows this is my favorite flower). It made me cry when I saw it since I know how much he was thinking of me when he painted it. I have it framed and hanging in my bedroom still 10 years later!

  43. 44

    Our 5yo daughter painted a water color of a ship this last Fathers Day for her Dad. It was one of the most amzing things I have seen from her. When we were ready to frame it, it had vanished. We are still trying to find it. At least I took a picture of it and have it in my online photo album.

  44. 45

    I really enjoyed making dreamcatchers in art class, even though mine turned out looking like a tangled spider web! Thanks!


  45. 46

    Awww, how adorable. I just witnessed a lucky ducky when i visited Chagrin Falls and watched one of the baby ducks go over the cascading water and pop right up at the bottom! Mama was a little worried and flew to the waters below to check on her little one. We wondered what path and how long it would take for them to meet up with the rest of the brood but we knew that it ended happily:)
    I love making art with altered photos(adding embellishments) and sometimes turning into jewelry:)

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  47. 48

    My daughter isn’t born yet, but my favorite piece of art I created as a child are the Christmas ornaments we made one year. I guess you could call them “folk art”–we made them out of felt, rick rack, buttons, ribbons…all sorts of found objects. We still hang them on the tree every year.

    I’m a subscriber! I’m decorating my daughter’s nursery with “things that fly” (birds, butterflies, bugs) and the duck art would fit in very well. It’s just adorable.

  48. 49

    My favorite is a pillow with my daughters handprints made for me by her and her babysitter!

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  53. 54

    My favorite piece of art was actually done by my niece – she is 4 and she loves the ocean. She made this amazing fingerpainting of different shades of blue and green (the waves), a big red scribble (lobsters), some yellow dots (fish) and a big red and gold and green shape – a mermaid. It is very cool and looks like something you would see at MOMA! :) My son is still at the crayon-chewing stage, but I can’t wait until we progress to finger paints!

  54. 55

    i cant choose a fav anything my kids make is a oldest daughter would have been 24 and i have saved everything she made as a child

  55. 56

    My favorite piece of art is where she drew me as a stick figure and and wrote Mom underneath it. It’s been over 10 years since she drew it and I still have it.

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