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The “Mag-nouncements”

Look what the Stork brought me! Clever birth announcements to cherish…

Meet the magnet announcement people, StorkMagnets. I guarantee grandparents all over the world will never take down their grandchild’s birth announcement from the fridge. So functional of course but what amazes me is the quality. It’s a creative, professional picture announcement with a solid magnetic backing. With StorkMagnets, you can create custom photo birth announcements instantly online in just a few easy steps: Choose your design, customize your print, load your best pic, select an image and order your quantity. Announcements will be shipped for free within five business days! Who needs to pre-order birth announcements anymore?

And while Project Nursery is purely a kid design blog, I have to take a moment and to pay tribute to my first children: my Yorkie babies. I can’t help but let out a big “Awe, how cute!” when viewing their canine and feline options! Enter StorkMagnets monthly drawing here for a chance to win a free set.

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Wednesday 3rd of December 2008

[...] is a fantastic blog run by two mothers. Their goal is to inspire, design and share amazing new baby products with fellow parents. I’m a loyal reader of their blog and I’m sure that you will be too once you see the types of products they feature. They were nice enough to review Stork Magnets:� [...]