The $36 Chandelier

Yes, you heard correct. I spent $36 dollars on my nursery chandelier…no joke. And, it’s amazing so I had to share…

Here’s the situation: The remodeling of our bedrooms are nearly complete. It’s crunch time and the electrician was wiring the house.  After scouring amazing sites such as Y LightingCirca Lighting, Lighting Universe and Horchow, I was under the gun to choose a lighting fixture for my son’s nursery that would arrive in 2-3 business days.  It was to be a fixture that was contemporary, gender neutral and unique. While I longed for a stunning sparkly chandelier, this was my boy’s room after all (for the time being anyway), and I simply couldn’t go there. I then figured $36 dollars would be a temporary spend until I found the pendant light of my dreams. Here’s when Urban Outfitters3-D modern non-chandelier, chandelier came into play.

Okay, so a cord kit and “Edison” bulb are additional. But all in all, worth it.  And while I mention this fun find, I will also mention the completion (base board & solid mohagany floors) of my nursery “Modern Baby Blue” that inspired our blog gig!


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