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Giveaway: What’s in a Name?

It took me a full 9 months to come up with my baby’s name. With 18 pages of fantasic wooden wall letter options by Pink Taffy Designs, it could take me just as long to to decide on just the perfect application for his wall!

From old school metal ( & personalized!) lunch boxes to some serious binky bling, Pink Taffy Designs has it all. Every time I log on, I stumble upon something new and fabulous! Check out our friends at and if your looking to keep up with the latest trends, visit Posh Baby Blog. Now here’s the good stuff…

WIN your own hand painted wall letters to spell out your child’s name! (An approximate $100 value unless your kid’s name is “Wilhelmina” and then it’s more!). Here’s how to win:

1. Visit Pink Taffy Designs and shop their selection of great gifts and nursery decor.

2. Comment on this post by sharing with us your child’s name! Yes, we want to hear who you named your child after or why? There’s always a reason or story as to how it came to be, itsn’t there?

3. A winner will be selected by and emailed directly. Make sure we can get in touch with you or check back with Project Nursery frequently.

4. Contest ends Friday, July 25th, 11:59 pm PST. Best of Luck!

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  1. avatar Amy says:

    Our first born daughter is named Alison Gemma. All of the women in my family have “A” names so I wanted to continue the tradition. My husband’s grandmother, Alice, has been such a positive influence on him and she has been so kind to me so we decided to also honor her. We chose Gemma because I wanted her to always have that reminder of how much we love her.

  2. avatar Anglea Johns says:

    Hi, I’m having difficulties loading your post. Just as much as half of the post appears to load, and the rest is just empty. I am not quite sure why…. but you may want to look it over. I will check back later on, that could possibly be on my end.

  3. avatar oyun says:

    siteniz cok guzel herkese tavsiye ederim.

  4. avatar Velma says:

    My first born’s name is Jason Daniel. It was originally going to be James Daniel but I switched it to Jason for 2 reasons, His dad’s name is TJ and I thought the J was a James and I didn’t want it to be his name… and I thought James kinda sounded like Jack Daniels. Turns out he does have his dad’s middle name though (joke was on me) and Daniel is a family middle name of the first born from my dad’s side now 4 generations strong.

    Baby in the belly (sex is a surprise) is either going to be James Martin, my Husbands middle name and my mom’s maiden name. OR Noreen Suezanne (Sueanne), Noreen is my middle name and Sue/Anne is my mom’s and MIL middle names together. I havent decided on which one, suezanne or sueanne yet. :)

  5. avatar Melissa says:

    We decided on Ava Reilly. We both agreed on Ava because it was beautiful and it was the first name that we both really liked! Reilly is my grandmothers Maiden name.

  6. avatar Adrian says:

    We wanted a unique name so we named our son Braylon.

  7. avatar Nicole says:

    We named our son Lindan after my mom, Linda, who passed away. I really wanted a way to honor and remember her and it definitely helps me feel like she’s a part of his life in some small way!

  8. avatar taryn goodhart says:

    My daughter’s name is Drew Mikaela. Her first name is after my grandfather, and her middle name is after my husband’s grandfather.

  9. avatar Stacey Lukkarila says:

    Eric Anthony- We are Expecting our 2nd child and (1st boy) in June and he will be named after my Husbands dad.

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  11. avatar holly alesi says:

    Great idea and very cute. I would love to have some!

  12. Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom.

  13. avatar Kristin says:

    My daughters name will be Melinda Rae! My very best friend all through high school was Melinda! We were inseperable! Shortly after we turned 18 and graduated she passed away! Now I’m ging to name my daughter after her. Her middle name is my mothers middle name. It just went together so well!

  14. avatar SECRET BURKHEISER says:

    We named our daughter Riley. My husbands father had just passed away and we wanted her name to reflect something about him. We tossed up names, but none seemed perfect. He was born in Fort Riley. When my husband and I thought about that we knew that Riley was the perfect name. Even though, she does not have her grandfather’s name, she has a piece of his history in her name.

  15. avatar Leigh Anne says:

    I am naming my daughter, Jaeleigh. My name is Leigh Anne and my boyfriends name is Jason which everyone calls him Jay.. so i turned it girly a little bit and spelled it ” Jaeleigh”. She’s named after both of us.

  16. avatar Madonna says:

    After having Olivia (which took three years), we were blessed again 18 months later with a boy, John “Jack” Ryan ,John was after his grandfather. When he was a boy everyone called him Jack, so we decided to do the same thing. I know that it is confusing. I admit it took a while for me to be on board with the two different names. I have heard it is a “back east” thing. Ryan is also a family name from his grandmother, her maiden name was Ryan. We wanted to keep it in the family.

  17. avatar Caroline says:

    We named our firstborn Caroline Jane. Shortly after getting engaged in Boston, Mass., we planned to move to Charleston, SC. I thought it would be meaningful to name our child, if we had a daughter, Caroline after Carolina. Funnily enough, she was not conceived in SC but rather back home on a New England vacation visiting family. We still decided on Caroline. Her middle name, Jane is my oldest sister’s name and my mother’s middle name.

  18. avatar SDB says:

    I just realized my post didn’t go through so I am going to try anyway. Mary is my MIL’s first name and Robert is my dad’s name.

  19. avatar louise says:

    my daughter lonna kaye is named after her dad lonnie and her aunt.

  20. avatar Donna Kozar says:

    I named my son Nicholas because we liked the name.

  21. avatar kerri says:

    my daughters name is stella

  22. avatar Caryn B says:

    We picked Joshua because it is Biblical!

  23. avatar Veronica Garrett says:

    I named my daughter Seronica after my name. My name is Veronica. I came up with the name Seronica to be similar to mine.

  24. avatar Marie N says:

    Her name is ZOEY…it derivative of the Greek word for “life” After 13 years of thinking that my son and his wife could not have children this wonderful bundle of joy came into our lives And she has indeed renew the life in all of us. I only wish I could upload a photo so you could see this beauty for yourselves. She has won my heart again and again with her smile and her laughter.

  25. avatar Amy E says:

    Well, my son is named Alex. He wasn’t named after anyone. My husband liked the name and I did as well and that’s what we went with. His name isn’t Alexander either. We get that a lot more than I thought we would.

    My daughter’s name is Isabelle Monica. Monica is after my mom.

  26. avatar Cindy says:

    My daughter’s name is Mandi. My husband named her because we couldn’t decide on a name and we were watching a television show and saw a girl with the name Mandi with an i. We thought it was a wonderful unique spelling of the name. Thanks for a fabulous giveaway!

  27. avatar sarah woods says:

    Sarah for Hebrew for princess;

  28. avatar Lori says:

    We named our 4-month old daughter Juliet after my grandmother Jean. I wish she was still alive to have seen her granddaughter marry her “romeo” and have a beautiful baby girl.

  29. avatar Helen says:

    My youngest is named Heidi because I love Heidi Klum and it really suits her.

  30. avatar A Casson says:

    MY sons name is Chad. Didnt take long for me to decide on it as I absolutely loved the name.

  31. avatar ERICA OKELLEY says:

    My daughter, Ava, was named after the ‘Ava’ in the soap opera world. My mother named me Erica after Erica Cane of the soaps so I held on and made a tradition by naming my daughter a soap opera name!

  32. avatar Xenia says:

    When we found out we were having a girl, I liked the name Emerson, but my husband vetoed it saying it was too masculine. He tried coming up with variations of it and as soon as he said Ellisen I was hooked. Now I can’t imagine her being anything but my Ellie!

  33. avatar mom2gandc says:

    I have two little guys- August “Gus” who was named after my Grandfather, and Clayton named after my mother-in-law.

  34. avatar marybeth says:

    We named my son William, after my father who past away. His middle name is after is other grandfather too. Both are wicked awesome men, so I hope he grows up to be like them!

  35. avatar kathy pease says:

    JORDAN he wasnt named after anyone we just liked the name :)

  36. avatar Cee says:

    My daughter’s name is Ellen. I initially thought of the name in relation to a little girl that I used to babysit that was such a sweetheart. We chose my daughter’s middle name, Anita, in honor of my grandmother.

  37. avatar Crystal F says:

    My oldest daughter’s name is Miranda. We had the name Taylor Briann picked out for her from the time we knew we were having a girl until I was 36 wks along. But, one evering I was sitting on the couch watching tv and the name Miranda just popped into my head. I did not hear it on tv so the only thing I can think of is God wanted her name to be Miranda. It’s not a common name and I really don’t ever remember hearing it before this so how else did it come to me. lol Thank you!

  38. avatar leslie says:

    i named my daughter halle… because it took over a year to get pregnant (and she was our second) and when i took the pregnancy test and it was positive i shouted “Hallelujah!”

  39. avatar DORA says:


  40. avatar Renee Turner says:

    We named our son James. He is named after my husband’s dad and grandad who are both deceiced.

  41. avatar AmandaK says:

    My daughter’s name is Ostara. The name “Ostara” comes from the Pagan holiday. It’s the Spring Solstice. She was born on that day, and so, we decided it was perfect for her. Every one always is curious to know, and she tells them “I was born on my mommy’s religious holiday.” \

  42. avatar sherri siler says:

    My daughters name is Grace. Not named after anybody in particular, we just both agreed on it.

  43. avatar Delisa says:

    My son, Christian Michael, was named after his father’s father as well as his great uncle (an incredible man and gentle soul). My daughter, Natalie Estelle, is due in September and is named after my mother and great grandmother (who passed away on my 16th birthday).

  44. avatar Susan White says:

    My child’s name is Johnny. He is not named after anyone I just liked the name.
    Thank you so much!

    [email protected]

  45. avatar Sarah Z says:

    My daughter is Regan – I read a book way before she was born and I loved the name!

  46. avatar Ed Nemmers says:

    Eddie, for his grandfather!

  47. avatar dawn cummings says:

    My youngest childs name is Sedona Skye. You would think I named it after the beautiful town in Arizona, but not true. When I worked one of the gals I worked with wanted to name her cat Sedona but decided not to. I held onto that name in case I had a girl. I always wanted to call her Skye as well but figured that would be a nickname or possibly a first name. As it turned out Sedona Skye sounded just perfect and it’s also one of my favorite places to visit.

  48. avatar Stephanie Bruce says:

    Our first son is named Charles Alexander, charles is my husbands names however alexander is new to our family. we chose that one based on the fact my husband wanted alistaire and i did not. Our second son is Kenneth James named for both his grandpas (Ken is my dad and James is his dad)

  49. avatar Judy Y says:

    Our daughter is named Rebecca Rose. Rebecca is not after anyone but we wanted it to be an ‘R’ because my all the kids in my husband’s family start with R. Rose is after my grandmother.

  50. avatar lorene says:

    We named my daughter Sarah because my husband and I both agreed on that name instantly.

  51. avatar Jenny says:

    Jillian was named after my best friend since Kindergarten and her middle name Michelle is my best friend in high school. My husband liked the name so much he agreed.

  52. avatar Millie says:

    We picked for our son Cade we wanted something unique but not weird but now there are tons of Cade’s ugh! lol But he LOVES animals and would love to see his name in animal prints!!

  53. avatar Emily says:

    We named our first Maryam out of tradition from both sides of the family. We still can’t decide on the second one’s name (due around December 1st). My daughter is 2 and loves to see her name everywhere….she would adore this

  54. avatar Heather B says:

    My children’s names are Skyler and Katelynn not named after anyone just liked the names

  55. avatar Rachel Watts says:

    My sons’ names are Ezekiel and Isaiah. We really just liked the name Ezekiel and then when Isaiah came along we figured we’d pick another old testament name to match. My husband tells people we are ‘maximizing our prophets.’

  56. avatar Pamela White says:

    Olivia was suggested by my son and it took

  57. avatar Heather says:

    My daughter’s name is Avery. We were looking for something that was not too common, but that also would not be so different as to be constantly misspelled, mispronounced or laughed at. While looking through a magazine I read where Angie Harmon and Jason Sehorn had named their baby girl Avery. My husband immediately liked it and that was it!

  58. avatar Paula Harmon says:

    Abby is my baby’s name. I didn’t name her after anyone. She just looked Abby-ish and I couldn’t leave the hospital until I named her.

  59. avatar Dawn Sollitto says:

    My son’s name is Justin. It is the only name that we agreed on and we both loved.

  60. avatar Heather says:

    We named our daughter Leila. I met a Leila during my university days and loved her name. Then later found out it was a Finnish name which is where my dad’s family is from!

  61. avatar Peggy Gorman says:

    Since I have 1 girl and 3 boys I will have to go with my daughter Sarah,she is the 4th one born and I always wanted a girl. Sarah is my princess and I always loved that name.

  62. avatar Julie says:

    My oldest son is named Cameron. We chose that because it is the Scottish clan that my husband identifies with.

  63. avatar simone says:

    We are naming our son Maxwell Robert. I have wanted to name my son Max since I was a child. My parents read “Where the Wild Things Are” to me every night and they would act out the “wild thing” noises. We chose Robert for the middle name after my husband’s grandfather and my father.

  64. avatar Noelle says:

    Love the contest!
    We are expecting and have several names in mind… Would really love to win this!

  65. avatar Becca says:

    My husband and I had a different name picked out for a girl, but when we were selected for adoption, we learned that the birthmom is very athletic, and the birthfather is Hispanic. We both imagined the name we’d chosen for a blond girl, so we went back to the drawing board. We chose the name Riley, because it seemed like a good name for an athletic girl, in case she takes after her birthmom in that respect. Her middle name is Sophia, which she can use if she wants something more feminine.

  66. avatar tiffany lane says:

    My daughters name is Kendall Savannah. My husband loved the name Kendall and we used to babysit a girl named Savannah so it kinda just stuck everytime we talked about names.

  67. my sweetie is Maggie. I have always loved that name even has a child. Her middle name is Holland, which is my maiden name. When my husband and I saw from the ultrasound that it was a girl, he looked at me and said, “Well, I guess we got our Maggie.” We had a ton of names picked out for a boy, but none for a girl. My hubby knew that I loved that name. It really meant a lot to me.

  68. avatar Kathleen says:

    My daughter’s name is Lola. I don’t have any fantastic reason as to why it is; I just really liked the name. I had no idea that Kelly Ripa (I think?) had recently had a daughter and named her the same thing until I took her into the pediatrician’s office and one of the nurses mentioned it. The other names I liked–Vivian, Genevieve, Stella, Judith–either didn’t sound right with her last name or my husband didn’t care for.

    Somewhat ironically, my mother suggested my mother-in-law’s name, and my mother-in-law suggested my mother’s name–with neither of them knowing the other’s name as they hadn’t yet met.

    In any event, my girl is SUCH a Lola. It’s no wonder hubby rejected all those other names, they were never even close to right! :)

  69. avatar Jennifer says:

    Growing up I always loved Princess Belle so I named my daughter Isabelle because I know she Is A Belle “Isabelle.”

  70. avatar Layla says:

    My husband and I had a lot of trouble coming up with a name for our daughter. Everything I liked, he HATED. And everything he liked, I HATED. We finally decided to go with a “M” name to go with our son Mason. Cheesy, I know. We settled on Mackenzie which neither of us really loved but now seems to suit her perfectly.

  71. avatar Jodi says:

    I would actually love to win this for my niece who is expecting soon. They are naming their son Tyler. It is a old family name on her side, and they love the thought of using it as a first name for their son.

  72. avatar Valerie says:

    I named my daughter Maria after my sister who passed away as an infant . . . and also after the mother of God. :)

  73. avatar shawna says:

    My daughter is Keana Lanae, which means moon godess and since I was pregnant with her during the winter months in Alaska we thought it was very fitting!

  74. avatar Kim M says:

    MY son’s first and middle name is Logan Hendrix. My husband and I are big fans of Wolverine and Jimi Hendrix!! The Carson Wooden letters would be wonderful!!

  75. avatar Carrie Z says:

    We named our third son Jackson because we had liked it with our first two sons, but at the end always went with something else. His middle name is August to honot my Grandpa who’s name was Urban August.

  76. avatar Tricia Moreno says:

    My daughters’ names are Elena and Grace. We chose Elena because I always like the name Alaina, but we wanted to have a bit of hispanic there because my husband is Mexican. I chose Grace because of the Grace of God!

  77. avatar Vanessa says:

    We names our son Logan. I had a cabbage patch doll when I was little named Logan and always loved that name. Not sure I will tell my son that story lol

  78. avatar Tammy Kennedy says:

    When my 27 year old son was born he was so chubby with a head of blond hair and blue eyes, we all took one look at him at said his nickname is going to be pooh.
    So we did his room in winnie the pooh. Now he’s expecting his first child, a son. They are doing the baby’s room in winnie the pooh, and can you believe my son ask if I still had his first winnie the pooh stuffed animal which is 27 years old sure enough I dug it out and gave it to him. I ask if his son was going to be named after him and he remarked that his whole life he hasn’t been called by his real name all his family and friends still to this day call him pooh. So after a few names they are naming my new grandson Aydan which some don’t like but if they use my son’s middle name Allen, the name Aydan Allen has a sort of nice ring to it.
    So if I win I would choose the name Aydan for my grandsons room. Thank you for giving me a chance to win something that could become a family keepsake to be handed down for years to come.

  79. avatar Stephanie says:

    Our daughter’s name is Ginger. We went back and forth for months and months and couldn’t find a name we could both agree upon. About two weeks before our baby was born, I asked my husband what he thought of “Ginger” expecting him to nix it instantly, but much to my shock and amazement, my husband loved it. And it seems to fit our daughter perfectly. :-)

  80. avatar Alison says:

    My baby boy’s name is Blake, mainly because we liked the sound of it. His middle name is Nelson, which is my dad and grandfather’s middle name. All my kids have family middle names–my other kids’ middle names are the maiden names of my grandmother and my husband’s mother. I thought it was nice to honor both of our families.

  81. avatar Amy says:

    We named our son Noah Christopher. We love the name Noah and the meaning of the name. We chose Christopher after my husband.

  82. avatar Jennifer Rippett says:

    I named my daughter, Erilynn. Erin was after my sister, and Lynn is me and my mother’s middle names. So I combine Erin and Lynn to get Erilynn! Thanks for the entry!

  83. avatar Terra Heck says:

    My daughter’s name is Shelby and she was named after Julia Robert’s character in Steel Magnolias. Her father and I watched the movie and decided that’s what we wanted to name our girl. However, if I win, I’d like to get them for my brother who’s expecting his first daughter in a couple of months. Her name is going to be Gia.

  84. avatar Melissa Miller says:

    I named my Daughter Kaylee Ann. Kaylee because as a little girl I always dreamed that would be my little girls name. I gave her the middle name of ann after myself and thought that it goes perfect with kaylee.

  85. avatar Kim says:

    My 3-year old son’s name is Tommy (Thomas Andrew), after my father, grandfather, as well as my husband’s father who passed away when we were in college. My daughter’s name is Kate (Kate Madison), and my husband and I always love the simplicity of Kate. So….we have a TomKat!

  86. avatar Jessica says:

    When I was pregnant I had a pregnancy calendar that had interesting facts each day about where I was in my pregnancy. One day it said the baby was about the size of a blackberry. My husband and I were talking and we decided to call him “Loganberry” in utero because my grandparents and mom grew up picking on their loganberry farm. Anyhoo, we ended up calling him Logan!

  87. avatar Christine says:

    My daughter is Olivia Grace. It’s the only name my husband and I could agree on. We just liked the name.

  88. avatar Lyn says:

    Hello! I do not have kids, but would love to win it for my lil sis if that is possible. Her name is Zen. I am sure we can pretty much guess how my parents got that name. Zen stands for peace and harmony. =)
    Thanks =D

  89. avatar Cindi says:

    Hello, Thanks for introducing me to their site. They have a wide variety of wonderful goods. The mommy jewelry is really adorable. I would want to win these letters for my niece whose name is “Caitlin!” They spelled it the old Irish spelling. My niece’s mother-in-law is Catherine and her mom, my sister is named Carol Ann. Thus, Caitlin Ann was named. Thanks, Cindi

  90. avatar carol drury says:

    SCOTT – it is my maiden name!

  91. avatar Sherry R says:

    We hadn’t even started looking at names yet when our son was unexpectedly born 2 months early! With his health issues uppermost in our minds, it took us almost a week to name him! We really wanted a family name, but decided on “Charles” – an endearing, classic name. We were surprised to find out later that was my grandfather’s middle name – a family name after all!

  92. avatar Jes says:

    I have a daughter named Alexia, but if I win this will be for my daughter due in 9 weeks. Her name is Caylee. We spent about 6 months trying to decide and agree on a name for a girl. We finally came up with Caylee and stuck with it! The middle name gave us just as many problems though!

  93. avatar Ginny says:

    My oldest is Alyssa, I just always liked that name. My youngest is Cammie & my hubby picked it out of a baby book. He wanted something different.

  94. avatar Alka says:

    I named my child trish because my mother has always wanted to name another one of her children Trish but did not have another girl! I Love the name and the english full translation.

  95. avatar kimberly says:

    My son’s name is Jacob. I’ve always loved that name for as long as I could remember. Of course before we actually agreed on that name we had to try out Caden, Dylan, Michael etc. By time he came I won :) I’m now pregnant with Mia. That was easy because we both loved that name long before I got pregnant again.

  96. avatar Ann says:

    We named our little girl Abby cause when she was born that was the name that suited her the best! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  97. avatar Tobye says:

    My son’s middle name is Russell, after his father and grandfather. My daughter’s middle name is Elizabeth, after my great grandmother, and my youngest daughter’s middle name is Carter, which was my mother’s maiden name.

  98. avatar connie s. says:

    My younger son’s name Zachary. That was the only name my husband and I both liked!!!

  99. avatar Heather says:

    Names are a big thing for my husband and I! We named our second son Orion MacKay. Orion is the son of Posiedon, who is the king of the sea, and we LOVE to surf! And we love the stars and are always looking for Orion’s belt. Plus, it is made of 3 stars, my favorite number and how many sons we have! And his middle name MacKay, is my brothers middle name, who was my husbands best friend since childhood and the reason we met! So there ya go! Our other boys are Conner and Merrick, and they have great stories of thier own! By the way, LOVE this Project Nursery and wall letters! Hope I win!

  100. avatar anissa says:

    I named my daughter Hallie, means thinking of the sea.

  101. avatar Kathy Conley says:

    I love the Sweet Roses wall letters – so pretty. My daughter is named after my grandfather, Kelsy. He spelled his name without the second E and so does she which makes it very difficult to buy pre-personalized name items!

  102. avatar Meredith Peters says:

    Cydney and she is named for Cyd Cherisse the Dancer that recently passed on. She was named by her father and the name totally fits her.

  103. avatar Michelle says:

    My daughter’s name is Danielle. We wanted something that was similar to my name, Michelle. We found it in a baby book and it suits her perfectly.

  104. avatar Rebecca van de Ven says:

    We named our daughter Alayna because we were thinking of naming her Malena, but a nurse told us that Melana was “bloody stool”… so we opted NOT to name her that. Instead, we dropped the “M” and there you go!

  105. avatar lynn says:

    my daughters name is Quinn. We found it on a website for unique but not wierd. it was perfect!

  106. avatar Cecilia says:

    Those wall letters are fantastic! Our baby’s name is Henry, but shhhhh we haven’t told anyone yet. He’s due in the next week or so. Henry is his grandmother’s maiden name. I think she will be very pleased. Thank you for the great giveaway!

  107. avatar thriftygrrrl says:

    My son is Robert Jack – Robbie just like his dad, but rather than make him a junior by reusing my husband’s middle name (which was his absentee dad’s name) we used MY dad’s name. So now he’s named after my two favorite people :)

  108. avatar charline s says:

    My son’s name is Dalton , My oldest picked out his name from the movie Roadhouse, Where the guy says The name’s DALTON.

    I like the Blue Scribbles Wooden Wall Letters

  109. avatar Shanna says:

    My youngest daughter is Layla Grace just because we thought it was beautiful, My middle daughter is named Claire Allison. Claire after my grandmother Clara, and Allison after my husband’s grandmother Allison. My oldest daughter is Jenna Mikal. Jenna b/c we liked it, and Mikal is my dad’s middle name (Michael).

  110. avatar Laura Adams says:

    We named my daughter “Mallory” after the character on “Family Ties”. We loved the name and didn’t know of any other little girls at the time named that.

  111. avatar kari f says:

    I have three kids – noah, xander and Kaylie. All picked because we liked the names, no other reason :)

  112. avatar Roopal says:

    My husband’s family has this tradition where all the 1st born son’s names need to start with an “N”. So the only name we like & that wasn’t already taken (my husband, brother, & brother in law’s names all start with “N”, not to mention all the other member’s of my husbands family) was Nikhil. It means whole or complete. Our 2nd son’s name is Kirin, it means poet. It was the only name that we really loved.

  113. My husband and I have chosen Molly Piper because, quite honestly, it’s more unique than other names we’ve heard. We did not want to name our baby with the same name as others we know, and we have no special “family names”. My husband’s hair is red, and mine is blonde. We are both fair skinned and we just really thought “Molly Piper Watts” would be a most fitting, sweet name for our first child! We can’t wait! :)

  114. avatar Katy S says:

    My daughter’s name is Kensley. We wanted something unusual that started with K. So we combined some names we liked and come up with that. We also did it with Ken because that is my dads name. My sons name is Klayton. We just loved the name but wanted it with a K.

  115. avatar Gina says:

    I’m a music lover, so when it came to naming our girls, I really wanted to incorporate that somehow as well as have them have unique names. So the names we picked for the girls are perfect and really suit them as well. My oldests name is Lyric and my youngest is Aria. I remember when we were telling people what the names were going to be, they really were not supportive and didn’t like them, today they can’t think of any other names the girls could have been.

    Thanks for the chance.

  116. avatar stacey moore says:

    ethan darnell ~ we just both like ethan and darnell was my great grandmother’s maiden name.

    ella baylee ~ ella was after my husband’s great grandmother and baylee was my grandma’s maiden name!

    great giveaway!
    moore.g at

  117. avatar Lynde says:

    We named our youngest son after my Husband’s favorite actor Nicolas Cage. I love the name & am just happy his favorite actor wasn’t Viggo or Leonardo;) Great contest &~thanks

  118. avatar Carrie H. says:

    Our daughter’s name is Molly. We liked that it sounded traditional and solid, but isn’t that common right now. We hope it stays that way!

  119. avatar Vickie Couturier says:

    Our Daughters name is Alyssa,we didnt get to name her cause we adopted her an she had the name already but I think its a beautiful name ,an I tell her often how lucky she was that her mother gave her such a lovely name,she is 16 when we finally got her adoption final,an people say negative things about her bio mother,i try to find some good to say,so this would be nice to put up in her room,thanks

  120. avatar kelli says:

    My daughter’s name is Allison. We spelled it with two Ls because I have two Ls in two of my names.

  121. avatar michelle greene says:

    So my first child is Payton yes I named her after the movie “the hand that rocks the cradle” so I don’t tell anyone that buy you guys because you know how “payton” really was she was the evil one….my second child I named “hannah” I did a baby name poll on my baby website and that name was the most popular amongst family & friends.

  122. avatar Eloise says:

    My new daughter who will be born in September will be named Sara Ann. Her middle name is named for my mother’s middle name. My mother passed away in June so we are doing it in tribute of her. My first daughter was named Rebecca Louise, Louise being my late grandmother’s middle name. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  123. avatar judy brittle says:

    Noah because he was born 3 months early and we just wanted to thank God in a small way that he is with us.

  124. avatar carla says:

    My son is named Avraham David Yehoshua after my husband’s grand father. He was a very special man and the only great-grandparent not to meet his great grandkids.
    My daughter is named Aliza Bracha which means a joyous blessing. She was a great joy and Bracha was my great grand mother. The next one due in September is not named yet….

    -cool give-away

  125. avatar Ken says:

    This sweepstakes has been featured on Sweepstakes Advantage, The Web’s Largest Directory of Free Online Sweepstakes. Good Luck to Everyone!

  126. avatar julie says:

    My daughter’r name is Hannah which means gift from god and she surely is

  127. avatar Tari Lawson says:

    My youngest son’s name is Anthony. He is not named after anyone. We chose the name because it was the only name that my husband, my older son and myself could agree on.

  128. avatar Kristi C says:

    My son is named Christopher after his father.

  129. My daughter’s name is Abigail and my son is Jacob
    We had a book, we looked through it, we liked it, we picked it.
    I tend towards the old fashioned and Biblical and like names that can be shortened too, ie: Jake and Abby
    Thanks for the great contest, Pink Taffy Designs has some great unique things!

  130. My daughter’s name is Abigail and my son is Jacob
    We had a book, we looked through it, we liked it, we picked it.
    I tend towards the old fashioned and Biblical and like names that can be shortened too, ie: Jake and Abby
    Thanks for the great contest, Pink Taffy Designs has some great unique things!

  131. My daughter’s name is Abigail and my son is Jacob
    We had a book, we looked through it, we liked it, we picked it.
    I tend towards the old fashioned and Biblical and like names that can be shortened too, ie: Jake and Abby
    Thanks for the great contest, Pink Taffy Designs has some great unique things!

  132. My daughter’s name is Abigail and my son is Jacob
    We had a book, we looked through it, we liked it, we picked it.
    I tend towards the old fashioned and Biblical and like names that can be shortened too, ie: Jake and Abby
    Thanks for the great contest, Pink Taffy Designs has some great unique things!

  133. avatar Noreen says:

    Both my girls have old fashioned names that just seemed to fit them, they are not named after anyone

  134. avatar alice t says:

    We named our daughter Kate, (kathleen), after her Great-Great-Great Aunt who lived in Ireland. Aunt Kate was still with us when our Kate was born, and since she didn’t have a Kate of her own, we were happy to give her a namesake. Although very far way!

  135. avatar Janet F says:

    Jason is named after his grandfather.

  136. My daughters name is Lauren Ella. Ella is a family name of mine, Ella was my paternal grandmothers name, and my maternal grandmothers middle name. And Lauren was the first and only name my husband and I could agree on! For weeks and weeks we went through name books and finally we both agreed on Lauren so we went with it.

  137. avatar Ma Val says:

    My son’s name is Mateo. My husband wanted a Mexican name if he had a son. Traditionally the mother’s maiden name becomes the middle name. Since we didn’t want to do that we opted to start our son’s first name with my maiden name’s initial “M”. We went through all the books and Mateo was choosen. My daughter has her Dad’s initial as she came first.

  138. avatar Amanda says:

    Our son is Jackson. We have a very difficult last name, so wanted something more traditional, but also easily shortened. Unfortunately we didn’t realize how popular it was going to be!

  139. Brinner Kadge…. my mom saw brinner on tv and I loved it, and I’ve known a few with Cadge and liked it with a K more.

  140. avatar Kate says:

    My son is named Dylan just because we liked the name. We have tried to break with tradition as EVERY male on my husbands side of the family is named Michael (him, his father, step father, step brother, cousins, etc…)

  141. avatar Elizabeth M. says:

    My daughter’s name is Chanelle. We just really liked it because it sounded pretty.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  142. avatar Gillian says:

    Our son’s name is Owen and it was the only name we agreed on. We are now expecting our 2nd and we haven’t really agreed on much yet…don’t know what we’re having yet but if it’s a boy maybe Lucas…if it’s a girl maybe Anna or Olivia?

    gratefulsoul at

  143. avatar Angela Adour says:

    After a lot of trying in hopes of having multiple children, we have blessed with only one daughter. We are extremely thankful for her~she is the usually the cause of my smiles and reason for my laughter.

    While pregnant, I had been completely set on the name Kyla Joy. But at 6 months pregnant, I realized that I had not consulted God for a name and asked him to either confirm our Kyla Joy or give me name just as so many names came from God in the Old Testament. A week later, I heard from God clearly- Aubrey. We were to name her Aubrey. My husband had the choice of her middle name and he chose Brooke (after my middle name) So I know that she is Aubrey for a reason-I’m sure God will reveal that reason to us one day!!

    **BTW** I love your wall letter. I work with Pink Taffy Designs as well and have seen your art work on their site. Amazing talent. Thank you for the giveaway! HUGS, Angela

  144. avatar nicknak says:

    My sons name is Colyea, a girlfriend of mine used to date a guy named Koyea. We both fell in love with the name and said who ever has a boy first will name him that. Luck should have it I had my son first and used the name.

  145. avatar Barbara McNaney says:

    I named my daughter Mikayla Pauline. She is named after her Dad Michael because we were told she was a boy…. SURPRISE! And her middle name is Pauline because both grandmothers are Pauline….

  146. avatar Carmen A says:

    I have one child that we named Jason after his father but we call him Jase. I am pregnant with baby number 2 and we still don’t have a name and I am due in two months!!! We are procrastinators and naming a baby is not fun and causes arguments. So these letter would be for unknown named baby number 2!!

  147. avatar Tara R says:

    My first son is named Aiden Josiah. Aiden means “fire” with the connotation of hearth and warmth. Josiah was the youngest king in the Bible and he followed God. My son was almost born early (too early) but they stopped labour with drugs and after that we decided that he needed fire and passion to make it.

    My second son is named Owen Joshua. Owen means little warrior and Joshua is a guy in the bible who, when faced with adversity, chose to trust God.

    My daughter is named Olivia Joy. Olivia means peace and since she was born around Christmas, during a very stressful time for us (after 4 miscarriages she was a surprise) we thought everyone could use a little peace and joy!

  148. avatar Molly Capel says:

    I’ll tell you about my last child, Joshua Ryder. After having 4 boys already, it took us almost 8 months to pick a name that we liked & sounded “right”. And it was picked on pure likeability.

  149. avatar Linda says:

    My son’s name is Ricky.Named after Ricky Nelson.

  150. avatar Andrea says:

    Hmmm…which child? ;) Well, let’s go with Emily. We named her that because I have always dreamed of having a little girl named Emily…and my hubby liked the name too, so it was a win-win situation!

  151. avatar Christy Hickman says:

    Our sons name is Joseph Oakland. The Joseph is my husbands name and has been carried down for as far back as we can trace. His grandmother had 3 girls so they had to name his mother Bonny Jo to carry on the Jo. The Oakland was my grandfathers middle name and it has been carried down for years also. Everyone always comments on the Oakland because it is different. Thanks for the great giveaway

  152. avatar catherine copeland says:

    I named my oldest Daniel which means God is my judge. I was just 17 when I had him and I didn’t want people to judge him for my actions.

  153. avatar Jaci says:

    Our son’s name is Tanner and we named him this because along with his middle name, Miles, it means Worker of Mercy.

    Also, my husband is a jazz musician and he loves Miles Davis!

  154. avatar misty says:

    My daughter’s name is Chloe. We honestly went through 5 baby name books. We couldn’t find any names that we liked. Or most of the names – we already knew someone with that name. And we wanted our daughter’s name to be her’s alone. We finally decided on Chloe or Gretchen. And my dad really wanted us to choose Gretchen. But in the end, we went with Chloe. (I went to school with a Gretchen. lol)

  155. avatar Melanie says:

    We named our daughter, Lillian. My husband and I picked her name out before we even were pregnant. My husband saw it somewhere (actually Dawson’s Creek) on tv and asked me what I thought about the name. I loved it because it was a name that my husband could shorten (he shortens every name) and I wouldn’t cringe. Lillian & Lily are beautiful.

  156. avatar adrienne gordon says:


  157. avatar Kari A. says:

    All 3 of my boys have names that were just the only names we could agree upon. For this last boy, we are naming him Luke. It was my husbands first choice for the last baby but I just couldn’t get over the “Star Wars” connection – I just knew every time I heard the name I would think “Luke, I am your father.” But it grew on me and now, Luke it is!

  158. avatar Amy says:

    Isabelle – My husband loved Isla and I loved Bella, so Isabelle seemed to be somewhat of a compromise. Her middle name is Zita – a family name.

  159. avatar marybeth i. says:

    sorry – Please delete last post – I was trying to add text, hit enter and it submitted.

    My middle daughter is named Noelle because she was born on Christmas. She was supposed to be a boy born on New Years so she was a great x-mas gift

    I love

  160. avatar Brandy says:

    Well, we named our beautiful baby girl Taylor. We had previously picked out a boys name thinking she was a boy…opps a girl!

  161. avatar amanda says:

    our daughter’s name is Alexis. Honestly it was the ONLY name that my husband and I could agree upon. They have some seriously cute stuff on that site — so glad I had a girl!

  162. avatar Laura W. says:

    We name our oldest daughter “Isabella” because we wanted something classic and italian/spanish sounding… and my hubby liked that he could shorten it to “Izzy”… Our youngest is “Sophia”, which my husband wanted to be Sophie (like Gene Simmons’ daughter), but we let our oldest decide and she picked Sophia… yay! Both names really suit our girls’ personalities.

  163. avatar julia magrath says:

    My son Noah is named after the biblical Noah who was a righteous man before the Lord. His middle name is Ray, which is my maiden name.

  164. avatar Kerry says:

    Our daughter’s name is Lillian. We wanted an old-fashioned, feminine name, as well as one that she won’t share with a half-dozen of her classmates. It’s perfect because she is a girly-girl who just seems to have an old soul.

  165. avatar Rebekah says:

    Carlo Joseph: We named our son after relatives that have passed away. Carlo was my father in law and Joseph was my grandfather. We wanted to honor our relatives that were important to us.

  166. avatar Beverly says:

    We named our daughter Haleigh Moriah. According to the baby book that we had, Moriah meant God is my teacher and we thought that was a perfect statement.

  167. avatar Heather M. says:

    Our son’s name is Killian, after the Irish actor Cillian Murphy. We changed the spelling to try and stave off some confusion. Everyone we know, however, seems to think we named him after Killian’s Irish Red beer.

  168. avatar Kris J says:

    Our youngest daughter is Isabella Ryann. We picked Isabella because it went nicely with our older daughters name and it was a name we both loved. For her middle name, we went back to Irish/Gaelic roots and picked out a name that both went well with Isabella and had a good meaning.

    Our oldest daughter is Caitlyn Elizabeth. You can see we kinda went backwards on Isabella’s name and the old name came first with Irish/Gaelic second on hers.

    kris.noellej at gmail dot com

  169. avatar Eve says:

    One evening, my husband got on a baby name website, he went directly to “S”. Sebastien was the first name we both wrote down. Baby #2, on her way, will be named for my grandmother. Grandma had five daughters and five grand-daughters. None of us carry her name. She had one son and two grandsons. They were all named after my grandfather. We will soon welcome Vivian Masako to our lives.

  170. avatar Shannon says:

    My sons name is Tristan. He is named after the movie Tristan and Isolde, the one romance movie me and his daddy loved and agreed we liked that name alot.

  171. avatar Jennifer M says:

    Alida. We read it in a book and loved it, then we looked up the meaning and it’s “little winged one.” Loved that too!

  172. avatar Susan C says:

    My daughters name is Katherine. She was 2 days old before we named her, I just couldn’t decide. I liked the name Katherine because I am a big fan of Katherine Hepburn.

  173. Oúr little girls name will be Sadie Marie. I have always loved the name Sadie since I was a teenager. Once I met and married Marco I told him, if we ever have a girl she will be Sadie. Luckily he loved the name too. Then after looking up the meaning it was even more special because Sadie happens to be a nickname for Sarah (my name!) which I never knew! Marie will be her middle name as it’s a family name given to all first born girls on my side of the family. Only 2 more days until her due date and we just can’t wait to meet little Sadie Marie!

  174. avatar jenni says:

    We named our son Jonah because we really like that book in the Bible and the story of redemption.

    thanks for the giveaway.

  175. avatar Ann says:

    I love the mod frogs for my son Wyatt (my husband picked his name, he likes the western sound. I was a little skeptical, but after he was born with red hair I knew he was a Wyatt!) The Under the Sea would be my pick for my daughter Andie (we just loved the name. I hope I haven’t doomed her to spelling out her name whenever asked…:) )
    Thanks for the very fun giveaway!! amguely(at)

  176. avatar Kathy Scott says:

    My son is Jonathon Taylor. A couple of weeks before he was born I couldn’t sleep so I was watching movies on the couch. Jonathon Taylor Thomas was on. I really like the name.

  177. avatar Sharon Jones says:

    Kayla…my wonderful mother in law’s name is Katherine and we wanted to name her a name similar to hers…so Kayla is was…loved it the minute we heard it. THANKS

  178. avatar Cori Westphal says:

    Wow there are a lot of really interesting names posted so far. My daughters name is Kennedy and my sons name is Tucker. I don’t know where I came up with either of them but once they came to me, I never once considered another name. Even to this day I think, how could I call them anything else?!

  179. avatar Sara says:

    Our 3rd child and 1st daughter is Gianna Giselle. Her first name was chosen by my husband who knew a little girl with that name and we both really thought it was a pretty and feminine name. Her middle name is my best friend’s name and we thought it would be fun to have a 2nd “G” name since our last name starts with a “G”!

  180. avatar Amy says:

    My daughter’s name is Abby. It wasn’t until after she was born that my husband realized that the first and last letters of her name are the first and last letters of my name (Amy) and that the middle two letters of her name are the first and last letter of his name (Bob). Not sure how we managed that one without realizing it!

  181. avatar Jenny says:

    Annika, my daughter, received her name after my husband had written it down several years before we were pregnant. We both have very common names so we wanted something a little different AND we are both teachers so it was difficult to chose a name we didn’t associate with another child. She shares my middle name, Lynne, which I share with others in my family. Annika is also Swedish in heritage (as is Annika Sorenstam, the ladies golf pro) and our last name is Erickson, which is also Swedish. PLUS “Annika Erickson” just sounds so lyrical!

  182. avatar Liz says:

    My son’s name is Jaeden…and the Hebrew meaning is God has heard. This was one name that both my husband & I agreed on and we both loved the meaning as he is truly and blessing and an answer to our prayers. My sister suggested the name and we knew if we were having a boy it would be Jaeden. Thanks!

  183. avatar Laddie says:

    My son to-be’s name wil be Jake Colin. I really like the name Jake. Hubby came up with the name Colin. :)

  184. avatar janet lindsey says:

    he was named my best friend’s name.

  185. avatar Jean says:

    We knew we were having one baby and had been collecting names for several years. I saw ‘Caden’ in a magazine and really liked it. Before he was born, we each rated all of the baby names (gender was a surprise), and Caden came out on top of both our lists.

  186. avatar Deborah says:

    My nephew is named after his father…yep, the full name…he is not a jr…he is the II.

    The wooden letter names are great!

  187. avatar Emily says:

    We named our first son Samuel, but we call him Sam. I really wanted the name Jackson, but it just didn’t fit. With our second son I got Jackson. Both our sons were nameless for about four days before we named them. We are just indecisive.

  188. Our daughters name is Cheyenne….I liked it because I thought Chey would be a cute nick name…my husband went to school in Wyoming and fell in love with the name many years ago

  189. avatar Melanie says:

    My daughter’s name is Hailey. We debated between Ashley and Hailey until I was in the hospital ready to deliver. Then we realized it was time to just make a decision and we picked Hailey.

    Thanks for a great giveaway!!

  190. avatar Ellen says:


  191. avatar Jenna says:

    My daughter’s name is Sarina for no good reason other than that my mother and her father both came up with it separately, and I thought that had to mean something!

  192. avatar Shay says:

    Love their Sweet Strawberry Bean Bag. My daughter’s name is Kiersten. In college I had a friend named Kirsten, but I always pronounced it Kier-sten pronounced like PIER. It was different and being a school teacher I thought if I spelled it like you pronounce it people would get it right! UGH! NOT!!

  193. avatar Hil'Lesha says:

    Tilen – really there is no inspiration or story behind his name. I just came up with the name at the last minute. :)

  194. avatar Hil'Lesha says:

    Tilen – really there is no inspiration or story behind his name. I just came up with the name at the last minute. :)

  195. avatar Hil'Lesha says:

    Tilen – really there is no inspiration or story behind his name. I just came up with the name at the last minute. :)

  196. avatar Hil'Lesha says:

    Tilen – really there is no inspiration or story behind his name. I just came up with the name at the last minute. :)

  197. avatar lynnette donlan says:

    i named my daughter Sarah, after 2 of my great grandmothers, and her middle name is Suzanne, which was one of the gg’s middle name also, and is also my younger sister’s name. I love the history behind her name and it just makes it more special. And of course, Sarah means princess, and as my only daughter, after 2 sons, she certainly is!

  198. avatar Dana says:

    My daughter’s name is Jillian – she is named after my Aunt Jill, who died of cancer at the age of 31 when I was 8 years old. Growing up, I heard so many stories of how sweet and bubbly Jill was, and how much she loved children (in fact, she moved to Paraguay to teach kindergarten). Anyway, everyone would also compare me to Jill – personality, looks, likes, dislikes, etc. While this kind of thing could easily bother a person, I found it extremely flattering. In high school, I decided that if I ever had a girl, I would gladly honor my Aunt Jill by naming her “Jillian.” Jillian’s middle name, “Marie,” is my MIL’s middle name, as well as Jillian’s godmother’s middle name.

  199. avatar Melissa Reeder says:

    My husband and I named our daughter Olivia after the children’s book Olivia The Pig by Ian Falconer. Thanks for this fun giveaway!

  200. Well, it isn’t too original. Her name is Kaylee. My middle name is Kay and my aunt’s middle name is Lee thus you get Kay-Lee. Original and well thought out huh? :)

  201. avatar Marlena says:

    I loved reading all the comments. What a great place to get ideas for names! My daughter is named Ava – she didn’t have a name for about 24 hours because my husband and I were deciding between are final three. I loved Ava because it was so “unique”…LOL…a year later it is one of the most popular girl names out there! Figures! She will always be the one and only in our eyes!

  202. avatar Lisa says:

    My daughter’s name is also Lauren. It is a family name.

  203. avatar Yvonne says:

    My daughter’s name is Lauren — it seems like a name that would suit a little girl and an adult.

  204. avatar Denise says:

    I’d love the Cole design (love those polka dots!) for my daughter Lennon. She was named after John Lennon, of course!

  205. avatar michele p says:

    My daughters name is Dejanera (Deja for short) my mom was watching a nighttime game show and saw that name and told me about it, and even though I had to wait a bit to get my little girl I still named her that same name my mom had heard years before.

  206. avatar kristen says:

    Lexi Kate
    Alexine is a family name, and Kathryn after Katharina von Bora. :)

  207. avatar Elaine says:

    Wow, there are so many great items at Pink Taffy Designs! My nephew Travis was named after his grandpa.

  208. avatar Teri Meairs says:

    Lily came in May, a flawless flower in time for Spring! We love the Patchwork Frogs Wooden Wall Letters..they already have Lilys name on them!

  209. avatar Jennifer Still says:

    My youngest child is Abigail. I’ve always loved named with history and this one is beautiful to me. It fits her well.

  210. avatar Heather says:

    My daughter is Sage.

    We loved the simple, feminine sound of it.

    New jellybean’s name is TBD.

    I love these letters-i like the Jungle Animals!

  211. avatar Michelle T says:

    I have two sons, Cameron and Brendan. There’s really no story behind why we named them that, but we just liked how they sounded and how they went with our last name. I like to animal letters. Thanks

  212. my little ones name is : mckyla and well shes named after her dad and grand pa and here name means like god and i love to try and win this so sh may have some thing nice for her room

  213. avatar Pam says:

    We chose the name Emily for our daughter even though it is extremely popular and she would probably have to share it with other girls. She just looked like an Emily when she was born, very tiny and petitie features.

  214. avatar Mindie says:

    My daughter is named Elliot Grace. Grace is her grandma’s name and Elliot we just liked. Something just a little different. She loves her name!

  215. avatar susan varney says:

    derek hockey player derek sanderson

  216. avatar Macey says:

    We named our daughter Kiley Jo after my granmda who passed away while I was prego with her-we thought the name fit perfectly. I love the burp cloth sets, esp. Animal Cracker-cute.

  217. avatar Jill says:

    Ok first of all… could these be any cuter!? The letters are darling! I would love to win this giveaway!!!! My son’s name is Zachary. My husband and I had been talking about so many other names and I am such a short name person. I like Luke not Lukas or Ben rather than Benjamin. One night while I was still pregnant, I had a dream that we named the baby Zachary. I woke up the next morning and rolled over to my husband and said what do you think about Zachary and that was it. We wanted to see him before we told everyone the name but as soon as I saw him I knew he Zachary! :)

  218. avatar Margaret Smith says:

    Thank you so much for this wonderful giveaway. I would really love to win this. I would want my youngest son’s name, “Jake”. We came up with this name last minute. We really couldn’t decide upon a suitable name and a few days before he was born, we decided on “Jake” because we both loved the name. Now, the name really seems to fit him.
    I really love your site. I also adore the Prince Charming Original Painting wall decoration. Really cute!
    Thank you again and please enter me.

  219. avatar Jamie says:

    We picked Cole because we both loved it. It was very hard to agree on a name.

  220. avatar Jill L says:

    My daughter’s name is Millie Marie Rose. I wanted to name her after my grandmother, Mildred, but knew we would never call her by that name so we chose Millie. We chose Marie Rose after our church community and Mother Mary. We were blessed to have so much support during a very difficult pregnancy

  221. avatar Stacy says:

    Our son is named Bodhi. I originally found it in the movie Point Break, but love the meaning behind it in Buddhism.

  222. avatar Tracey Byram says:

    My oldest daughter is named Salina. I read the book, A Patch of Blue when I was 14 years old and decided then that my first daughter would be named Salina, after a character in the book.

  223. avatar Lori says:

    My youngest son is named Nolan Robert. Robert after his grandfather and we liked Nolan because it was in keeping with the Irish names we had chosen for our older boys. I love the letter, my older boys have their names on the wall, but so far nothing for Nolan, so these would be perfect!

  224. avatar Meg T says:

    We named our son Noah b/c it means “rest of comfort” Too bad he has given me everything but REST!!! We sure do love him though!

  225. avatar Naomi says:

    Veronica Roo got her middle name from the wallaroo at the zoo. The Maggie letters are perfect for her!

    The Noah letters would be great for Jasper Atom. He’s named for Jasper Johns, my best friend’s cat, or Astro Boy, depending on who you ask…

  226. avatar Colleen says:

    We named our son Jared. One day while I was pregnant I just started calling him Jared and it felt right. My husband kept asking me to use “Chase” because he liked it better but after he was born I couldn’t do it. Jared just worked. We named him Jared Joseph (my husband is Joe) and Jared means “descending from” which is Biblical – but fitting – since he is “descended” from his dad, too. But, please – refrain from the JJ – that makes me squirm.

  227. avatar Monica D says:

    My youngest daughter is named Elizabeth but we call her Ellie. When I was about 3 months pregnant, my then 2 year old decided she was having a baby sister named Ellie. Thank goodness it was another girl :) It grew on us so now we have our little Ellie Belly!

  228. avatar Marci says:

    Our first daughter is Gabriella Imani. I loved the name Gabriella and the nickname Ella and her middle name is Swahili for faith – I minored in African studies in college and wanted her to have a piece of Africa with her. I would like to win the letters for our second daughter, Adeline Amani. Amani is Swahili for peace and we decided on her first name because a musician my husband and I both love had a song named Sweet Adeline.

  229. avatar Michele says:

    My grandaughter’s name is Emily, this would be so lovely.
    thanks :)

  230. avatar Beth says:

    My daughter’s name is Ryan. No true meaning behind it, I just loved it whether we were having a girl or a boy!
    i love the wooden letters….The Paris design is my favorite!

  231. avatar Kelley says:

    We have 2 children, 3 year old Brandon and 1 year old Madeline. I am currently prego with our 3rd….I am thinking of Emma Grace for a girl and Rayder for a boy.

  232. avatar Rebecca says:

    Coleman Day is our baby boy’s name. His father is Oliver Day the 5th. The family wanted us to continue the tradition, but we thought 5 was enough. Coleman was my husbands grandmothers maiden name and his brother’s middle name. We did keep the middle name of Day though. We call hime Cole.
    We broke the tradition, but we did keep family names!

  233. avatar Brenda Jo says:

    My daughter’s name is Amparo. It was my mom’s name. She had passed away 2 years before little Amparo was born. There’s nobody I’d rather have my daughter named after…. they are both so special to me…

  234. avatar Stephanie V says:

    My son’s name is Aidan. My husband is from GB and wanted a European sounding name. There is also a Saint Aidan.

  235. avatar Kari says:

    We decided on Faye for our 1st daughter. We wanted something more old fashioned; that you don’t hear alot. When we became preg. with our 2nd daughter we could not agree on a name and when we finally did it was Mae (which was way to rhyme, although I love the name). So we reached a compromise and named her Macy, which fits her perfectly!

  236. avatar Kendra says:

    My daughter’s name is Maggie LeeAnn.
    Her first name was chosen by myself because I adore that name. It is sweet and simple and pure. It fits her perfectly, She is a Maggie.
    Her middle name is a combination of my husband and my middle name. Lee is her daddy’s middle name and Ann is mine = LeeAnn, perfect isn’t it?
    Her initials are the same as her fathers, MLF. They are very much alike. I often wonder if the name similarities have anything to do with that!

  237. avatar Klorissa says:

    We named our little baby doll “Karlee Sue”! Being our 3rd girl, we thought we’d stick with the ‘K’ names because we already had a Kenadee Jean and Kalli Ann. Our Karlee Sue is now 10 days old and is the most precious baby girl. We love her! Her middle name ‘Sue’ is after her grandmother Suzanne. We’ve named all the middle names after close family members. Hope I get to see some cute wall letters for Karlee Sue up in her bedroom soon:)

  238. avatar Kristy Blanco says:

    I named him Jayden ~ a combination of my two favorite names: Jason and Aiden!

  239. avatar Sundi says:

    We have one on the way, and though we don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl, we know the name if it is a girl — Delaina Joy. We’ll call her “Laney”. Delaina is my husband’s great-grandmother’s name (and she passed her red hair on to our children), and joy is such a perfect sentiment for how we feel about having this baby!

  240. avatar Karen says:

    My daughter’s name is Sarah Eva. I chose Sarah after a woman who I admired. Eva is my husband’s mother’s name. Our last name begins with an A so her initials are SEA.

  241. avatar Lindsey F says:

    I named my daughter (she’s two months old now) Jaedyn Emma. I was having the hardest time trying to decide but Jaedyn is a strong female name, is Celtic, and it jumped out at me on my list of potential names. I think it’s beautiful. I love the name Emma, too, and wanted to have that as an option so I gave her that middle name. I call her Jaedyn and my grandma calls her Jade. :-)

    Thanks for the opportunity, I would love to have letters spelling out her name for the nursery and these are brilliant and unique!

  242. avatar Irene says:

    My daughter’s name is Mariisa. It’s a mix of her paternal Irish grandmother Mary and her maternal Finnish grandmother Liisa. It’s gotten shortened to “Riisa” but it fits her very well.

  243. avatar Gisella Morizio says:

    We wanted a really unique name that not many people have or would think to name their child. We named our daughter, “Paris Allegra”. We named her after the most romantic city in Europe “Paris” and “Allegra” because it sounded exotic when put together. We get a lot of compliments on her name and most importantly, we love it!

  244. avatar Andrea V says:

    Well we couldn’t decided on a name for our daughter. So when she was born we somehow came up with Aubrey. I guess she just looked like an Aubrey.

  245. avatar Channah says:

    My son’s name is Daniel. We named him after my Great Grandfather (at least, that’s what we tell everyone). To be honest, we named him Daniel because we couldn’t agree on a boy’s name, and “Danny’s Song” by Kenny Logins came on the radio, and Hubby and began singing. Then he mentioned that the song was his parents’ favorite song. And suddenly, we had a name!

  246. avatar Amy says:

    My youngest daughter’s name is Abby. We are the “A” family, so we had to come up with an A name and Abby just sounds cute. She totally fits her name. BTW, she is not Abigail, just Abby:)

  247. avatar Qtpies7 says:

    My husband had a vasectomy reversal and during the waiting time I had been praying about if we would have another child. One day during church I ended up reading t he story of Hannah and her Samuel. My desire was nearly as great as hers. So on the way home from church I asked my husband what he thought of the name if we did have a reversal baby. He had to pull the car over and pick his chin up off his chest! Every time he would pray, not at all related to the reversal, he kept having the name Samuel pop into his head to the point of annoyance!
    So, Samuel it was! We felt he was a promised child to us, and we got him.

  248. avatar Brittany says:

    My daughters name is Shylee Rose, it’s a name I wrote in a book that I made up when I was little. Rose is her middle name, named after my grandma. But once I knew I was having a girl, I remembered the name I wrote down, and it was it!

  249. avatar Sabrina says:

    My son’s name is Brendon Layne. It is actually just a random name I always wanted to name my child since I was a little girl. Then when I grew up and married it worked out perfectly beacuse my husbands middle name happened to be Wayne. So their middle names rhyme and are spelled similar. Its wierd how things like this work out! We also have a daughter named Jaicey Makayla Rayne to match my husband and son’s middle name. Her ifrst name Jaicey comes from a friend who was fatally killed at 16.
    Thank you & I love your letters! So Cute!

  250. We named our last daughter Mallory. I picked the name because it wasn’t one that we heard much around here. As well as my husband hated every other name that I picked out. LOL

  251. avatar Julie Hendrix says:

    I have 5 children the last ones are twin girls and would like something on their wall to establish individuality- they are fraternal twins.
    Shannon & Lexus-I picked Shannon after a Casting Director called with good news that my husband got a speaking part in “Instinct” her name was Shannon. Lexus I did not pick until I delivered it just came to my mind. I did not think about the car. I do like hawaiian names so her name is Lexus Leilani and Shannon Simone. My other children are Aja-named after the Steely Dan song & Album
    Justin-Liked the way it sound- his middle name is unique Kace
    Brandon-Had a dream that I said this name when my brother-in-law asked :Whats the babys name?

  252. avatar Suzanne N. says:

    Both of my boys have middle names that honor someone from our families. When we found out we were having a girl, we were SO happy. Then my grandma passed away right after we found out. So we named our daughter Katherine (Kate) after her and made her middle name MaryJane after both of our mothers.

  253. avatar Staci J. says:

    My first daughter’s name is Ekaterina because my husband lived in Russia for 2 years and wanted a child with a Russian name and her middle name is Colleen after a wonderful friend. Our second daughter’s name is Cali. We couldn’t find any name we liked and my sister suggested Cali and it stuck. Her middle name is Beverly after my fabulous great aunt. I’d really like the Chocolate Bubbles for Cali since her sister already has some.

  254. avatar Janya says:

    We first talked seriously about having a baby on our trip to Scotland, where there are many glens on the map. When our son was conceived 2 months later, we knew he should be named Glen, in honor of my Scottish roots, our trip to the UK and a childhood friend of my husband’s.

  255. avatar Trisha says:

    My daughter is Kaylee Michele. Kaylee was a name we found in a name book, and we both instantly liked it. We had a list of others that we liked too, but we were both really drawn to Kaylee. I found it in the book, because we really like the names with a K sound, and we have a friend who named her daughter Kaitlyn, and a neice named Calli. So I was a t a book store, and randomly opened up a name book to the “K’s” and there it was. I told my husband when he got home from work, and he loved it too! For middle names my family usually uses a name from someone else in the family. Michelle is my sister-in-law’s middle name, and we thought it went great with Kaylee, so we used Michele, only we changed it to only one l, because we liked the look of it. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  256. avatar Megret says:

    Our first was a name I saw in a book – it’s actually a last name, but it sounded regal and distinguished.

    Our second was just a name we’d heard and liked – and the name of the fine arts building on the campus of the college I attended.

    [email protected]

  257. avatar Suzanne B. says:

    With six kids, I had to be creative with names.

    #1) Was named after a warrior princess in the movie, Barbarians (Kara)

    #2) Was named after someone on a BBS. (Ashlyn)

    #3) Was named after my father (Joseph)

    #4) I had to chose between Faith and Grace. (Faith won)

    #5) Is named after my hero, (Jacqueline)Bouvier Kennedy Onassis AKA: Jackie O

    #6) Is named after me (Suzanne)

  258. avatar Victoria says:

    My son’s name is Dante William, after my father and my husband’s father. We wanted a name that wasn’t popular, but wasn’t too odd either. I think it suits him perfectly.

  259. avatar Heather R says:

    My daughter’s name is Eliza Ellen. We chose Eliza because we liked the name, but her middle name is a family name. My mother, grandmother, and two great-grandmother’s have been named Ellen. It is a family tradition to name the first-born daughter in each generation Ellen.

  260. avatar Donna says:

    Leah Dianne. . .1st name after a Biblical person and 2nd name after my sister (that’s her 2nd name too).
    Thanks very much!

  261. avatar Heather says:

    We have four children but I would love to win this for our youngest, her name is Ivy Elizabeth. We were looking for something short, feminine and fun.

  262. avatar Melissa Adams says:

    My daughter’s name is Ellen Joy. Ellen was my Grandmother’s name, she was a big inspiration in my life. Joy is my sister’s middle name. She and I had always said that we would give our daughters each others middle name. I hope the tribute of naming my daughter after these strong and inspirational women will give her a great sense of pride.

  263. avatar valerie mabrey says:

    MY duaghter is named Sami Jo and her Dad named her. She isn;t named after anyobe but everybody thought we must have watched dynasty because there was a Sami jo on the show.

  264. avatar Gina Stratos says:

    My daughter Sage – because I thought it was pretty
    My son Maximus – named after Roman soldier
    My daughter Harlow – named after Jean Harlow
    [email protected]

  265. avatar Elizabeth G says:

    We will be naming our daughter who is arriving in a couple weeks Sloane. My husband has always liked the name and pretty much insisted on it with girl #2 since I picked our first daughter’s name. It didn’t come from any family member’s or anything, but means “warrior.”

  266. avatar Ashley says:

    Funny that i just asked my mother in law to get my daughter her letters for her first birthday next month. How perfect!

    We named her Fallon. My name is Ashley, so very plain and boring. After growing up with at least one other Ashley in every class/sport/activity I participated in, I knew i wanted my children to have names that you didn’t hear every day. I’m an avid reader and came across her name in one of my novels. The character was described to be breathtakingly beautiful. . Now I have my own breathtakingly beautiful girl.

    Thanks so much for the oportunity!
    [email protected]

  267. avatar Robin says:

    We adopted our son and we wanted him to have a family name. My son’s name is Robert Glen. Robert is my dad and grampa’s name and Glen is my husband’s grampa’s name. We call him Robby. While we were waiting to adopt my husband and I would toss names around and NEVER agree. He liked Charlie and I liked Levi. After we got the call that a birthmom chose us, I had my heart set on Robert Glen. I was so excited to learn that was exactly what my husband was thinking! It was a done deal!

  268. avatar Heather says:

    We named our only daughter Jadyn,because it was the only name that thre four of us loved and it fits her Perfect!

  269. avatar tangie c says:

    I have 3 boys. The oldest was named after his uncle, who was tragically killed at age 12; Antonio, but I love the name because I’m Italian. My middle was named after the angels, Gabriel Michael, and my baby was given a name that we realized was just so cool:) Not common, but not uncommon, :dominic!!! I love all three of my boy’s names!!!!!! If I ever had a girl, her name was to be Adria.

  270. avatar Alice Hansen says:

    I’m expecting in September – I’ve loved reading the name comments! Right now for a girl we’re thinking Elaine. Such a hard decision to make though! Thanks for the giveaway!

  271. avatar Jennifer H. says:

    No children for me, but friends of mine just had their first baby and I’d love to win for them. They named him Frank Nicholas and are calling him Frankie. He is named after his dad, grandfather & great-grandfather. He is absolutely precious!!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  272. avatar Joan says:

    Growing up, there was a girl in my neighborhood who always fascinated me. She was adventurous, artistic, and confident. I was always in awe of her fearlessness. She is the namesake of my daughter, Julianne.

  273. avatar Jenn says:

    This is so cool,I was just thinking this morning that I need to hurry up and get the baby’s name up on his walls so they aren’t so bare looking. We have a baby that turned 5 months on the 12th we named him Brody ,it was just a cute name you don’t hear much and my hubby liked it for years ever since he heard some football player named that. I would love to win since I still haven’t bought his letters yet!

  274. avatar Amy says:

    My son’s name is Easton James. Easton was my maiden name and my dad is thrilled beyond belief that he now has another little Easton to carry on his name. (He had all girls and now we’re all married with different last names.) His middle name came from several family memebers. My grandpa’s middle name, my hubby’s dad’s first name, my hubby’s grandpa’s middle name.
    So, Easton James it is!

  275. avatar Rachel says:

    Our daughter’s name is Asha. Honestly, I don’t think there’s any cute story or reason for why we chose the name, we just heard it and thought it was beautiful! I’m so happy we picked the name, too, as it suits her well and I still love it.

  276. avatar Maja says:

    My son’s name is Kristian Leon. I picked Kristian beacuse it sounds cool and Leon is my brother’s name.

  277. avatar Heather says:

    Our son’s name is Warren. We wanted a name that you couldn’t shorten…like Matthew to Matt for example. He isn’t named after anyone, we just liked it ALOT!

  278. avatar Tammy says:

    Our daughter’s name is going to be Audrey! Our last name is Scottish in origin, so we combed through Scottish/Gaelic/English first names until we found something that represented a quality we wanted for her — Nobel Strength!

  279. avatar Stacy says:

    Zoe Belle – after the stuntwoman/actress from Death Proof. Before we were even pregnant, we were watching that movie and during that amazing car chase where Zoe’s strapped to the hood of a car the entire time, I turned to my hubby and said “If we have a girl, we should name her Zoe Belle because then she’d have to be a pretty amazing kid!” I was half kidding, but he latched on to the idea and it was the only girl’s name we ever discussed!

  280. avatar Steph says:

    My daughters name is Zoey. She isnt named after anyone, we chose the name because we loved it and it fits her.

  281. avatar Sky says:

    My daughter’s name is Paige Charlotte. I had narrowed it down to 60 (yes! 60) names while waiting for my little girl to arrive. Finally when she arrived, we couldn’t decide! After a day and a half, we decided on Paige for the first name and just looking at her, she looked like a little Charlotte. It fits her rather well because we’ve shortened Paige to Pea. She’s a tiny little thing, so Pea suits her just fine!

    Thanks for this fantastic giveaway!

    [email protected]

  282. avatar Jessica Skinner says:

    I know it sounds horrible, but we didn’t have a name picked out for our daughter when she was born! We had to fill out her birth certificate and sat for about an hour just throwing out names that we could not agree on. When we realized the t.v. was on and stopped to watch for a moment there was a program with Kelsey Grammer on it. We decided that would be her name!! We spell it Kelsie….

  283. avatar Carol says:

    My daughter’s name is Kristen, and she loves anything red, orange, or aqua.

  284. avatar Kathie says:

    Katharina Charlotte- named after Grandmother, GGmthr, GGGmthr on my side and Charlotte after my MIL.
    Sophia Grace – my Great Aunt and we just liked Grace
    Davis Charles – like the name Davis and Charles after my DH.

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  285. avatar Kristie says:

    We named out daughter ‘Morgan’, because it is a name that I always liked and we named our son “Blake”, because that’s the only name my husband and I could agree on for a boy. Their middle names are after family-my daughter’s is “Elizabeth”, which is from both sides of the family and my son’s is “Douglas” after his Uncle who passed away.

  286. avatar Angela says:

    We named our daughter Hailey after Hailey Duff. Just kidding. We wanted something a little different, yet not too overly trendy…and came up with Hailey!

  287. avatar Maggie Smith says:

    I would love to win these for my 4 month old son, Dexter’s room! We named him after Michael C. Hall’s Showtime character, Dexter. I love the show and the name is unique!

  288. avatar Jo says:

    My daughter’s name is Anastacia. She was named after my paternal grandmother, who was more of a mother to me than a grandmother. Her middle name is Grace, after my husband’s paternal grandmother, who was very dear to him.
    [email protected]

  289. avatar Brit says:

    Well, I’m due in October with a little boy and we have our name already picked out. It’s actually kind of weird how it happened because I had never even thought of this name before…But one night I had a dream that I was holding my little baby boy and his name was Maxwell. Ever since that dream the name has stuck with me and I can’t get it out of my head. I guess it was meant to be!

  290. avatar Jenn S. says:

    My son’s name is Xavier. He wasn’treally named after anyone. It was one of the few names my husband and I could agree upon.

  291. avatar Jennifer says:

    We picked Eleanor because we both loved it.

  292. My daughter’s name is Ja’Naya. Because both my and my husband’s names begin with J, as well as my stepsons, who are older than my daughter, we wanted keep up the “J” trend. We scoured dozens of websites for J names, and finally found “Jania”, which means God has answered in Swahili, I believe. We changed the spelling to match my stepsons names, and we love it!

  293. My daughter’s name is Abigail. We chose that because we both liked the name and the meaning of it which is “Father’s joy”. :) Hubby doesn’t like the nickname, Abby, though.

  294. avatar Heather says:

    I do have 3 kids BUT I’d like to win this for the new baby I will soon be having that we are naming Jillian. We picked Jillian because it isn’t super common (like our first born Ethan!) and not so unique that its weird! Plus we have a daughter Jamie and the names seem to go well together.

  295. avatar Courtney says:

    My son’s name is Hunter for no reason other than we liked the name.

  296. avatar Tuesday says:

    We were having twins so we wanted nice, non rhyming names. We decided on Riley for our daughter because it was Irish, sounded really pretty and different!

  297. avatar Bree says:

    My daughter’s name is Savannah- she was just born and my husband and I just decided that it was perfect!

  298. avatar Christina says:

    Kaelynne Esther: Her gma’s name is Lynne Ester, her ggma’s name is Evalyn Esther, Her other ggma’s name was Esther & her gggma’s name was Christina Esther!!! It seemed ony right!!!

  299. My youngest daughter is named Amelia for Amelia Island, Florida. We love the beach, but we are currently landlocked. ;)

    We had already chosen her middle name but couldn’t decide on a first name until one day my husband came home from work and said, “How about Amelia?”

    Great giveaway!

  300. avatar Jill says:

    I named my daughter Josephine, after Joey Potter from Dawson’s Creek (Katie Holmes character). Funny enough, her middle name is Cate (although I spell it with a C instead of K like Katie Holmes). Very cute and fun give-away!