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Giveaway: What’s in a Name?

It took me a full 9 months to come up with my baby’s name. With 18 pages of fantasic wooden wall letter options by Pink Taffy Designs, it could take me just as long to to decide on just the perfect application for his wall!

From old school metal ( & personalized!) lunch boxes to some serious binky bling, Pink Taffy Designs has it all. Every time I log on, I stumble upon something new and fabulous! Check out our friends at and if your looking to keep up with the latest trends, visit Posh Baby Blog. Now here’s the good stuff…

WIN your own hand painted wall letters to spell out your child’s name! (An approximate $100 value unless your kid’s name is “Wilhelmina” and then it’s more!). Here’s how to win:

1. Visit Pink Taffy Designs and shop their selection of great gifts and nursery decor.

2. Comment on this post by sharing with us your child’s name! Yes, we want to hear who you named your child after or why? There’s always a reason or story as to how it came to be, itsn’t there?

3. A winner will be selected by and emailed directly. Make sure we can get in touch with you or check back with Project Nursery frequently.

4. Contest ends Friday, July 25th, 11:59 pm PST. Best of Luck!


Monday 16th of May 2011

Our first born daughter is named Alison Gemma. All of the women in my family have "A" names so I wanted to continue the tradition. My husband's grandmother, Alice, has been such a positive influence on him and she has been so kind to me so we decided to also honor her. We chose Gemma because I wanted her to always have that reminder of how much we love her.

Anglea Johns

Monday 29th of November 2010

Hi, I'm having difficulties loading your post. Just as much as half of the post appears to load, and the rest is just empty. I am not quite sure why.... but you may want to look it over. I will check back later on, that could possibly be on my end.


Tuesday 17th of August 2010

siteniz cok guzel herkese tavsiye ederim.


Monday 26th of July 2010

My first born's name is Jason Daniel. It was originally going to be James Daniel but I switched it to Jason for 2 reasons, His dad's name is TJ and I thought the J was a James and I didn't want it to be his name... and I thought James kinda sounded like Jack Daniels. Turns out he does have his dad's middle name though (joke was on me) and Daniel is a family middle name of the first born from my dad's side now 4 generations strong.

Baby in the belly (sex is a surprise) is either going to be James Martin, my Husbands middle name and my mom's maiden name. OR Noreen Suezanne (Sueanne), Noreen is my middle name and Sue/Anne is my mom's and MIL middle names together. I havent decided on which one, suezanne or sueanne yet. :)


Monday 26th of July 2010

We decided on Ava Reilly. We both agreed on Ava because it was beautiful and it was the first name that we both really liked! Reilly is my grandmothers Maiden name.