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Feng Shui for Baby’s Room

Please take a moment today to click over to our friends at My Asian Heritage. They have a wonderful post entitled “Feng Shui for Nurseries“.  We feel that everyone could benefit from a little positive energy, aka “Chi”, in their lives! Here’s a sneak peak:

Room location – try to have the baby’s room situated in the middle, or “heart” of the home, to help the infant feel secure. Try to avoid having the room above or adjacent any empty spaces (e.g. garage) or a space that has excessive noise (so as not to disturb the sleep chi of the infant). Room color – rooms in soft “yin” colors such as pastels can help provide a soothing, calm environment which encourages rest and sleep. Primary colors may be too stimulating for infants, although they can be appropriate as the child grows up…” READ MORE

Thank you My Asian Heritage! We look forward to your future Feng Shui articles that will inspire us to balance the rest of our rooms (and lives)!


Tuesday 29th of July 2008

Thanks for linking to us ladies!


Monday 28th of July 2008

Grounded as in "solid foundation" =)


Monday 28th of July 2008

This helps more than you know. I've been struggling with furniture placement and didn't even consider putting the crib with the headboard against the wall. You just found me an extra few feet and my kid will be grounded. Thank you!