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Calling All Cowboys

In my ongoing effort to create a little boys toddler room for my son, I have stumbled across a number of themes that have tickled my fancy. This surprises me because generally speaking, I find ultra-themed rooms to be tacky and over-the-top (sorry to be so harsh). Yet at the forefront of my list is the Wild, Wild West motif…

I love bedding…crib, twin, and my own! But I love Serena & Lily bedding the most so I always circle back to their simple styles. I’ll take them all but “Nate” looks best with today’s potential theme for my son’s room. Check out one of Serena & Lily’s online retailers, 2 Sweet Sisters (Their name is just as sweet as their site).

We have all placed (or thought about placing) wooden letters above the crib to spell out our child’s name but what about rope art? Never heard of rope art? Me neither…until now! Here’s a twist with some fancy twine by Buckaroo Style : your go-to all things cowboy baby and child! Available in two sizes and ideal for room decor or personalized gifts.

And what wild, wild, west room wouldn’t be complete without it’s own tee pee? The two moms of Tee Pee For Me recieve great press and Hollywood’s endorsement for a reason. Handcrafted, heirloom quality products that can last a child through their tween years for the indoors or out…need I say more?

What style of room will my son end up with? I still haven’t a clue but thanks for joining my journey as I explore options. Will my son really even notice? Probably not, but that’s okay. Have any ideas of your own or need assistance? Post your suggestions or questions on our exciting new “Share” forum here!