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Real Rooms: ABC And As Easy As 123…

Leave it to two talented art school grads and owners of graphic design studio, Form Code to develop an artistic, modern and soothing nursery for their baby boy. Impressive how they make adding a few ABC’s to the wall look as easy as 123…

“Our inspiration for the room was the bedding for one- it’s Dwell Alphabet bedding.  We thought it would be a great beginning for the room, we’re both art graduates and back in our day (lol) we had a hand lettering class.  My husband’s best class, mine not so much- so it was kind of a good connection for us to bring that memory back to our son’s room. We used BEHR paint for the room, the colors for the wall are Cumberland Fog, Little Dipper and Silver Strand.  The mural was created on the computer and then projected on the wall- from there we hand painted all of the letters….fun, fun!  Ha!  The monkey on the wall was “Magnus” from egg press– we thought he was so cute, so we replicated him as a painting.”

“The crib and dresser are Babi Italia Scandi style.  I loved the white and espresso color and it went well with the bedding colors.  The bookcase was purchased from West Elm– love their stuff and it’s now loaded with a multitude of knick-knacks. Some of our favorite items in the room would be the Domo doll and the Ugly doll– hopefully they will become his favorite stuffed animals :0)  We wanted a more “furniture”-like rocker for the room so we bought the Wendy Bellissimo rocker in chocolate– nice middle of the road rocker with some style.  We wanted a more modern room, so we were hoping these chosen pieces brought that feeling together.”

Born June 2, we hear baby T. Michael is enjoying the room as much as an 8 week old can. It’s loaded with fun toys, books and clean, contemporary design. The stand out wall graphic just blows us away! It’s great to see a mural both children and adults can appreciate for years to come. Very cool Worth family and thank you for sharing!

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  1. […] It was inspired by this nursery on Rate My Space. Unfortunately, I can’t find the original post on RMS, so I can’t give proper credit to the creator of this room. {I just found the nursery featured at Project Nursery. If you’d like to learn more about it, click here.} […]

  2. avatar tj says:

    Do you think you could sale the projection print-out?!!!

  3. avatar Paula says:

    I know this is new comment on and older post. . . . I love the book/shelving unit. Where is it from?

  4. […] I found this nursery idea at the following link:– […]

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  7. avatar Specials says:

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  8. avatar Katherine says:

    Incredible room! Extremely inspiring! Would you be able to suggest a gender neutral color scheme? Thanks!!!!

  9. avatar Luis N Liudmila says:

    hello Nicole, my wife and loved the room desing…itss awsomeee i was wondering how can i get my hands on a set of letter or stencils like the ones you used on your son’s wall…? i would love to use your idea for my sons room…well take and god bless

  10. avatar cory says:

    di that book shelf come in one piece or is it two units? i’m guessing those are discontinued by now,

  11. The room is very lovely.I like attractive story.Thanks.You can go to You will not regret to enter the website.

  12. avatar E says:

    Where is the Lamb Mobile from…love it?????

  13. […] on nursery decor, ideas and inspirations.  They were the first blog to write up on our son’s ABC nursery and we have loved them ever since. For our giveaway, a canvas print from the Nature, Nurture Series […]

  14. avatar Danielle says:

    Gorgeous nursery. Where is the lamp from? Thanks!

  15. avatar Vicky says:

    This isn’t my nursery but i found out the rug was from crate and barrell 2, but I’m pretty sure you can’t get it anymore – i found a similar one at west elm as well

  16. avatar Hanna says:

    Your nursery is beautiful! I wanted to ask where you purchased the rug? I’ve been looking for a rug in that design and I haven’t been able to find anything.

  17. avatar Amy says:

    I’m trying to recreate the mural in our son’s room. We just painted the base color with cumberland fog in eggshell. However, I’m wondering what kind of finish did you use for the other 2 colors, little dipper and silver strand? From your picture, the letter “M” in little dipper looks to be more glossy. Please help!! Thank you.

  18. avatar caroline4321 says:

    This is the most amazing nursery i have ever seen so impressed!

  19. avatar Risjiena says:

    My Sister loved the wall of this nursery so much that she is trying to create a similar effect in her house in Aruba. Was just wondering how she could get her hands on the mural, or how she would be able to get the alphabet on the wall.
    Can you tell us maybe where you got the letters from?

    Thank you!

  20. avatar Vicky says:

    I love this room! Can you tell me where you got the rug?

  21. avatar my blog says:

    check this out…

    this is mine…

  22. avatar Melissa W says:

    Hi, I just found the discontinued ABC Dwell Bedding at I just had it delivered and it looks great!!

  23. avatar janira says:

    thank you for responding… yes it looks amazing!!.. I really hope to find it.

  24. Hi Janira, I believe the bedding was discontinued a year ago. Maybe try ebay? Its so great, isn’t it!

  25. avatar janira says:


  26. avatar Tanis says:

    hello – I’d like to know where you found an all white mobile over the crib? it is so soothing, I love it. thank you!

  27. avatar Lyndsey says:

    WOW. This is my dream nursery!!!

  28. avatar Nicole says:

    Hi Megan- thanks so much for the great words! As for the nursery furniture, great news- we bought it at Babies R Us. The brand is Babiitalia and the style is Scandi white & Chocolate. The manufacturer site is : Good luck!

  29. avatar megan says:

    I love your nursery!!! I was wondering where you bought your crib and dresser. I live in a small city, and there isn’t much modern stuff around. would freatly appreciate it!! Best Nursery I have ever seen, my husband loves it too!!

  30. […] and aahs at the baby shower. Remember that awesome DwellStudio print inspired nursery featured on Project Nursery’s Real Rooms? Well, designer mom and dad just launched their new studio, FORMbaby based on popular demand. Check […]

  31. avatar Ed says:

    Would it be possible to send me the file you used for Illustrator. It would be greatly appreciated. I can send you my email address I have full version of illustrator.

  32. […] Worth and family a few months back. You made it known that you were just as delighted to view their son’s incredible modern nursery. And like us, you thought, “Hmmm? Do I dare copy this look? Is it really difficult?” So […]

  33. avatar Tish says:

    This is the cutest nursery I have ever seen. I wouldn’t mind walking in there daily, if I had a child. I just love the colors, everything about this room screams modern.

  34. avatar Nicole says:

    Hi! Thanks for the great remarks. And thanks for the kind words on the monkey painting….we actually painted the painting, but the monkey was from egg press. Sooo….
    As for the rug, we bought it at, not sure if they still have it, but you can check! :)

  35. avatar Rachel says:

    Very cool room, love the mix of elements, it all looks great!

    I’m dying to find out where the rug is from…it would work perfectly in my office. Thanks!

  36. avatar Laura says:

    I saw this nursery over at HGTV’s Rate my Space and was blown away. It’s simply my dream nursery, which is funny since we actually have the same bedding and color scheme in our son’s nursery. I love our room, but it certainly pales in comparison.

    I would also LOVE the monkey painting. Not only would it match our room perfectly, but my son is currently in love with monkeys and it would be adorable.

  37. avatar Angela says:

    This is fabulous…especially where they projected the letters and then painted the letters?!? Holy talented…I love the monkey painting…do you know if they’re selling these prints?