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The “Birth Mark”

I was fairly proactive when I was pregnant and made the time to search for the perfect birth announcement. I took the advice of friends and prepared lists, mailing labels and heart stamps for when the baby arrived. While it was a little “A-type” of me (and for those of you who know me well, that’s not a-typical), it did pan out in the end because birth announcements were the last thing on my mind with a new baby and sleepless nights.
Getting to my point…All that effort went into a very pricey paper announcement. I then began to wonder if my mailing list would appreciate the paper quality, color and font? I then began to think about all the announcements I’ve acknowledged and tossed in the trash. Yikes!

Lillybean Designs developed a creative solution called the “Birth Mark“, a bookmark announcement. Now I am not saying that you’ll have lots of time to read as a new mom, however at least your friends and family will have an opportunity to make use out of a beautiful bookmark. Heck, your baby’s announcement will last more than a couple of weeks!
Lillybean Designs is a boutique paperie offering personalized stationary, wall art, custom photo cards, babe magnets, “birth marks”, business/hip mama calling cards and more! They also welcome custom orders and I can personally vouch for their ability to create lovely custom work. Owner Shawna, was quick to respond and provided creative suggestions in my quest for calling cards the other day. I can’t thank her enough for exceeding my expectations!
Please also check out Lillybean’s wall art (framed or stretched canvas) if your beyond the announcement phase. It’s another Project Nursery favorite and always a popular request among our readers.

Psst…Lillybean Designs will also include custom stickers with your order if you mention “Project Nursery”!