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DIY: Handmade Nursery Wall Art

This week instead of featuring and suggesting products for a nursery in our Project of The Week, we wanted to share a darling do-it-yourself project. There is something about that pregnant nesting phase that gets those DIY juices flowing. During my first pregnancy I decided that since my mother could knit so well (and Julia Roberts!) I would become an expert knitter too. I had grand plans of knitting booties and hats and teeny-tiny little sweaters for my first born. Although no booties or sweaters were ever mastered, I felt really proud when I completed the most basic of blankets for the crib. Aside from the end product, the process was really therapeutic.

Since many of our readers write in asking about nursery wall art, this handmade nursery art project was the perfect project to tackle. It was created by graphic designer turned art connoisseur Evie S. of Things of Beauty. She explains what you will need and takes you through each step on her blog.The cute color combo of brown and blue along with the elephant theme makes for a darling nursery addition. Because Mommy (or Daddy or Auntie or Nana) made it by hand, the finished product is even more adorable. Let us know by commenting on this blog how it turns out and also tell us about your own DIY nursery project!

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Sunday 10th of October 2010

[...] crochet and knit are squares, lol so hence I am crocheting a blanket I just came across this : and thought I had to share. Hodbert, since you're also doing the butterfly theme I thought of [...]