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High Chairs Gone High Design

I used to browse the Escapes travel section of the NY Times looking for the latest hot hotels around the globe and marvel at their cool design. Now that travel has taken on a new direction (bye bye St. Barts, hello Disneyland), I’m more likely to be reading the gardening section or just taking the paper out to the recycling bin still crisp and bound in its rubber-band (so heartbreaking!). It’s no wonder that when I learned uber hotel and furniture designer Phillipe Starck had created a new sleek high chair for McClaren my heart did a little flip.

The Starck High Chair is a super chic way to feed your little one and its made for travel! It features a 3-D fold with removal legs. It’s available in many colors but I’m really digging the streamline silver.
Another new addition to the high chair world is the Bloom High Chair. Bloom Baby was created by four dads wanting to bring meaningful and contemporary design to a range of baby products that has traditionally been functional but out of tune with the style of parents today. These are the same dads that brought us that cool baby lounger which I’m still admiring even though I’m well past the bouncer stage.


Monday 8th of March 2010

Many thanks for your help!

The Little Window Shoppe

Wednesday 18th of June 2008

What a cool gadget - these dads are brilliant. :)


Wednesday 18th of June 2008

Very cool, very sleek, very good for uber small spaces like mine! And I hear you on the's rare that I get past the Sunday Styles and City section of my Sunday NYT. Oh well.