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Giveaway: “Even Cool Babies Spit Up”

For all of us who have toddlers and school-aged children, how quickly we forget the constant drool and spit up that plagued us during baby’s first year. Granted, we’ve moved on to bigger and messier things but the annoyance of the drool was a constant. Your child’s wardrobe options then became limited: i.e. Make them wear a lame bib all day long which covered their cool Lucky Brand tee or change them 4 times daily.

Beth Powell, creator of Bibzees took a stand against lame bibs (You know, the ones that say “Cute Chick”, “Daddy’s Girl” and “Choo-Choo”). She had the smarts to create a line of onesies with contemporary, hip, corresponding bibs and yes, they will match your 7-month old son’s camo cargo pants!

Project Nursery would like to congratulate Bibzees for launching their new site and new “Baby Ink” Tattoo designs for the season. All bibs and toddler tees use water-based inks which are good for the environment and safe for baby.

In celebration, one lucky winner will win a Bibzees set with Chinese characters that read “Deep & Profound” and “Baby”. To increase your chances of winning, hop on over to our friend’s new blog My Asian Heritage (even if your not Asian, but I am sure you know someone who is) and comment on one of their posts. We will then register you for TWO chances to win this killer Bibzees set! Contest rules:

1. Comment on this post below by clicking “Comments”.

2. Share with us your spit up stories…Well, let’s not if it’s too graphic and say we did. Instead, tell us what you like about Bibzees.

3. Anonymous entries will not be counted.

4. A winner will be selected by and announced on this site. Make sure we can get a hold of you or check back on Project Nursery frequently!

5. Contest ends Friday, July 4th, 11:59pm PST.

Good Luck!


Wednesday 3rd of June 2015

I know it says not to share stories but I had to lol... I love the fact that the bibs are cute and the shirts are plain is about time someone comes up with this idea


Wednesday 3rd of June 2015

Ha spit up for us is like second nature in my house. My 7 month old literally shots up every where. My favorite story was when we we at the Dr's office my 2 year old was looking up at my 7 month old aND she had her mouth open. It so happens that my 7 month old spit up right into my 2 year olds mouth. I've never laughed so hard at the reaction my 2 year old had. Mommy ewww mommy mommy ewwwww running around screaming. Lol I laugh every time I think of that.

Toddler Tee Giveaway by Bibzees | Project Nursery

Thursday 14th of August 2008

[...] Our friends at Bibzeesare having a major summer clearance sale to make room for new designs. We suggest you check it our and do a little online shopping. If you need a refresher about Bibzee’s ultra hip, eco-friendly, baby ink onesie/bib sets and toddler tees, visit our previous post. [...]

Rockin' Mama

Saturday 21st of June 2008

I like the fact that the baby's entire outfit doesn't have to be changed when the bib gets dirty! Plus they're very stylish!

jasonncaryn at yahoo dot com

Grandma Chee

Saturday 21st of June 2008

I love the Bibzees set with Chinese charactors.It will be perfect for my Chinese grandson!