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New Sweetheart Collection From Cherry Tee

Five years ago I was on the hunt for the perfect tee. Super soft cotton, awesome fit, great colors and a tee that would hold up to even laundromat washings. (I can’t believe there was a day when I didn’t have my very own washer/dryer..can you even imagine that now?) So, it felt like I hit the tee shirt jackpot when I discovered Cherry Tee. Just so happens the company came about because of the founders’ own quest for the perfect tee. Lucky for me, she had already tested hundreds of different versions and determined that the perfect tee was one that fit close to the body but wasn’t too tight, long enough to cover your belly button but stop at the waist. Buttery, creamy cotton that gets better over time, keep their shape throughout washings and in colors that are chic and sophisticated. Bingo!!

Now those folks at Cherry Tee have launched a new kids line. Cherry Tee’s Sweetheart Collection includes their bestselling ribbed tank and cap sleeve crew t-shirts in kids’ sizes 2T, 4T and 6. The collection brings that same high quality, chic and simple tees to little boys and girls. For the next 2 weeks we are proud to offer Project Nursery readers a 20% discount on all orders! Enter code “PNCT20” at checkout. The packaging is totally adorable (even on standard orders) complete with big lollipops which make these tees such perfect gifts! Don’t miss out….