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Giveaway: Bella Tutus by Little Painted Polka Dots

16 years of ballet class and what did it get me? Grace? Discipline? We’ll I am still pretty clumsy and I always cheat on my diet. It did however provide me with beautiful childhood memories of my parents chauffeuring me countless hours to class and a sincere fondness for tutus.

Give your daughter, niece or friend’s little girl the gift to dream and dance in something so very charming by Little Painted Polka Dots. One can never have enough tutus for ballet class, dress up and playtime with friends. Do you recall the twin’s “Double the Trouble” Project of the Week? Hang your tutu when not in use on the wall for a whimsical touch that undoubtedly screams girl.
Now here’s the exciting part. Little Painted Polka Dots is offering one Project Nursery reader a complimentary handmade tutu of your choice. Choose from their rainbow design or up to three colors. Here are the entry guidelines:


1. Comment on this post below by clicking “Comments”
2. Tell us why you want and need a tutu OR your best childhood dance class memory
3. Anonymous entries will not be counted.
4. A winner will be selected by and announced on this site.
5. Contest ends Friday, May 23rd, 11pm PST.

Also be sure to check out Little Painted Polka Dot’s creative name plaques, painted canvas’ and growth charts. Everyone wins with promo code “Project” to receive 10% off any purchase.

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  1. avatar Bonnie Cantrell says:

    My little girl loves to dance to music and I think she’d have fun wearing a tutu.

  2. avatar Angela says:

    My daughter would absolutely love one of you tutus ther are beautiful

  3. avatar Lauren Horsley says:

    My little girl has been dancing since she was in the womb – no kidding! In my last trimester I would lay next to my stereo and play all sorts of music for her. There were times where I swear she was kicking me to the beat. As a baby she was dancing before she was crawling and when she learned to walk it was always with a lilting little spring in her step. Now that she’s two she’s starting a dance class this summer and needs a tutu. So please pick Gabby!

  4. avatar diana(hahamommy) says:

    I’m not a dancer, though my daughter and I explored the world of dance together. We went to several performances when our hometown’s theatre opened and she was inspired to take ballet for a few years. She had a love of her body and it’s capacity for play and movement that most women would envy. I’ve even got pictures of her little brother, gleefully playing with her in his own lavender tutu, even daddy had a tiara. I miss Hannah a lot, she died 2 years ago. A short and intensely happy 9.5 years I got to be her mama ♥
    I now mentor my cousin in her relationship with her 1 year old daughter – vicarious parenting, if you will :) I started a blog of Bre’s pictures, so I could watch her, at least through photos, as she grows. I’d sure like to hand down some of Hannah’s Joy and Zest for Life to Breann… and she’d sure look cute in dem skirts!

  5. avatar one lucky mom says:

    I loved dance growing up, as a child I enjoyed tap, jazz, ballet, drill team, colorguard. I hope that my daughter will love dance too, and it seems that she does with all her little dances she does. :) She would look amazingly cute in one of these,so we neeeed one, please enter us!

  6. avatar Bunny B says:

    I never had a chance to wear a tutu – so I wouldn’t want my little cutie girl to miss out on that!! :) Thanks!

    bunnybox9 at gmail dot com

  7. avatar tina says:

    I grew up in a dance-free household. Now that I am a mama, we dance every day. I LOVE your tutus!!!! Awesome work!

  8. avatar Jenn says:

    My Princess NEEEEEDS a tutu to twirl in!

  9. avatar Kristin says:

    Cute cute tutus! We come from a family of boys– I have all brothers-in-law and my ILs have only a grandson and my parents have three grandsons…. and ONE grand daughter. I would love to spoil my niece with this adorable tutu! She is such a princess so it would be perfect!

  10. avatar Carole says:

    I have 9 grandaughters, all beautiful princesses and adorable prima donas. One of your fantastic tutus would make a very special gift from Nana that could be passed down from one granddaughter to the next; an heirloom that would be cherished and remembered -because what woman doesn’t remember her dancing career whether substantial or brief; classical, jazz, ballroom, or just plain dressup fantasy, all fun and enchanting. How would I have loved one of your tutus as a little ballerina.

  11. avatar Rachel says:

    Besides feeling like a princess in all the tutu, I loved watching the older ballerinas dance. they were magical to me..

  12. avatar laura says:

    Adorable! My favorite dance class memory was being in ballet, and we were practicing for our big recital. At one point, we were to run around in a circle, following the girl in front, pretending to be an elephant. Nowadays, I wonder how that ‘dance move’ applies to ballet. The teacher must have thought, “slap a girl in a tutu, and call it ballet”! As a kid though, it was really fun. :)

  13. avatar Heidi Schacht says:

    These tutus are absolutely beautiful!! I sooo want my daughter to become a little ballerina. So I’m going to start her young while I can make her do what I want lol!!!

  14. avatar Jill says:

    My daughter will never dance like a typical child, but she is certainly a little princess and would love to wear a fun, frilly tutu. These are gorgeous. Keep up the good work.


  15. avatar Sarah Scott says:

    I just had my newborn’s announcemnet photo made in one of your tutus. It totally made her look like a princess! EXCELLENT QUALITY!!

  16. avatar Shannon (Shay from MOMS) says:

    My neice Juleighann is such a girly girl. She loves pink, princesses and ballerinas. She would love to have a little tutu.

  17. avatar Mary T says:

    Her tutus are just adorable, and so fluffy! After 3 boys I just knew my daughter would be a lil princess ballerina. She already twirls around dancing!

  18. avatar aero1600 says:

    Those are precious! I still have the picture of me in my first tutu, at three years old…and my youngest is about to be two…

  19. avatar srfbluemama says:

    Those tutus are wonderful! They are so colorful and fluffy! I think my daughter would love to have a tutu. She likes to dance.

  20. avatar beckymomof2 says:

    Your tutu’s are so cute!

  21. avatar Erika says:

    I love these tutus! I can just see my daughter in one when she learns how to walk. I always had the best time in dance classes when I was younger. I made new friends and learned beautiful dance moves. I remember always feeling like such a pretty princess when I had my tutu on.

  22. avatar Anonymous says:

    Those are so cute!
    13 years of irish dancing….no tutus. I need one!

    Just kidding.!

    My dd’s would LOVE those…great idea with the rainbow ones!

  23. avatar momx2 says:

    OMgosh, those are some pretty darn cute tutus!!!!!

  24. avatar smilelykylie says:

    I have lots of favorite memories of dance growing up. One is more of a memory via a picture but my dance class was performing at the mall and my little sister came up to hug me in the middle. Another favorite is bringing my dance class car pool friends in to show off my new baby sister and my mom threatening not to wake her.

    Ahh can’t wait for my one year old daughter to enjoy playing dress up in a tutu.

  25. avatar memom says:

    These are adorable. I always wanted to be a ballerina but settled for being a gymnast. Tutus are so much cooler than a leotard!

  26. avatar Breesy23 says:

    Tutus and tap shoes, those were the days!

  27. avatar Kari (dotcomkari) says:

    I danced a lot as a child.. I took years and years of ballet. Till the point I broke all my toes at least once or twice! I loved the grace of it.. and being high on my toes. I still own my toe shoes, although I haven’t danced in years.

    My little girl today keeps telling me she wants to be a ballet dancer when she grows up. We are currently enrolling her into pre-school dance classes.

    You already know I think your tutus are more then darling, but I will tell you again! they are Stunning! :)


  28. avatar Elizabeth says:

    All I can remember is years of dance classes and shows. Some of my happiest memories are being with friends and getting ready for shows (tutus not nearly as cool as these). Now I am just so happy that I have all that dance experience! I still dance in my kitchen with my kids!

  29. avatar Carla says:

    I was a dancer all my life, and this mother’s day my mom even gave me a framed picture of me doing ballet in a tutu! What timing! I have a 1 year old daughter and no tutu! I think it’s a must for her, considering her mother’s dancing career!

    -Carla Davidson

  30. avatar May says:

    I think tutus make a lovely baby or birthday gift! I just love these.