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Real Parties: The Backyard Birthday Bash

We are all about the projects that come along with baby. And baby’s first birthday is a big one! It’s about baby, friends, family and most importantly the parents! After all, we’re the one’s who survived the first year. So why not keep it intimate and keep it in your backyard. There’s nothing sweeter than a backyard birthday bash and here’s some some sweet birthday decor to inspire…

Classy and Modern: Among the all Elmo, Sesame Street, and Barbie themes, there’s nothing better than two simple colors to theme your child’s party.

Go Crazy, Go Carnival: Caterers set the theme with traditional carnival foods and carts. Keep it bright and festive without the scary clowns.

Sweet and Lovely: Light and airy decor set the tone for this whimsical fairy theme.

A friend once gave me a tip and suggested that I catered my son’s first party. She couldn’t have been more right. I love to cook but cooking and hosting a party with babies crawling and toddlers running around the house is hardly like one of your pre-baby cocktail soirees.

So one piece of advice I would like to pass along to others is to order your party favors pre-packaged and in advance! I spent a silly amount of time and money putting together themed favors. I even ordered items that were not baby safe but looked so online. To avoid making the same mistake, visit our friends at Goody!Goody! for unique, hassle-free party favors on the go. Goody! Goody! currently offers 8 themes (from Hannah Montana to Thomas the Tank) and sells favors individually from $3.25 or boxed sets of 10. With advance notice owner Megan will even customize your favors to your party’s theme. Mention Project Nursery (Code: PN at check out) and receive free customized CD’s with your order!

Now you’ll have more time to decide whether to serve cake or cupcakes!?!

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  2. avatar Don't forget that says:

    To the commentator above Jesus loves you!

  3. avatar Erin says:

    Little Apple Design………Thank you so much!

  4. Erin, It’s an LA based company called “It’s A Cart Party”. Good luck! They were great.

  5. avatar Erin says:

    I love the carnival party too….I am throwing one for my daughter in November. Who catered the party….I love the carts! How can I find them?

  6. Thank you! It was my sons. It’s terrible that I was so busy planning and getting ready for it that I barely have any pictures.

  7. avatar ALLISON says:

    I love the carnival party. Are any other pics available?

  8. Hi Laura – I actually asked Henry’s Mom the same question. She got them from a local party rental company. In fact, I too liked them so much, I asked my local party rental company and they had them there too! The table was so perfect for all the little one year olds. My guy only had mini folding chairs instead of these cool plastic ones. I was nervous that they were going to be too flimsy and the kids would fall through but sure enough the were solid and perfect!

  9. avatar Laura says:

    hi – i love henry’s orange & white backyard party. can you tell me where you bought/rented the white kids chairs? thanks!

  10. avatar Free eCards says:

    1st birthday is always a special…….henry is very cute little boy..