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Ask LAD: Toy Storage Solutions

“Can you pls do a feature on how to organize the clutter of toys and make it look cool in a common area? My modern family room needs help! – Allison”

I once read an article that said “The only reason to have a formal living room is so your child can practice the piano in another room. This way, you don’t have to hear it!” With the trend of formal living rooms on the decline, it’s even more important to have a fabulous room the whole family can enjoy. So what if your family room looks more like a daycare center? You could do what I do and tell everyone that it’s only temporary as we prepare to remodel (I am counting down the days). But it’s hard not to believe that we need all this kid stuff to keep our little ones entertained. Ok, maybe we don’t really need it but it sure helps. And like Allison, we are all left wondering how to prevent our room from being over run by toys while keeping our contemporary style. Afterall, it’s our room too.
After searching high and low looking for the best possible solution, who better to turn to than Principal designer, Laura Fishman. Her Los-Angeles based firm, Storm Interiors, provides amazing custom solutions. Check out Storm’s unique “Tot-Tuffet”…

These designer pods are custom created to match your style and compliment your kids. Use them as ottomans, additional seating or side tables. Where ever you place them, it’s storage and it can be your child’s very own. Best of all, they are mobile – set on casters, won’t pinch little fingers and come in eco-friendly or childproof fabric for easy maintenance. Now this is something I want in my family room for all of us to appreciate!

“Hi, I love all your design ideas and I need a little help with a hard to find item. I have a baby who is nine months old and he is crawling and exploring like all curious 9 month olds. I need to secure all the small pieces of my other children’s toys so that the house is safe for the baby to roam and play. The problem is that most good looking and moderate sized toy storage have no secure tops. I am looking for fun and functional ways to store small to medium sized toys and toy parts that will stay closed if pulled down and also not crush anyone from being too oversized like most toy bins. Thanks for any great ideas and keep up the terrific original products! Best regards from mommy to other mommies – Elizabeth”

Oh boy, can we relate with our babies going through the same stage. While those giant wire and canvas bins are handy, they have tendency topple over. Nor are they attractive for a common area when overflowing with toys and even worse, primary color toys! Need to conceal? Look up Jennifer Delonge.

Here you go Elizabeth – Roomy interior and a solid base! Not to mention a chalkboard finish top on one side and the choice finish of birch or walnut on the other. What an excellent piece of multi-functional furniture. Yet another solution to keep the small toys away from your wee one. With prices ranging from $299 to $399, it’s a truly afforable designer solution.
Looking for something super cool and super chic? Try these “Audrey Nesting” tables also from Delonge. With the choice of a chalk or laqcuer finish and the option to use the lid as a tray, it’s the typical toy box gone mod.