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Spell It Out

There is no doubt that using wall letters to display your new baby’s name in the nursery somehow feels right. You’ve waited 9 months for this little person to arrive and it’s a bit therapeutic to announce the name to the world by plastering it up on the nursery wall. I am guilty of falling prey to this nursery design trend with both my children. At the time it was a real challenge to find letters with cleaner lines and cooler color choices then the plain old white and whimsical stuff you see at every kid store out there. The times are-a-changin’…
These sleek lowercase stainless letters from Pure Modern would look especially cool leaning on a bookshelf as a single or three inital monogram representing baby’s name. If you want that soft, sweet look I like the crisp white and simple design by Heart to Heart.

And lastly I couldn’t resist following up last weeks Project of the Week where we featured Barby’s innovative idea to use numbers instead of letters to honor her babe Viv. These orange industrial stencil numbers from DWR would be especially hip for the birthday number shout out.