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Boldly Colored and Environmentally Sensitive

Last week Oprah put families to the test and asked them give up everything they could live without in an effort to waste less. Yesterday afternoon, New Yorkers celebrated Earth Day in Central Park with music, games and fun for the whole family. So what are you doing to teach your kids to be “Green”? Like me, there’s probably a lot more you could be doing. Besides carrying the stylish Whole Foods “Better Bag” tote to and from the grocery store, I could start to think about those big ticket items, like furniture. What better place to influence your young by starting in their very own room?

And no, the furniture doesn’t have to be made of cardboard as featured in my previous recycling post. Save a tree or save one of these stunning eco-conscience nursery designs in your idea book by Storm Interiors, our featured Project of the Week.

Going green starts young these days and designers are taking notice. Los Angeles based, Storm Interiors cater to the eco-conscience in-crowd by providing top notch design services and custom furniture options. Here are just some of their pieces to satisfy your need for green:

Storm Re-Rugs™: These unique, recycled rugs are made from manufacturer’s un-used carpet remnants, utilizing durable but plush fabrications and designed with special motifs. Custom colors, sizes, and designs available.

The Rock N’ Wave™: Storm’s fully upholstered child and adult friendly rocker inspired from the Pantone rocker. This rocking chair is comfortable and unique. The interior is made from an environmentally friendly synthetic down and frame made from alder wood.

Hide N’ Seek Unit: A Storm Custom large storage unit featuring open shelves detailed with Asian lines with three large pot drawers below for hiding the not-so-pretty items or extra storage. Made from alder wood obtained from green resources certified by the FSC, and utilizing re-purposed vintage hardware.

And don’t forget to check out The Eco-Tottoman™ while your at it. Pricey, it just may be, but after all, it’s good for the environment, (right honey?).


Wednesday 17th of December 2008

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