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Humidifiers: Not So Ugly Anymore

I once knew a mom who hid her “Nanny cam” within her child’s oversized humidifier. Not a bad idea? I often wonder if she ever got caught. Initially, I didn’t bother to purchase a humidifier because I wasn’t sure if I really needed one. The air wasn’t dry where I lived. Besides, all humidifiers are bulky and unattractive, right? However, once my son’s first cold blew in, I looked at his red, stuffy, little nose and kicked myself for not having one handy. They apparently now come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Check out the ultra-chic humidifier by PlusMinusZero above. A Japanese design house known as ±0; with the intent to turn everyday objects into art. Purchase it through for guaranteed reliability and service.

I personally own the sleek, futuristic “Compact Ultrasonic Humidifier with Programmable Timer” from Sharper Image thanks to my mom. It’s perfect for a small, contemporary nursery and it gets the job done. Oh, and it’s on sale now for $29.99 from $59.99!

Did you notice the friendly frog humidifier featured in Pip’s room from “Project of the Week: Playful Pip“? It’s also received some wonderful reviews. Shop for the largest selection of kiddie humidifiers from “Crane Adorable Humidifiers”. Ranging from frogs to puppy dogs, baby-wise will ship today and provide from what I can tell, the lowest prices out there.

The Zen Mom

Thursday 10th of April 2008

What a cool idea! As a new mom due in one month I'm on a mad hunt for great new products to finish up the nursery. I just bought the Panda humidifier on It got great reviews and has already been shipped. Thanks Project Nursery for all your functional and stylish ideas. Can't wait for the next posting.