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Giveaway: The Amazing Box4Blox

Exhausted, I just finished cleaning up my son’s toys after a busy day of playing. I should also mention that I am jet lagged and survived a 6 hour flight where my little angel cried for 5 of the 6 hours on a late, late night cross country flight. Yes, I was that parent with that kid on the plane. I apologize to anyone who flew Delta flight #611 from JFK to LAX. Thank god for those gracious flight attendants who allowed us to sit in their jump seats in the back during the entire flight – a drastic measure to muffle the ear piercing screams. Anyway, I regress.

Austin’s grandparents asked me a few months back what he needed for his 1st birthday. I said anything but small blocks. I couldn’t cope with cleaning up more blocks and small bits. Go figure Austin received a beautiful wooden train with 25 wooden parts and a set of his very first Legos; another 45 pieces. I’ve come to the realization that good times are in store. I now watch his face light up as he clicks the parts together and think how it’s soooo worth it. I also vividly remember my little brother and his enormous Lego mess. I predict that will be my son in just a few years time so here’s the solution to future late night Lego clean up…

We are excited to present a first of many future giveaways to our Project Nursery readers. Introducing an ingenious invention, the BOX4BLOX. It sorts, stores and most importantly, makes cleaning fun! Based on customer testimonials, this product is a blessing. This week, one of you will be lucky enough to win a BOX4BLOX for your kids or friends.

The video says it all! Check out
Here’s how you can win:
1: Visit and check out their site/product.
2: Submit a comment HERE on Project Nursery under this post in “Comments” about this wonderful product(or share with us your worst flying experience to empathize).
3: Include your name, url or email address so we can get in touch with you. The winner will be announced next week.

Contest ends by May 2nd, 11pm pst. Winners are selected by Random.Org. This is just the beginning of fun, fabulous giveaways by Project Nursery. Stay tuned for more!


Thursday 1st of May 2008

I have some terrible flight experiences, such as spending the night in Heathrow once, or being overnight delayed out of New Orleans and crying to the desk attendant... yes, some bad experiences. But I can also say 'how great' the box4blox is! It's sorting all the tiny pieces that is the problem, or rather losing the tiny pieces. That, and the various building/block toys being jumbled together, although they dont technically work with each other. Organizational help is always appreciated!! Thanks for the giveaway. laurachilton {at} hotmail {dot} com


Tuesday 29th of April 2008

What a great idea! It looks like it not only makes clean up faster, but actually kind of fun :)


Saturday 26th of April 2008

This is such a great idea because it is finally a storage device that completely hides whatever is in it. From the outside it kinda just looks like a piece of furniture. Like a bench or something. Very neat. I am always looking for new items to use for storage. Thanks!


Saturday 26th of April 2008

Wish I had this when I was a Kid!-Uncle J


Saturday 26th of April 2008

Excellent idea. Will definitely pick one up. Can't stand stepping on legos!