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Stick It To Me

The other month, my dear friend Carla graciously reminded me that I now live in earthquake country. She was hinting at the ceramic and glass frame lingering on a shelf above my son’s crib, a.k.a. dangerous stabbing shards of glass! What the hell was I thinking!?! I had worked so hard worrying about the paint, the fabric, the accessories…I neglected the most important part of a nursery – safety. So this is why God made wall decals! Versatile and fabulous, vinyl wall stickers from dVider are the absolute coolest (and in my case, safest) wall art option out there.

While their kiddy collection rocks, I couldn’t be more impressed with their funky floral patterns and nature designs. Add these hip stickers above your baby’s crib, playroom walls, or floors for fun! With 12 colors to choose from and totally removable, you simply can’t go wrong.

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  1. avatar Little Apple Design LA says:

    Thanks! Please let us know how you like them. We would love to post finished product.

  2. avatar Anonymous says:

    I loved your write-up about the wall decals. I ordered some from dVider – hope you guys get credit for that. I just LOVE all the tips that you share. So fun and SO creative! – C

  3. avatar Claire says:

    Great write-up – exactly what I was looking for! Max’s room is going to get an update!

  4. avatar Carla says:

    I love these flower decals! I am going to do them in my daughters room! I would love to see more wall decals, art, shelving, etc! That is my challenge!

  5. avatar Lynn says:

    Great idea! Loved the colors and the design!