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Ask LAD: Red Hot

What is pink and brown and red all over? Hailey’s Room! Good for NYC mom Angela for keeping 14-month old, Hailey’s room red! This goes to show that there is no need to change everything for baby and it’s entirely possible to work with what you already have. Angela reached out to us looking for wall art ideas and shared how Project Nursery has inspired her to take a second look her daughter’s room. Of course we are thrilled to provide a few ideas…

Do pink and red really clash? When we were thirteen years old and trying to learn the rules of fashion, yes it did – like blue and black. But Angela joked that she actually likes her so called clash of pink and red. Our advice is to just go with it Angela! And here are a few more accessory suggestions you may want to incorporate into the room:


1. Legendary pop icon Andy Warhol, didn’t seem to mind when he created this “Daisy Pink On Red” painting in 1982 and neither do we. Copies are found at for $55 – an excellent buy to help finish a room.
2. A stretched, frameless canvas provides a clean, contemporary look. We took this lead from reader Barby who introduced us to the mod silk screened line at Jeeto.
3. Mom also mentioned that she wanted to incorporate additional lighting with the hopes of finding a kid-proof option. Create fun and adventure in the dark with these portable, rechargeable and durable lights by “Candela Tooli Nightlight/Lamp Set” found at Giggle.

4. Add function and color by using Land of Nod’s Strapping Storage Collection” of baskets for reorganizing your shelving unit.

5. Finish off that comfy couch by incorporating cool pillows to tie in the room’s overall look and feel. Design Public has an excellent collection of kid pillows. Pay special attention to hot designs by Dwell Studio and notNeutral to complete the look!

Have fun Angela. We look forward to seeing what you choose to add to Hailey’s red hot room! And readers, she’s open to comments!


Thursday 9th of September 2010

Hey, identified your internet site by accident doing a research on Yahoo but I?ll undoubtedly be coming back. ? How can I believe in God when only final week I received my tongue caught within the roller of an electric typewriter?


Tuesday 1st of April 2008

Thanks Lynn...I agree!


Monday 31st of March 2008

I think the stretched, frameless canvas of pink pig and the brown color monkey would be the best choice for your red color wall.


Monday 31st of March 2008

I am an artiest. I do think the red color and the pink color can work together nicesly. Your brown color bookcase makes the room too dark. The colorfull baskets for toys will brighten the baby room. It's a good idea!


Monday 31st of March 2008

You guys rock! Thanks so much for the suggestions...going to start looking into this and will keep you posted on progress. First step is to clean out that bookcase and buy those baskets for toys... :)