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Pretty Little Table Lamp

Sleep training isn’t going as well as you planned. It’s 3am and you gently hush your baby while settling into the glider for her late night snack. This of course violates virtually every rule in the baby book and you think “Ahh, screw it!” You then notice the pretty little table lamp next to you that provides just the right amount of light as you rock your little one back to sleep.

Once the room colors are decided upon, the crib and rocker are ordered, its easy to over look the need for the perfect nursery lamp. Apparently, this small yet highly functional accessory can make or break the look of a room. Thousands of people post photos of their bedrooms on HGTV’s “Rate My Space” for others to rate or provide constructive feedback. Members spend days, weeks, months choosing the right bedding or window treatments and all anyone every comments on are the two small table lamps sitting on their night stand? How incredibly depressing!!! (By the way, they are often told that they are too small). I then took it upon myself to find a solution if your looking to spring for something fabulous. Check out Maura Daniel Couture Lighting shown above. I have seen prices range from $169 to $384. Not only are these lamps contemporary, whimsical and elegant but come in various sizes. Even better, you are given the option to “build your own” by choosing your base and shade. Forget the nursery, I’m keeping one of these for myself!