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Never Too Early To Begin Recycling

My first reaction was, “Is this for real?” Then I thought to myself, “Ah..Brilliant!” Since moving to Los Angeles, I have been overcome with this incredible need to be more Green. It’s probably a result from dodging all those Toyota Prius’ on the LA freeways or having to drag a ginormous recycling bin up and down a small flight of stairs to the street every Wednesday. Whatever it is, it is now up to me to teach my little one the importance of eco-awareness at an early age. So why not start from the very beginning? This cradle from Kids Gallery is not only portable but recyclable. Made from good old fashion cardboard, there’s no need to worry about plastics here. The “Recyclable Cardboard Cot” sits at the same height of an adult bed, mattress included.

Step it up a notch and get the “Customizable Cardboard Cot” from Album Di Famiglia on wheels. Also delivered flat packed and easy to assemble, make it as stylish as you want while still keeping practical. Find it online at the oh so contemporary and fashion forward children’s boutique, Little Fashion Gallery. I can’t help but mention that they also carry the “Little Marc Jacobs” line!