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Hooked on Decorative Wall Pegs

Just the other month I spent what seemed like an entire day searching for wall pegs. I needed a solution for the pile of pint sized baseball caps and jackets that had quickly accumulated this winter. I was determined to find something decorative, interesting and offered more than just a single peg. At the end of the day I settled for a very plain white wall rack from the Container Store. Boo, no fun! I should have spent another day looking online and then I would have found the fantastic “Coathanger Deer” from European retailer Pakhuis Oost, $54. Their patterned designs range from bright mushrooms to cute small forest animals. Stateside, these darling creatures can be ordered from San Francisco’s Rose and Radish. It’s hip, colorful and most of all FUN.

Saturday 14th of April 2012

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