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Hellooo Baby!

Babies are coming. Babies are coming I feel it in my bones and see it everywhere I go. The pregnant belly ready to pop! Although babies are born everyday, spring and summer are popular seasons to welcome a baby. (My two children were both born in the Spring, 5 days apart) So as these wonderful miracles arrive I am always struggling to find the perfect baby gift. Yes, onesies and burpies are great along with the useful blanket or rattle but what about something unique and hip?

How about these adorable metallic booties from that great company Trumpette that brought us those famous MaryJanes? My friend Claire’s son Max was sporting them the other day and I couldn’t take my eyes off of them! The cool futurist shine made me long for my own pair.

Looking for something you can personalize? A company called Jack and Lulu has created baby’s own framed monogram. The designs range from preppy to pretty. They are mounted and framed in crisp white which creates a stunning look on the nursery wall.

I’m also a big fan of this classic Adidas track suit for baby. My friend Kristen gave me one for my son Gray and it has not only fit him for months but he just looks so hip wearing it. I always get a smile when I put it on him. Kaboodle has it in a super fly blue. Madonna and Guy would surely approve!

Mockingbird Monograms

Thursday 27th of March 2008

We do the framed monograms as well. For only $10 you can add a sweet and personal touch to your nursery.