Helpful Tips for Uploading to the Gallery

Welcome to the Project Gallery! Our goal is to make it simple for both parents and designers to share their amazing projects with our enthusiastic community. Below are a few tips for uploading to the gallery to get your project noticed and make the most out of sharing your projects with others.

When you’re uploading your project into the Gallery:

Be thorough: Please fill out your entire project page as thoroughly as possible; include a specific title for your project such as “Yellow & Gray Nursery” and provide specific details as to where you found the accessories and/or design details within your project. Also, don’t forget to complete your own bio from your account page so we can get to know you a bit too!

Be personal: Along with attractive designs, we’re also drawn to personal stories and inspiration, so we’d like to read how/why you brought your project to life.

Upload high-res photos and HD videos: Please upload the best quality photographs (no less than 800 pix wide) and HD videos of your project. We highly recommend selecting a landscape photography for your “featured image”. Submissions with poor quality photographs will not be considered for our weekly and monthly contests.

Use natural light: When taking photos, capture as much natural light as possible and shoot with the light behind you. Be sure to check out Melisa’s important tips on “How to Photograph Your Nursery“.

Check all that apply: Please take the time to properly check the description boxes—colors, style, gender, etc.—and check if it’s a Project Nursery (Ages 0-2) or Project Junior (Ages 3+) project.

Tag: Tags—i.e., key words separated by commas—will help get you noticed. Please add a couple of descriptive key words about your project in the tag section. This will enable readers to find your project by the most general terms.

Ask for help: If a question arises while you’re uploading or you’re having difficulty uploading your project, shoot us an email. We’ll try to troubleshoot and reply asap.

… and most importantly, HAVE FUN as you share your talents with our community! Follow the steps above for a chance to be featured on our weekly YouTube channel or daily blog!